[FR BIO] Broken Record

Sep 5th, 2017
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  1. [columns][img][/img]
  2. [nextcol][font=courier][size=7]THE BLINDSIDERS[/size]
  3. The underground operative of mercenaries and assassins.[/columns]
  4. [columns][img][/img]
  5. [nextcol][font=courier]The Blindsiders are an underground society of mercenaries and assassins living in a common space where mercenaries, assassins, bodyguards, thieves, and the like can meet their clients as well as rest, all away from the prying eyes of dragons and clans looking to bring such figures to justice. While the society does have an overseer known as the Consoleglitch, she doesn't actually bother the others too much as she is only there to ensure no trouble comes to the Undercity where most of the society's agents reside.
  7. The Consoleglitch and her sister Blackwire reside in the Undercity's clock tower, where they are actively looking to uncover the rest of their history, dating back all the way to before dragonkind existed and a supercomputer known as The Console existed. All they have for their search is a mere symbol left in the clock tower, that might just lead them to other descendants of the Console.[/columns]
  8. [columns][img][/img]
  9. [nextcol][font=courier][url=]The Firestar Clan[/url]: The Blindsiders have close ties to the Firestar Clan due to leaders from both clans being involved in a romantic relationship.
  10. [url=]Clan of Drifting Icecaps[/url]: As a popular holiday spot, the Blindsiders are always more than interested to keep the Clan of Drifting Icecaps close for whenever the agents need a break from the Undercity.
  11. [url=]Clan Vigilight[/url]: Popular client of the Blindsiders, the society has good ties with Vigilight for providing them work. The Blindsiders also import a good lot of their alcohol from Vigilight.
  12. [url=]The Bastipn[/url]: Another exporter of goods, the Blindsiders aren't particularly close to them, though they do enjoy getting their goods from them.
  13. [url=]Clan of the Broken Bone Tower[/url]: The society's mercs have found themselves chasing and hunting for their targets along the border, leading them to discover a welcoming spring. While not all of the clan has interacted with them, Consoleglitch is more than happy to keep them as a close friend.
  14. [/columns]
  15. [columns][img][/img]
  16. [nextcol][LIST]
  17. [*][font=courier][url=]Scandroid[/url]
  18. [*][font=courier][url=]Wish Upon A Blackstar[/url]
  19. [*][font=courier][url=]Disastrous[/url]
  20. [*][font=courier][url=]The Great Deception[/url]
  21. [/LIST]
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