Henric and Alex XXI (v1.2)

Jul 11th, 2014
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  1. Tags: Revenge-driven female rogue / villainous male knight, rape, femdom, some bondage, biting
  3. Henric kept one eye on Yuya. She had a charming way of getting everyone to laugh when she talked and it made him want to wring her neck every time he heard someone so much as chuckle.
  5. He did his best to keep Alex from Yuya, but it proved impossible. It was distressing to see how cunning they could both be. The knight desperately wanted to hear their conversations, but couldn’t catch them unawares. More than Alex, Yuya seemed to have an uncanny ability to sense when he drew near, and every time she would halt talks.
  7. She was terrifying.
  9. Henric felt like he was suffering for days, having to sit around and pretend to be friendly with her. He had to tolerate her presence, sit next to her, laugh at her jokes when they were at the campfire.
  11. He complained about these things to Alex a few nights after Yuya joined them on the trek. “She knows she has me trapped,” he said at the end of his laundry list of grievances against Yuya.
  13. Alex had listened to him at first with a roll of her eyes and later with her mouth ajar, amazed that he had failed to put things together. Eventually she said, “I can’t tell if you’re serious or if this is a joke.”
  15. He gave her a blank look.
  17. The girl jabbed a finger at him. “Literally all of those things you said. That you feel trapped by her. That you’re scared she’s gonna talk. That you don’t know what she’s planning for you. And all the other stuff. Those are all my problems with you, Henric.”
  19. Henric attempted to empathize, and was slightly amazed when he understood what she was saying. “I suppose you’d call this backwards.”
  21. She nodded, glaring. “Or I’d call it fucked up.”
  23. He didn’t think about it too much after that. Alex said a lot of things about him were fucked up, and he ignored those so he ignored this one too, and got up to leave the tent.
  25. “Where are you going?”
  27. They’d passed through a few towns but had been in tents every night to avoid drawing too much attention in inns. It was a shame. Henric felt the rare urge to drink. “To town, they usually have spirits in towns. Lots of them.”
  29. Though he wasn’t a violent drunkard (surprisingly), Alex knew not to let him leave. He got slow when he drank. Mopey. And he only drank to excess when he was already in a bad mood so every time it dragged him into a mire of misery.
  31. “Hell no,” she said, getting up and grabbing him by the sheathe of his sword hanging on his back. He turned and smacked her hand away. Alex wasn’t deterred, and followed him through their dark camp, hissing that he needed to think about what he was doing and that the other knights would notice if he was drunk or hungover in the morning.
  33. Yuya fell into step silently next to Alex. The squire stared at her and stopped scolding Henric, but made no sound to indicate that the woman was tailing him. Yuya was wearing black. She held ropes in one hand and gripped a rock in the other. There was a sword and knives at her hips.
  35. Alex put pieces together slowly, and was still trying to understand when Yuya cracked the rock against the back of Henric’s head with a wide swing of her arm, keeping her elbow locked while her shoulder rotated. It was a clean blow with a resounding crack that made a bird in a nearby tree take flight.
  37. Henric flopped down, as he had when Alex had drugged him more than a year ago.
  39. The squire looked at Henric, stunned. "Gods," she said. "How hard did you hit him?"
  41. "Hard enough," Yuya replied, and put the rock down at the base of a tree. "You do this enough times, you learn how hard to do it pretty well and how to find the right rock for the job. He won't be out too long."
  43. Alex' cautious blue eyes flicked from Henric to Yuya's pale, grinning face.
  45. Yuya said, “I’ve got some things to handle with this man.” She grabbed one of Henric’s boots and started to drag him into the forest, seeming mostly unhindered by his deadweight.
  47. The squire wanted to go with her at first, but held herself back tentatively. She decided that if she ever got to get all of her hate out, she’d want to do it in private. Maybe that was what Yuya would want.
  49. “Are you going to kill him?” Alex asked.
  51. Yuya stopped dragging and stood up straight to look Alex in the eyes. “You’ve had him longer. I mean, he only hurt me once. He’s yours to kill, but I’ll do it gladly if you would prefer.”
  53. The power was at Alex’ fingertips. She could get away with it, if she let Yuya do it. She could move on. That was what Henric would have done.
  55. Or she could let him live. That was what a good knight would have done.
  57. “I don’t know,” she said miserably. The temptation to end his life and become as bad as he was held the weight that a feast held for a starving man--it was there and it would feel good, but it would kill. The fantasy of killing him held her hand, comforted her soul in ways that the path to being a good person couldn’t. Killing him promised justice.
  59. Yuya didn’t stay long enough for Alex to work out what she wanted, and she took Henric deeper into the trees. Sometimes he moaned and groaned when she pulled him over a log or bumped his head, and he soon started to wake, so she picked a robust oak tree and left him sitting, tying him up to it with tight loops of cable that she knotted behind him. She wished that Alex had let her kill him, and hoped the girl would change her mind.
  61. After all, Yuya had heard the squire follow her quietly into the trees to see what would happen to her knight. Alex couldn’t stay away, and the need to know what would happen next had driven her to do her best to sneak after them, but there had been very little in the way of stealth training in their barracks. Stumbling in the dark the way Yuya never had, Alex kept back in the distance, trying to see what was becoming of Henric.
  63. Henric tried to bite her when he woke up, snapping white teeth at her sharp face. Yuya was expressionless, or perhaps a touch of sadness shone in her glittering eyes where she crouched in tall grass and ivy, took her knife from her belt, and leveled the tip just under his chin.
  65. "So what? You plan to kill me?" Henric said eying the blade at his neck.
  67. "I'd like to." Yuya prodded the blade just a hair forward, just enough to draw a single drop of blood. "And you would certainly go to hell where your torture would be carried out by the most skillful of demons."
  69. The rogue seemed to ponder for a moment, just before her face turned wicked once more. "But I can't have that. If you're to be tortured I'd wish you were tortured by me."
  71. Yuya tossed her knife at a tree and her body pressed firmly against Henric where he sat, using her knees to force his legs apart. Her eyes fluttered up to him and his frightened eyes looked down to hers.
  73. "Just what do you plan on--" Henric's words were cut short by Yuya's fingers as she gave a slight shush.
  75. "Cram it and let me get to work." Her deft hands slipped into his pants and simultaneously undid them. His body reacted just as any man's would to a woman's hands draped around his cock.
  77. Henric grunted his displeasure at Yuya pulling his pants down and playing with him. Her hands were so alien compared to Alex’ trained touches, but he was immediately aware from her confidence that the woman knew exactly what she was doing to him. His penis betrayed him.
  79. "I've fucked plenty of monsters in my day, but you're the only one that's human." She smirked as she grabbed his neck to keep his head back from trying to lean in and bite her. He couldn’t be trusted to comply with her demands, and she’d rather be the one doing the biting.
  81. The knight said nothing until she mounted him and settled herself down his length in one graceful falling movement. A grunt pushed out through his clenched teeth. “Get off, you bitch!”
  83. She bounced atop him and answered him by pulling up his shirt and lifting it up. She looked at his chest, then her fingers grabbed at his flesh and raked his skin with nails that had been allowed to grow too long and too sharp. She held none of her weight back each time she lifted herself up and then fell back down on him, balls deep. Henric made noises which were stifled moans of pleasure mixed with his conscious disgust. He'd never admit he enjoyed this, even if he had dreamt of sex with Yuya many times before. Though of course in his dreams he was not at this end of this squabble.
  85. The only pleasure Yuya took from this was in Henric's displeased reactions. Though, she felt he hadn't been hurt enough, and also felt she hadn't enjoyed it enough. Yuya clamped her jaws down on Henric's neck. Her teeth tightened and mouth sucked until his flesh burst and blood flowed from the small gash she had made. She lapped it up and enjoyed the small bit salty flesh that fell from him. Henric let out a cry of pain and anger and when Yuya had had enough she pulled away.
  87. "Relax, you sniveling coward. It's just a love bite." Yuya chuckled as her hips pushed on.
  89. "Like you're capable of love." He scowled.
  91. "What do you know about love?" Yuya snapped as her hand wrapped around his neck. Her fingers pushed into his fresh wound. "I have loved more deeply than you will ever know. I have suffered more than your childish brain can imagine. You had a hard life growing up as a commoner? Fuck you. I had a hard life growing up as a monster. The day I became a commoner was the best day of my life. When I lost my only friend to that necromancer you called a saint I lost everything along with him."
  93. Henric gurgled a rebuttal but it fell to deaf ears as Yuya released his throat. He kept pulling at the ropes, but his scrambling feet were only able to leave lines in the dirt where his heels had raked at the ground. Alex watched them from the darkest place she could find, behind a nearby tree, looking at Yuya’s ass and thighs bouncing in Henric’s lap while he tried to point is red face away from her without baring too much of his bleeding neck.
  95. The woman hopped off of him and sat beside him.
  97. "There's not a chance in Hell that I'm gonna let you come inside me. I'd never risk being the mother to your bastard child. Now shut up and come already so I can stop looking at that putrid mask you call a face." Her lips moved to his crotch and sucked heavily. She could still taste blood on her tongue. That was good because it had seasoned his cock just enough for her to finish him off. He fought her as long as he could, but Yuya's deft tongue was used to satisfying demons, orcs, and dragons. His human member was no match for her. His seed filled her mouth and she slurped up every last bit, but her cheeks held it. Even swallowing this tainted cum was too much for her to bare. She spat it in his face before she stood.
  99. "You can have that back," She smirked as she pulled her pants up.
  102. Alex watched from a distance. She couldn’t quite hear their words, but she saw Henric’s displeasure and cherished it. A horrid grin spread across her face and she began to quake with suppressed laughter. It was an ugly thing for her to laugh at, her of all people.
  104. She snorted loudly when Yuya spat on Henric’s face. Alex loved this woman, and she emerged from behind a tree when Yuya left the knight tied up.
  106. “Thank you,” Alex said, looking between the grim Yuya and distant Henric. “I actually did something kind of similar when I gave him the truth potion. I wasn’t so dramatic though.”
  108. “I hope you gave him an appropriately hard time.”
  110. Alex nodded, and Yuya forced a smile, then wiped blood from her lips.
  112. “If you kill him,” the woman said, “I’ll take the blame. Do the right thing Alex, and give him a painful death.”
  114. The squire stopped laughing, and let Yuya walk away.
  116. “Alex!” Henric hissed at her.
  118. She turned at looked at him, then took her time walking over to where he was stuck sitting spread eagle with his cock out. His cum was caught in his beard, and that was hilarious.
  120. "Just couldn't help yourself, could you?" She said cockily as she looked at the ejaculate on his face. "Let Yuya walk all over you and take what she wanted. How utterly embarrassing for a knight such as yourself to fall victim to a woman like her."
  122. "Quit standing there gawking and help me out of these ropes." He was outraged, but more embarrassed than anything else. He couldn’t imagine how much he must have looked like an idiot to Alex--having had the same thing happen to him twice.
  124. Alex thought about it. "No," she said finally. "I'm enjoying this. I like the way your cum is all over your face. You slut."
  126. Henric nearly howled with rage, barely containing himself. "Don't you dare speak to me that way! I am your knight! You will do as you're told!"
  128. She put her finger over her lips to shush him. "I could still go get the knights if I wanted and let everyone see your own cum on your face, if you'd prefer that."
  130. He released a growl and though his mouth was snarling like that of an animal his eyes pleaded like a hungry animal. "Please release me."
  132. Alex stepped close, moving in as if she was going to untie him, but she wanted something else: the sword on his back. The sword from the cave. She had coveted it after Henric had taken it--despite it being hers by rights!--and had wanted it even after he had scarred her with it.
  134. She drew it from the scabbard on his back, and stepped away from him. Henric was visibly pale, and his mouth opened when the sword started to drip acid from the tip into the grass, each drop landing with a hiss.
  136. “I like Yuya,” she said. “She and I have a lot in common, I guess. We both knew what to do to you to piss you off. And she’s not like anyone else. She understands me.
  138. “She said that if I kill you, she’ll take the blame for me,” Alex said. “So, I could kill you.”
  140. “You wouldn’t dare.”
  142. “It’s not that I wouldn’t dare,” Alex sighed. She frowned, and the acid began to pour in larger quantities. She held the sword in two hands, and walked slowly through a drill while holding it. “It’s that I just won’t do it. And I don’t know why yet.”
  144. Such relief. Coward’s relief. He slumped forward.
  146. Alex looked at the blade sadly. "I only heard the last thing Yuya said to you. You were born a commoner. My mom died when I was born. My twin died. My other half. A-and you think that I have it easy just because my family has money. You never had a man rape you, beat you, and torture you with knives and acid for years."
  148. She held up the blade straight out at him, the green liquid pouring into the grass now. Everywhere Alex had been pacing was now free of ivy and grass, all that remained was hissing dirt that smelled of death. "Your body isn't covered in scars."
  150. He struggled at his binds frantically as she drew closer.
  152. "If your knight had done to you what you have done to me, and you were going to get back at him, how would you get your revenge?" she asked. "And stop struggling you disgusting wretch."
  154. "I'd murder him in cold blood and pit the blame on another." He gave a nervous chuckle. "Well, I guess I did that regardless."
  156. "Do you think that perhaps writing the word 'rapist' in acid across his chest would be a fair alternative?" Alex questioned thoughtfully. She collected acid from the blade on a fingertip.
  158. What hatred and fear Yuya had left in him, Alex now owned too. But Henric didn’t think he had ever been prouder of his squire. She stood over him, treated him cruelly, threatened him with scars. He almost wanted her to finish it and show him what he had changed her into.
  160. “It’s a shame I’m not you, if only for tonight,” the girl said. For a long moment she looked at him with disgust and disdain, and then finally she spoke again. "Listen. I'm going to let you go. What I do, it’s not out of pity. Make sure you know that. And it’s not because you deserve to be freed, either, because you don’t. You deserve death for the murder of your knight, and all the shit you’ve put me through. I am letting you go because I am not as fucked up as you and you will never be able to make me into the asshole that you are."
  162. She sheathed his sword and the remaining acid vanished from her hands. For a moment the blade slept peacefully without weeping acid, and then Alex grabbed the hilt again and drew it once more. The blade was clean.
  164. She lay it flat on the ground and put her boot on it halfway down. Alex grabbed the hilt, and pulled up even as she stood on it. It was a chore, but after a moment the sword gave slightly, and it bent ever so slightly.
  166. Actually, it was pretty amazing that it worked. She had thought it would fail, that the sword would be immune to her pathetic attempts to bend it. Especially seeing as it was magic, but perhaps that was what made it so fragile. Maybe it wanted to break.
  168. The bend was almost nonexistent, but she kept trying to pull up the hilt while the blade lay parallel to the ground. She grit her teeth and pulled harder, and an ethereal crack echoed loudly through their minds, but nowhere else. The sword glowed green for an instant, then the light died out and Alex smiled, then stomped the sword back down so that it was roughly flat, and sheathed it once more and tossed it aside.
  170. The squire untied the knot in the rope but left Henric to untangle himself. "All you are is a pathetic man who only feels sorry for himself and wants company as fucked up as you are."
  172. They were both still, then Henric freed himself. “I’ll come back before the knights move on.”
  174. He took his sword. He walked away towards town to drink, wiping his face.
  176. Alex didn’t care anymore. She didn’t care how drunk he was. He could make a fool of himself in front of the other knights. That would be just fine.
  178. Alex ran back to their tent. She passed Yuya again, and didn’t look at her. She didn’t want to disappoint Yuya by refusing to kill Henric, but it was inevitable.
  180. She ran laps around their camp. ‘I made him look dumb. I broke the sword’s magic. I made him look dumb. I broke the sword’s magic.’ She chanted these things in her head to her footfalls until she realized she was so out of breath that she was wheezing. It was still better than being choked.
  182. ‘I didn’t give in. I wasn’t what he wanted me to be,’ she rejoiced, staggering back to Henric’s tent, falling onto the bedrolls.
  185. Yuya consulted her map. They were close to Fierskeep. She expected they’d cross the border tomorrow, and the capital was close after that. It wasn’t a big kingdom. Kerran had focused there when he’d last tried to assemble an army and it didn’t surprise her that he’d be there again. Whatever his plan was. She didn’t care.
  187. She stowed it in a pocket and went into the town late at night, skulking like a ratty alley cat through streets, and found the gallows in the town square, where they always were.
  189. The familiar sight of a body hanging there made her stomach growl. She was starving. Even when she scaled the platform to cut the body free she was reassured knowing that no matter how many corpses she had to subsist off of, she would never be worse than Henric.
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