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  1. unknown_user: '&fUser is not in database'
  2. unsafe_spawn: '&fYour Quit location was unsafe, teleporting you to World Spawn'
  3. not_logged_in: '&8[&4Server&8] &fNu esti logat !'
  4. reg_voluntarily: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fTe poti inregistra cu comanda "&f/register parola
  5.   ConfirmParola"'
  6. usage_log: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fFoloseste: &f/login parola pentru a te loga!'
  7. wrong_pwd: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fParola incorecta!'
  8. unregistered: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fAi sters contul!'
  9. reg_disabled: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fNu te poti inregistra acum,te asteptam mai tarziu!'
  10. valid_session: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fTe-ai logat din sesiunea anterioara'
  11. login: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fTe-ai logat cu succes!'
  12. vb_nonActiv: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fYour Account isent Activated yet check your Emails!'
  13. user_regged: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fExista deja un utilizator cu acest nume,te rugam
  14.   sa iti schimbi numele!'
  15. usage_reg: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fFoloseste: &f/register parola ConfirmParola Pentru
  16.   a te inregistra!'
  17. max_reg: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fAi ajuns limita de conturi pe acest IP'
  18. no_perm: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fNu ai permisiunea'
  19. error: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fA fost depistata o eroare,poti contacta un Administrator!'
  20. login_msg: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fAutentifica-te cu "&f/login parola"'
  21. reg_msg: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fInregistreaza-te cu "&f/register parola ConfirmParola"'
  22. reg_email_msg: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fInregistreaza-te cu "/register <email> <EmailDinNou>"'
  23. usage_unreg: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fFoloseste: &f/unregister parola '
  24. pwd_changed: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fParola a fost schimbata cu succes!'
  25. user_unknown: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fUsername-ul nu este registrat'
  26. password_error: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f&fParolele nu se potrivesc'
  27. password_error_nick: '&8[&4Server&8]  &fNu iti poti pune Numele in Parola!Incearca
  28.   cu alta parola'
  29. password_error_unsafe: '&8[&4Server&8]  &fParola este prea usoara,te rugam sa iti
  30.   pui alta'
  31. invalid_session: '&fSession datas doesn''t match. Please wait until the end of the
  32.   current session'
  33. reg_only: '&8[&4Server&8]&fNe pare rau acum pot intra pe server doar Jucatorii inregistrati!'
  34. logged_in: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f &fEsti deja conectat!'
  35. logout: '&fSuccessful logout'
  36. same_nick: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f &fSe joaca deja cineva cu numele asta'
  37. registered: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f &fTe-ai inregistrat cu succes!'
  38. pass_len: '&8[&4Server&8]  &fParola ta are prea multe/putine caractere'
  39. reload: '&fConfiguration and database has been reloaded'
  40. timeout: '&8[&4Server&8] &fTimpul de logare a expirat !'
  41. usage_changepassword: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f &fFoloseste: &f/changepassword parolaVeche
  42.   parolaNoua'
  43. name_len: '&8[&4Server&8]  &fNumele tau prea scurt sau prea lung'
  44. regex: '&8[&4Server&8]  &fNumele tau contine caractere nepermise'
  45. add_email: '&cPlease add your email with: /email add yourEmail confirmEmail'
  46. bad_database_email: '[AuthMe] This /email command only available with MySQL and SQLite,
  47.   contact an Admin'
  48. recovery_email: '&cForgot your password? Please use /email recovery <yourEmail>'
  49. usage_captcha: '&fYou need to type a captcha, please type: /captcha <theCaptcha>'
  50. wrong_captcha: '&fWrong Captcha, please use : /captcha THE_CAPTCHA'
  51. valid_captcha: '&fYour captcha is valid !'
  52. kick_forvip: '&fA VIP Player join the full server!'
  53. kick_fullserver: '&fThe server is actually full, Sorry!'
  54. usage_email_add: '&fUsage: /email add <email> <confirmeEmail> '
  55. usage_email_change: '&fUsage: /email change oldEmail> <newEmail> '
  56. usage_email_recovery: '&fUsage: /email recovery <Email>'
  57. new_email_invalid: '[AuthMe] New email invalid!'
  58. old_email_invalid: '[AuthMe] Old email invalid!'
  59. email_invalid: '[AuthMe] Invalid Email'
  60. email_added: '[AuthMe] Email Added !'
  61. email_confirm: '[AuthMe] Confirm your Email !'
  62. email_changed: '[AuthMe] Email Change !'
  63. email_send: '[AuthMe] Recovery Email Send !'
  64. email_exists: '[AuthMe] An email already exists on your account. You can change it
  65.   using the command below'
  66. country_banned: Your country is banned from this server
  67. antibot_auto_enabled: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f &fAntiBotMod s-a activat automat dupa o conexiune
  68.   de masa!'
  69. antibot_auto_disabled: '&8[&4Server&8]  &f &fAntiBotMod s-a dezactivat automat dupa
  70.   &f%m &fMinute, speram ca flood-ul s-a terminat'
  71. unvalid_session: '&fSession Dataes doesnt corrispond Plaese wait the end of session'
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