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  1. https://gyazo.com/4de6ded37faf13eafa77b571134859fa
  2. 12-27-15. Two days after christmas. Let's skip back a few months. I was admin on Paradise, also a donator and I paid for their domain also. I pissed off nightwolf really bad one time, so I guess it was in the best interest that I step down / get kicked from admin. Whatever. I stopped playing on Paradise, so I decided to kick everyone's access to the domain. They didn't like that I did that I think. They paid me for ownership of it, and we went our seperate ways.
  3. Fastforward to 12-27-15. We were on bhop_emaN_oN. There was loads of admins on. The map was broke. This one admin in particular, very inactive admin and dogshit at bhop. I decided to pick on him. I said "hey rusty wanna hear a joke?" nearly 10 times. He didn't answer. I proceeded with "Your bhop skills"- Perm banned. They obviously didn't like that I pulled stunts before and kicked them from the domain and such, I believe its why they banned me.
  4. It was nearly a year later, around 12-12-16. I got unbanned by Bedz because the server was dead and I was streaming to like 20 people. He was hoping it was going to repopulate the server for a little bit. A lot of them joined, so he considered it a success. Regardless, hunny bop told him to "make it right" because he didn't want me unbanned. I was rebanned on 12-18-16 when they changed to 128 tick 1000 aa.
  5. That didn't stop me though, as I got on one of my alts and proceeded to destroy records left and right. I was playing along side this man I like to call fake forest. He is a "known cheater" because he use to use aimware and do retard obvious cheats, even though hes actually a decent bhopper. So this guy was "a known cheater" and I was beating his times, so that makes me a "cheater". I was banned on my alt for "multi-hack" I was never caught by any anticheat, nothing, because paradise has no anticheat. they're dogshit. Nothing really came up of that until later, we'll bring back up on that later. We'll call this Alt 1. for starters.
  6. Fastforward about 1 week. fake forest told me he hates when I call out all his new alts, we decided we wanted to make alts together so I couldn't call him out, rather we take records together with matching names and pictures. I made Alt 2 this time around. We had matching names and pictures. I liked the idea of no one knowing who we were. He changed his name and picture though, so I deleted him. I decided to make Alt 3, because I didn't want him to know who my alt was, because he pissed me off.
  7. When I made alt 3, I made my name quite instantly. Within 30 minutes of owning the account, I got onto horizon and I hear "oh my god he's here". I don't know how people knew who my alt was that fast (I had a couple records on other servers so far in that 30m). I had like 4 admins speccing me and 3 other people all at once. I didn't want to give away that it was me. fake forest told them I was phonk on a new account. They finally banned me after like 2 maps. They said my "sync was too high". Regardless, I went to sourcecode or tango afterwards, with fake forest man following me. He told me to turn on my ssj and I told him no I don't use it etc. I was trying to keep it a secret from him who I was. But I denied every accusation of being a cheater or phonk.
  8. The next day, I decide to donate to source code on alt 3. I wanted some cool colors and shit. Rumor got around that I "bought mevhake" and hacked times on SC. TST was telling everyone that, and the news spread to phonk. He kept calling me a cheater after that. I added him sooner or later and we talked it out. I don't think he thinks im a cheater anymore. Because I added phonk and talked to him a bit and joked around with him, and I also use to be friends with fake forest. Syph thinks since I'm "big friends with cheaters, and I got good 'out of nowhere' that I'm now a cheater". But I didn't get good out of no where, I just practiced my strafes for like 10 hours a day every day for months on tango. I figured out that I was better on my alts for a short bit, because my alts didnt use mouse accel while my main had mouse accel 1.1 for some reason.
  9. I'd like to say that none of this garbage is true, but you're free to believe what you'd like. I only ever played on alts because I liked taking records without people knowing who I was. It was fun. I liked the idea of becoming someone new, rather than "oh its kaemon" rather its "holy shit who the fuck is doll this guy is nuts."
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