2019-08-14 Writing: reasons to support opinions

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  1. Greg Malivuk
  3. - Notes from all classes
  4. ---
  5. Homework: list some facts that (if true) could support these opinions:
  6. - It’s too cold to go swimming today.
  7.     One man got hypothermia swimming here one hour ago.
  8.     Facts about how cold water affects the body.
  9.     Statement of the temperature.  
  10. - It’s bad to study English.
  11.     My friends are from the same country as me, so we don’t need English.
  12.     It takes a long time to do the homework every day.
  13.     It’s difficult to learn English. (This can be a fact if you say how long it takes on average.)
  14.     More people in the world speak Chinese, so that’s more useful.
  15. - Everyone should become vegetarian.
  16.     It’s healthier.
  17.         Meat increases the risk of heart attack.
  18.         People who eat meat are more likely to be obese.
  19.         Vegetarians usually have lower blood pressure.
  20.         Vegans and vegetarians live longer.
  21.     It’s better for the environment.
  22.         Animals produce a lot of methane, a greenhouse gas.
  23.         It takes a lot of resources to feed and move animals.
  24.     It’s better for the animals.
  25.         It decreases violence toward animals.
  26.         Farming can be cruel to the animals.
  27. ---
  28. controversy = disagreement between groups of people
  29. controversial topic = topic which creates controversy
  30. ---
  31. “Medium-controversy” statements:
  32. - Dogs are better than cats.
  33. - American football is better than soccer.
  34. - Diet Coke is better than regular Coke.
  35. - Chocolate is better than Nutella.
  36. - Students should not be allowed to use phones in class.
  37. - Students chould not be allowed to use translators/dictionaries in class.
  38. - Students should wear school uniforms.
  39. - Students shouldn’t be allowed to chew gum.
  40. - Grades in school should be eliminated.
  41. - Students should study every day.
  42. - Homework should be eliminated.
  43. ---
  44. Pick one statement to agree or disagree with and think of 3-4 reasons to support your opinion. (The reasons can be facts or opinions.)
  45. ---
  46. Then organize your reasons into an outline with some examples.
  48. Title: Vegetarianism for Everyone
  49. Topic Sentence: I believe that everyone should become vegetarian for three reasons.
  50. A.  Health
  51.     1.  heart disease
  52.     2.  live longer
  53. B.  Environment
  54.     1.  cow burps
  55.     2.  resources
  56. C.  Animal Treatment
  57.     1.  violence
  58.     2.  cruel conditions
  59. Conclusion: Because it’s better for your health, the environment and animals, you should try to become a vegetarian in the future.
  60. ---
  61. Homework: Use your outline to write a paragraph or short essay to support your opinion on this topic.
  63. Vegetarianism for Everyone
  64. I believe that everyone should become vegetarian for three reasons. First, vegetarianism is better for our health. Studies have shown that vegetarians are 50% less likely to get heart disease than people who eat meat at least once a day. In addition, scientists say that vegetarians on average live up to 10 years longer than people who eat meat. Second, ...
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