Lord of the Mysteries v5c33

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  1. Chapter 33 Fun of Life
  2. "The folklore of the South China is really different from ours." Audrey looked down at the feathers and hats in the gift box and praised them sincerely. "But it's still very aesthetic to me."
  3. On the one hand, she did feel that the processed feather was a work of art. On the other hand, she thought that its style was too obvious and extreme, not the kind she liked to use as accessories.
  4. It's like when many people visit ancient monuments, they are interested in and praise the mysterious things with unique patterns, but seldom buy similar things at home or as ornaments.
  5. Klein listened and laughed.
  6. "In fact, there are also great differences among the various folk customs in the South China mainland. The East and West Bailang are almost completely different from the highlands and valleys. Of course, they have something in common. For example, they respect gold and think that this metal has magical power."
  7. At this point, he pointed to Audrey's feather path:
  8. "It is rumored that people wearing this kind of cap will be blessed by the feather snake, the God of death."
  9. He was hinting at the hidden function of the feather.
  10. Audrey, who is already in the "audience" channel sequence 6, can easily hear the hidden meaning in Mr. World's words and understand that the hat can get the response of the so-called "god of death" at a critical moment and play a certain role.
  11. As for how to operate, it belongs to the basic knowledge of mystery. Audrey has a solid grasp of it and does not need Mr. Dawn Downes to tell it any more.
  12. She smiled without showing her teeth.
  13. "I really like it. I'll stick it in my hat on the right occasion."
  14. Yes, it's easy to talk to the audience... Klein returned with a smile and pointed out the way out.
  15. "There are still some gifts to give out."
  16. "You are the most popular person here today." Audrey responded with a smile, expressing her gratitude in this euphemistic way.
  17. At the same time, she was a little upset and hesitated to find a chance to tell Mr. World, who had been involved in the Karon suicide, about Herwin Lambis.
  18. Well, Monday is coming soon. Let's leave it to the Tarot meeting. It's more convenient for us to communicate then. Just in time, I would like to ask Mr. inverted hanger and Ms. Hermit how to deal with the current situation, especially how to prevent the problem of high-order strong suggestive and hypnotic. After all, not every time, I can pray to Mr. Fool in advance and get the blessing of angels... Think about it carefully, that kind of hypnosis is really terrible, unconsciously will follow the instructions to do, they are completely unconscious... Audrey's thoughts were like boiling water. Bubbles were bubbling up one after another.
  19. This led her to suspect that many people in Beckland's upper circle had experienced hypnosis and acted against their true ideas and wishes.
  20. In addition, she has a vague understanding of something:
  21. Every time my father and mother go to St. Samuel's Church to participate in the dispersal, it is absolutely Archbishop Beckland who is in charge of the ceremony, and it is the demigod of the church at night who can hold this position.
  22. Sometimes the Archbishop will come to visit us and chat with us on his own initiative. Is this a precaution against something like that? So, did Herwin Lambis not go too far with my hypnosis? Audrey watched Dawn Downes walk out of her office, shut the door behind her, sat down again, picked up her pen and scribbled unconsciously on the paper.
  23. By the time she got her thoughts back, the white paper in front of her had been interwoven with circles one after another, with a pair of cold eyes and a diffused face.
  24. Just glancing at it, Audrey was so energetic that she quickly used the friction between spirituality and matter to light the white paper and burn it to ashes.
  25. What she just scribbled reflects her true feelings and ideas to a certain extent! _____________
  26. For a qualified psychologist, interpreting similar pictures is a basic operation, so Audrey did not let the traces remain.
  27. After a while, Klein finished giving gifts, chatted with several of the directors for a while, then went into the room where he rested as a part-time director, found out the pen and paper, sat on the sofa, and began to write a letter thoughtfully:
  28. "Dear Mr. Azk..."
  29. When he was in the South China, Klein took Adam to "0-08" and wrote a letter with Leonard and Daly about his successful revenge against Ince Zanguer. By blowing a bronze whistle, he summoned the messenger and sent it to Mr. Azk, who was asleep. There is no doubt that he has not received a reply up to now.
  30. As for the reference in the letter to Adam and "0-08", Klein didn't care at all. Anyway, the "fantasy angel" must know about his relationship with Mr. Azk, and there would be no strong reaction to share what he met with acquaintances.
  31. This time, the content of Klein's letter no longer touches on extraordinary areas. With a smile and gentle brush strokes, he has just learned about charitable assistance from Audrey and other boards, and at the end of the article:
  32. "... It's really a meaningful thing. I feel satisfied and happy, Mr. Azk. Do you think so?
  33. "When you wake up, maybe you can try to do something similar. Every time you come back, you can see the children who were helped by you. At that time, although you don't remember them, they certainly remember you..."
  34. After writing and putting away his pen, Klein read it carefully again and confirmed that there was no problem. Then he blew a bronze whistle, summoned a White-bone messenger and took the letter.
  35. Then he took his valet Nyuni and left the "Roon Charitable Scholarship Fund" to St. Samuel's Church not far away, where he silently prayed for a quarter of an hour in the dark and tranquil Great Prayer Hall.
  36. As in the past, Klein came to the dedication box and put a pile of cash in it, totaling 80 pounds.
  37. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he found Bishop Electra, chatted with each other for a while, and listened to the sermon.
  38. This heralds the return of Dawn Downes in the field of religious societies.
  39. As for gifts, Klein did not give them face to face because they were in the Church of the goddess, and privately Walter, the housekeeper, would naturally take his place and send them to the home of several bishops.
  40. ...
  41. At tea time, Klein left 160 Berklund Street as scheduled to visit Dr. Allen's house. Richardson had already told him in the morning and got a good answer.
  42. This time, Klein met not only Dr. Alan Chris, but also his wife, Verma Gratis, as well as the newborn baby and his older brother and sister.
  43. "It's a pity that I couldn't attend, Er..." Klein paused deliberately until Verna Gratis laughed and responded with a "Will".
  44. He reorganized the language.
  45. "Unfortunately, I went to Dongbailang and couldn't attend Will's birthday party.
  46. "This is the more popular amulet over there, which can bring good luck to children."
  47. As he spoke, he handed the gold jewelry to Dr. Allen.
  48. Alan Chris was not a very good speaker. He did not refuse. He took it directly and nodded his head.
  49. "Thank you."
  50. Then he grabbed the rope, hung the golden amulet into the baby carriage beside him, and shook the way:
  51. "Will, do you like it?"
  52. The fat baby, wrapped in silver silk, raised his arm, shook it, and slapped the gold Amulet out.
  53. Get out of here...
  54. In the living room, the scene was a little awkward. Klein broke the silence with a laugh.
  55. "It's a reaction that children will have."
  56. At this time, the maid put down the three-tier tray for lunch and refreshments, so that both the guests and the host turned the topic and the atmosphere returned to harmony.
  57. As Klein drank black tea and had snacks, he talked about the strange customs of Byron. He heard that the Allens and the other two children were very interested and asked questions from time to time.
  58. In the process, Klein suddenly turned his face to the baby carriage and asked with a smile:
  59. "You don't seem to like my gift?"
  60. While he was asking questions, the Allens and the rest of the living room were not unusual at all. They were still listening attentively.
  61. In the illusion scene created by Klein, the narrative has not stopped!
  62. Will Onsetin, with fleshy arms, sniffed and groaned, in a child's tender voice:
  63. "What's the meaning of this gift?
  64. "You might as well give me Gwadar, at least you can drink it!"
  65. Klein laughed and shook his head, then said:
  66. "There's a news to tell you that Urus has been wounded by someone, and it should be impossible to continue looking for you for some time."
  67. He did not dare to mention Adam's name and title, and did not even think much about it. He was afraid to be noticed by the head of the hermit society at dusk, so as to discover the whereabouts of Will Onsetin, the snake of fate.
  68. As for the description of the Amund brothers, Klein also gave up temporarily, because no one knows whether Amund is still in Beckland. Frequent mention of the name of the "angel of time" may lead to a confluence of destiny.
  69. However, Klein believes that Will Onsetin should be able to guess who injured the Angel of Destiny, because only Adam and Amon are still active in the real world and slightly taller than Urus.
  70. —— He used the description of "somebody", which excluded the encirclement of several archangels and the use of "0" class seals.
  71. Will Onsetin was quiet for a moment.
  72. "Let me just say that the deviation of your destiny is a good thing in the long run."
  73. After exchanging this information, Klein was about to unlock the illusion, and suddenly heard Will Onsetin mutter:
  74. "Well, suddenly I want to drink Guadall. I'd better add some ice."
  75. "This kind of drink is not very good for children!" Klein interrupted his illusion with a solemn face, and the Scout picked up one of the ice-creams that the maid had just delivered.
  76. Then, under the gaze of Alan and Wilma, he spooned an ice-cream with a silver spoon and smiled to amuse the child:
  77. Will, would you like to eat?
  78. "Want to eat?"
  79. Mrs. Verma burst into laughter.
  80. "We will not like this."
  81. As she spoke, Klein stuffed ice cream from a silver spoon into her mouth.
  82. "Wow!"
  83. The baby in the baby carriage cried loudly.
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