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May 15th, 2019
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  1. how to never pay for Postage ever again. Now before you attempt to do what Iam about to reveal please obtain a full and total understanding of what it is you will be doing in order to retain the confidence needed if questioned. Keep in mind this is totally legal its just been completely suppressed. Obviously if being posted in Discord its legal we Anons dont fuk up our Fam.
  2. Now for a History lesson the uspo (United States Post Office) wuz established in 1776 or 1777 then in 1970 these corporate fuks created the usps (UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE) and yus its a fukn corporation tied to goddamn Washington DC via the ZIP (Zone Improvement Program) code. Yes this is how these sik fuks incorporate all the fukn sheeple into the 10 mile square radius of the foreign fukn corporation known as Washington DC founded in 1671 and incorporated by Congress in 1802.
  3. Yus DC is a Foreign corporation the zip is how they get those living in the outer states to unknowingly consent to being a UNITED STATES CITIZEN. And yes the all caps makes a different UNITED STATES defined in Black's Law dictionary translates to a corporation tied to fukn DC...hang in there it get even siker fagz lulz
  4. This Unknowing consent is in other words known as "Minimum Contacts" there are many. All the abbreviations of streets ie st or state abbreviations like NY and all laws codes and fukn statutes are patented and are minimum contacts every time they are used you have consented to being a goddam employee of DC.
  6. Let me make 1 thing clear anyone born in America is not a CITIZEN which is defined in Black's Law dictionary as an inhabitant of the 10 mile square zone of The Foreign Corporation Known as Washington DC. All Lawyers in America are "members" of the BAR (British Accreditation Regency) yes these so called lawyers are nothing more that British fukn agents i know this sounds crazy although these things are important to know if you live in the states because you have been lied to big time and this postal information is going to bring into perspective what iam explaining to you. You need to understand You are NOT a US CITIZEN a state citizen of a Nation state yes but i repeat NOT a US CITIZEN. This is important for you to remember because you are about to learn how to send Postage Paid Rural Free Delivery in a ZIP EXEMPT NON DOMESTIC without UNITED STATES way js.
  8. now here is what a ZIP EXEMPT NON DOMESTIC without UNITED STATES Format looks like. Important to remember that a DOMESTIC format is a 3 line format International is a 4 line format here is an example of this:
  10. Sample:
  12. John Henry: house of Doe
  13. RR 012 BOX 1234
  14. City [zipcode (optional)]
  15. Nation (California Republic)
  17. without UNITED STATES
  19. very important to remember the legal rule called the four corners rule if something is encapsulated in a box or captured by four corners ie [zipcode] it cannot be considered hence why if you decide to use the ZIP (Zone Improvement Program) Place in a box or bracket the end (four corners) so it is not considered this is a minimum contact understand this these fuks a serious af and as long as you know their bullshit tactics you will learn how to master this shit and role over these fuks with their own fake fraudulent system.
  21. Important you must type everything out no fukn abbreviations these fukn abbreviations are patented and are minimum fukn contacts its actually illegal for people to be using them no matter were you are from js
  23. Now if you have an American address you need to know how to covert it into your Rural Route address this is how you do this.
  25. Step 1. Go to this site:
  27. Step 2. Click on Quick Tools
  29. Step 3. Click on Look Up a Zip Code TM
  31. Step 4. Click on find by Address
  33. Step 5. Type in Your Complete Corporate DC address including the zip code you know the one your 3rd Grade teacher taught in school making a huge emphasis on not forgetting the goddamn zipcode (dont blame em they were all brainwashed I have recently come to terms with this lulz).
  35. Step 6. Once your address is displayed with zip code including what's called the "Plus 4 designation" numbers attached to the end of the zip ie 99999-9998
  36. (keep in mind the -9998 is an international designation utilized in the uspo notice i said uspo and not usps there is a difference re: above info and get this straight it will need to be known in soon to be posted lessons on this) now like i said once address shows up there will be a drop down arrow looks like this / click it and it will open up to reveal your "Carrier Route Number" yes they try to hind this shit as much as they can you will come to notice this as you uncover this shit as i have.
  38. Step 7. Document this Carrier Route Number this is the number which will be used for ZIP EXEMPT NON DOMESTIC Postage Paid Rural Free Delivery. The Carrier Route Number will begin with a letter designation followed by a 3 number designation. The letter designation will either be a R (stands for Rural) or a C (stands for City) these beginning letters will not be utilized when formatting a letter head script js.
  44. Notice i write "without UNITED STATES" because you wouldn't say "without THE MCDONALD'S" right its a fukn Corporation keep this mind!!!
  45. NON-MACHINABLE is very important this is so it will be hand sorted as it will not be picked up through their "machines" remember this is NON DOMESTIC International format straight from the usps IMM (International Mail Manual). Then there is the UPU (Universal Postal Union) which is based out of Switzerland yes thats right Switzerland and is the 2nd oldest organization on the Planet probably 2nd to some type of religious org lulz still searching for #1...
  53. 244 Designations RFD and RD
  55. Change the designations RFD and RD (as a meaning for rural or rural free delivery) to RR.
  65. The UPU :
  67. *Established in 1874, the Universal Postal Union (UPU), with its headquarters in the Swiss capital Berne, is the second oldest international organization worldwide.
  69. With its 192 member countries, the UPU is the primary forum for cooperation between postal sector players. It helps to ensure a truly universal network of up-to-date products and services.
  73. $21.00 in stamps also takes the post out of US jurisdiction
  74. Although this :point_up_2: is for another subject we are doing free mail
  78. This is what it will look like right before you utilize it...Notice the Autograph todays date and thumb print all in red ink.
  80. Lets clarify ink colors and meanings
  82. Red = Alive
  83. Black = Dead
  84. Blue = Sea
  85. Purple or Gold = Royal
  87. All that needs to done now at this point is go INSIDE the uspo and have them weigh this and send it dont forget to get your Prepaid Mail receipt with your certified mail # so you can track it another factoid be patient with these deliveries I've had some linger up to 20 days others I've had get 4 cities over in 17 hrs so delivery times wut right its free fags lulz...
  89. Here is a receipt for a 1 pound 4.30 oz. package I sent utilizing this format. All I did wuz jus taped the printed envelope to the package followed by a return of receipt (green card) so I know it was received. Now lets discuss the return of receipt (green card) and how to properly fill this out here is a vid which explains it well.
  99. notice the 2cent stamp over their prepaid offer:point_up_2:
  101. I know this sounds insane although this is done to eliminate the minimum contact anytime a gubment offers you something its a trap to get you to Contract with them this is important always keep this mind
  103. When tracking these parcels go here to track:
  107. Here is a site that has been doing this for years notice his format keep in mind many formats work the format I have posted is what I believe the most up to date and dialed in on how their usps corporation functions js although do your research always:
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