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Jan 4th, 2015
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  1. Post Title: A gmod fanfic about sonic lol for mlgs only lol
  2. Post Author: young talented yotober (
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  4. Lol tis is mah faaanfic about garmod
  9. I would like if you were to tell me where to edit lol
  14. by Commander Bagel
  15. 1ce apun a tim, dere was a heghog. He was a babi heghog, an his mom had died givin bith to him. Dey nam him Sanic. Sanic wuz da fastest ding aliv. He cood travel at da speed uf a reely fast turtle. Dats pretty fast if u dint no. Sanic woke up 1 mrning and decidd dat he was guna go on an advnchur. He put on his shoos an steped owside and den he smelled da frsh air and den he sed “men 2day is a gr8 dey to be aliv I am so gld I am aliv I am guna find amy and have da sexy wit her lol” den while sanic was wakin to amys hows he saw a blu box and he saw dat it was the TARDIS and sanic was all liek “DOCTR!!!!!!!! WHUR HAZ U BEEN DOCTR?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” and da Doctr stepped owside and he was all liek “I HVE BEEN FIGHTIN NAZIS WIT AMY YOU MEMBER AMY RITE LOL RITE IM BRITISH LOL” and sanic was lek “men doctr I was guna go hav da sexys with amy my amy not urs lol xD rofl” and da doctr wuz all lek “YEEEEEEH. She hawt lol we cn hav 4sum lol” den sanic wuz lek “yeh shur lol” an den dey wen ovr to amys hows lol an sanic nock on door. Sanic suddenly had a b ig bonr an amy open da dur an she wuz all lek “im hnry lol lez hav sexy lol.” An sanic was al lek “k” an da doctr wuz all lek “Amy, my love. Are you sexually aroused by the scenario at hand?” an amy wuz al lek “yeh lez hav sex lol” an den dey al had a 4some an den 6 months latur amy (sanics amy not da doctrs lol) got preggers and she wuz al lek “u-o sanic we gun hav babi an we gun be married an shit” an sanic was al lek “nuh-uh” an he use his sooper sped to run awah an den amy wuz al lek “nooooo now I am a siggle momeh an I gun a be on 16 an preggers even do I only 12 lol opsies.”
  16. Sanic, after hours, and hours of running finally told himself she would never find him. When he looked up, he found himself in a desert, alone, with the heat staring him in the eye, almost as if was acknowledging his terrible deed, and how he left poor Amy Rose standing alone at her doorsteps, 6 months after they conceived their child. The heat was cruel, and unrelenting. He whiped his sweat ridden forehead, attempting to stay cool, to no use. He was bound to die out in the desert, alone, and with a heart full of regret.
  17. Den shadow da heghog com an he lek “sanic pr epur to deh” and sanic is al lek “no g I mme a mercy, shadow da heghog” an shadow al lek “I am ul Tima lif frrrm an I gun kil u lol” an sanic al lek “no I am sAN IC HEGH OG!!!!!!!” den da doctr com an he al lek “sanictaek da chaus emadoobs” an sanic al lek “k nao I sheo u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  18. The brave, blue, and near death hedgehog struggled to gather his only remaining strength to stand. It felt like all the life left inside of him had just dive-bombed into the ocean. The Doctor thrust his arms at the rodent, letting the emadoobs flow from his arms, merging with Sanic’s body. Sanic accepted the change, and let his final form take his place. He became Ultra Sanic, and looked Shadow the Heghog in the eye and uttered a phrase barely audible to the human ear, but available to his darker, red streaked foe. “u gat no ida hoo our mesin wif shadow get redy to deh”
  19. Den sanic wen at duh sped of sown an kil shadow hehog an shadow heghog screm “noooOOOO OOOOOO SA NIC I GET M VENGELLENC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” an den he blowed up lol fin
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