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  1. Wanderer
  4. I Am All Of Me (100, free Wanderer): You are you. I know it sounds redundant, but you’d be surprised how many people deep down tie their identity to things outside of themselves. Their kings, their bosses, their company, their family…A lot of people tie themselves down. However… you can stand easily on your own two feet. Your sense of self and desire to live free as the wind make you headstrong enough to break through pain and manipulation, and even more than that…your ‘self’ is so strongly felt that people could recognize you in the flesh just from stories of your exploits.
  6. Open Your Heart (200, discounted Wanderer): The language of the Heart is the same no matter the nation. Your travels from place to place have made you a more empathetic person, understanding and able to make your true intent known no matter the culture or tongue your words are in. Of course, this goes beyond simply being able to bond across national or continental divides: Every star in the sky holds a potential new friend, as such even those from alien dimensions and faraway stars can see the contents of your heart if you so chose to show them. Even if it takes a while for the speech barrier to drop, those who come in peace will know that, yes, you do too! If those words are true, of course.
  8. Dreams of an Absolution (400, discounted Wanderer): The winds whisper across the world to you. There is a sickness in the land, and while others might have been born into the evil that destroys their happiness and peace…You can be the breath that dispels those storming clouds away. You are able to deduce the sources of sorrow in a world, what brings it’s people misery and what threatens to break their hope for good. Through intuition, listening to the woes of others, and a quick wit…you can even find a way to break this sorrow’s hold on them. The going might be tough, and the path to shatter the storm of despair may seem impossible, that’s for sure. But, if you’re willing to grit your teeth, they will see the Sun again.
  10. Live And Learn (600, discounted Wanderer): There’s a real big emphasis on buying these things, huh? Wouldn’t it be obvious some things can only be learnt by doing? Granted, sometimes opportunity never comes knocking for others to become a better and more capable person…but not you. You’re opportunity’s favorite customer it seems, as you always will have an ‘in’, a ‘hook’ to some wild journey. It’ll always be something you’d have no problem spinning a yarn about later, and while you might come out of the adventure broke you’ll have something to show for it. A new trick, some strange power residing in your soul, your name on a wall somewhere, a legend of some amazing person in a local town…Life is the greatest teacher, and it turns out now you’re her favorite student.
  12. Warrior
  14. Knight of the Wind (100, free Warrior): Spin Attack. It was pioneered by Sonic, but now it’s a common attack used by almost every barehanded Mobian combatant in the war between the Freedom Fighters and the Eggman Empire who’s heard the tales of the Blue Blur. When even Antoine, famous cowardly lion of a warrior, knows how to use this technique you have no excuse to not learn. The spin attack works as such: By curling up into a ball just so, you are able to move around in a ball-like form and strike people with the full power of your body without hurting yourself in the process! It’s a full body tackle that utilizes all of your potential damage behind a single hit, and minimizes backlash usually associated with slamming your entire body into something at a dead sprint.
  16. Never Turn Back (200, discounted Warrior): Because of the sheer scale of this War, it’s not unusual for rank amateurs and desperate recruits to be filling the ranks on every side of the conflict. You’re not one of them. You’re disciplined, cool under pressure, and can easily mentally filter out the havoc and noise to understand what in a combat situation is your immediate worry as well as have a vague enough knowledge of your situation to understand where more threats will be coming from. Along with a hardened mind, you have a hardened body that can stand the rigors of combat well enough to be an asset wherever you fight. You may not be the strongest in the land, but you’re good enough to come out of a fight the victor, if you’re among equals.
  18. Theory of Attack (400, discounted Warrior): In many worlds, the actions a single soldier make no difference. An individual fighter is the cog in a grand machine of war, where success or failure is in aggregate. Not so here, and certainly not with you in charge. You can read the currents of battle like a river, and understand the ebb and flow to see where a single team of great skill or power can make a huge difference! If you’re willing to put your hide and the hide of your squad at risk, you can with a handful of people change the course of a battle involving hundreds contesting control of a major city, as an example. Though the danger is present, you CAN make a difference in a battle...with the right opportunity.
  20. What I'm Made Of (600, discounted Warrior): A war may be made up of many battles, but some battles are heavier than others. You can tell when a single action in a battle would drastically change the course of the greater conflict (such as a campaign or war) behind the battle, even if the connections are thin or even seemingly nonexistent. They're often extremely dangerous and death defying acts, like singlehandedly bringing down a flying battleship, or braving a heavily armed fortress alone to reach a key point in the battle. As long as you're seeking out one of these 'turning points' and fighting for it, your competency in battle and physical prowess goes up to truly heroic levels! Not enough to make it a cakewalk, usually, but to give a fighting chance for what to many may seem like truly impossible odds. If you pick the right time…you truly can win the war in a single battle.
  22. **Comrade**
  24. Lazy Days(100, free Comrades): There’s too much of a focus on this war thing nowadays, isn’t there? While everyone else worries themselves sick, someone has to keep the peace and warmth of a hearth. Unlike a few other tightly-wound people, you know how to relax and help to ease others of their stress away no matter the situation. You have a few ways to do this, but the easiest ways are fun and calming pastimes like fishing, card games and even things like tea parties. Finding some time to partake in these even in tough times isn’t too hard for you, either, even if some of the things are hard to find or forbidden.
  26. Follow Me(200, discount Comrades): It’s easy to scoff at, but friendship is important…and so hard to keep together. They can grow distant, or clash over petty misunderstandings since they won’t back down or try to lower their guard. But you can see the truth of how important relationships are, and with that truth mend broken hearts: You can bring people together even in the storms of heartache and distrust. Though they may bitterly hate each other, you can at least allow them to open their hearts and listen to the other fairly and without true bias. Not only that, but being a mediator never impacts their outlook on you: their grudge is with one another, after all.
  28. Work It Out(400, discount Comrades): Just because you're not an expert doesn't mean you can't pitch in! You’re here to help, and nothing’s going to stop you there: When it comes to solving problems, if you're willing to put in the time and effort, you can find unorthodox and roundabout solutions to things waaaay out of your depth. They might not be anything you can act on necessarily(after all, you still aren’t the expert and just because you know the destination doesn’t mean you can find the path there ), but people in the know'll take inspiration from you and make major breakthroughs. If you happen to be an expert as well, you tend to find that just going with your intuition is a great way to make progress even when it really shouldn’t.
  30. You're my Number One(600, discount Comrades): Make no mistake. In this place of magic gems and technology, one of the greatest forces to grace Sonic’s World is latent in every single person. In all things, look to Love…For what are the great Chaos Emeralds, but Power enriched by the Heart? This great strength is no stranger to you, and you’ll see that no mountain is too high or sea too deep to stand in its way. You have a ‘special person’, the one for whom you’d move mountains…and with this inscrutable force, you’ll find the might to do so in you for their sake. If you act with a pure intent, for the sake of that beloved’s happiness, “impossible” becomes an empty word and “miracles” will make themselves apparent. Whether it be reaching impossible speeds to chase down the boy who can outpace the sound barrier as an ordinary girl, enduring mind-shattering pain to keep a smile on her face, or fighting with the ferocity to make your foes feel as if your beloved was standing right there beside you (with only the memory of their words in your mind to bring this inner strength)…Love conquers all.
  32. **Leader**
  34. I Wanna Breathe(100, free Leaders): The crown is a lonesome burden, isn’t it? You are the beating heart of your faction…but as anyone with a bit of biology knows, a heart never truly rests. However, it can slow it’s beat for times of peace and in turn, you can do similar. No matter how much responsibility you have over how large of an organization, your time management is such that you can always squeeze in an unforeseen thing, like an emergency, a personal matter, or even just a few hours to decompress. The most urgent things will become just urgent enough for you to need to snap back before the sun sets again, but not so much as to cut in to your decided action. There’s only so much daylight, though, and it’d look very foolish to ignore what’s needed of you for weeks on end.
  36. What You Need(200, discount Leaders): It’d be embarrassing if you directed your people without any idea of what you were actually deciding on…or if you had no idea what they were thinking and actually wanting. But of course, you didn’t get this far being a buffoon: You can read the atmosphere real well in your organization, and pick out points and parts where it needs improvement from an objective standpoint for it's goals. Of course, just because you can easily identify the decisions being made doesn’t make them easy. Sometimes you have to be able to give things up(or let people down) to make the big picture happen. In these cases, you have the mental strength to do what’s needed even when the price is personal and deep to you.
  38. A New Day(400, discount Leaders): An ally’s indecision and weakness is as lethal as an enemy’s strength and determination. Perhaps even more so. Your success hinges on everyone’s hearts beating as one, for a singular purpose. With a cause as scattered and shared among so many different people as toppling the might of the Eggman Empire, across the entire world…It’s easy to feel as if you’re herding the waves of the ocean. But you can’t give up regardless. You have an inner light that serves as a beacon for those who ally with you, fostering a camaraderie and solidarity that smooths out division and inefficiency in the name of your organization’s guiding goal: even the entirety a continent-wide resistance force could be mobilized within days underneath your steady hand, and quibbling over day to day decisions is not longer permissible or even a factor. A new day has to dawn, and that can only happen once all see the same sky.
  40. Raisin' Me Up(600, discount Leaders ): As much as you are vital for your people and their dreams, and an integral part of them…they’re a great part of you as well. You can’t do it alone, and while your leadership may give them strength, their skills raise you up. This give and take between you and those in your organization is now such that you can pick up and learn abilities from those in your organization with great ease, and in turn teach your own abilities to them…even if they'd normally not have the potential for it, though if it needs something physical(like a special organ or body modifications) that’ll be the only barrier to their lessons and your lessons towards them.
  42. **Engineer**
  44. Fire All Weapons!(100, free Engineers): Warfare is the mother of invention, as sad as it is to say sometimes. You’re not any different, but what you are is among the best. You can easily hypothesize, design, and construct a dizzying array of high tech weapons utilizing concepts such as sonic damage, superheated metal, ionized air and microwaves as effective and powerful weapons capable of being carried by bog standard fighters. You can even make custom jobs to fit the wielder’s personality and style, like a laser whip microphone for a singer or even the ring energy blades that the Acorn royal family use.
  46. Hi Spec Robo Go!(200, discount Engineers): The Robot. A humble yet vital workhorse of the new era. Though there’s a stigma on certain kinds of machines due to Eggman’s heavy use of the badniks, robots are a tool and like any other tool they’re for good or for evil. You can design and create simple, functional robots like those used by G.U.N or the Egg Pawns, machines that work well for their purpose(and can be flexible enough to do a few other things), their AI loyal…but not too bright. Even the smartest of them will be a bit of an idiot while still being sentient. Still, they’re your idiots and having small minds means there’s no room for doubt.
  48. Under Construction!(400, discount Engineers): Genius takes innovation, and innovation requires a touch of madness! You can push your tech past the upper edge of your normal capabilities, increasing it's chances of being utterly cutting edge…though also risking unexpected consequences and ‘glitches’ the further you push the envelope. No matter the glitches, though, the returns are phenomenal. This power could take the tech given by "Hi Spec Robo Go!” and allow you to craft advanced and refined machines like Omega and Metal Sonic...but as those two show, brilliance can come with unexpected progress both good and bad.
  50. Built to Rule!(600, discount Engineers): It’s time to roll up your sleeves. You’ve got the master plan, and it’s time to build big. You can work on a larger scale with all your tech(including that given by “Hi Spec Robo Go!” and “Fire All Weapons!”), and have both the architectural and engineering chops to make sure that all that glorious metal and machinery works without being overwrought. Not only that, but you can get these large projects done in a good amount of time, noticeable quicker than even a team of markedly intelligent people. Finally, if you didn’t know how to already, you know the basics of how to make vehicles capable of traversing the land, sailing the sea, and soaring the skies for all manner of purposes…from pure transportation to carnage and destruction.
  52. **Searcher**
  54. Feel the Sunshine(100, free Searchers): It’s hard to seek the answers of the world if you’re not even capable of looking at what’s around you with your own two eyes. You’re now more attentive to the world, being capable of living immersed in the moment as well as taking it in with full awareness of the senses. It’ll let you enjoy a sunset as easily as fully casing a crime scene.
  56. Back In Time(200, discounted Searchers): It’s strange. When you arrive at the scene, it feels as if the past comes to life just a little bit. Things that laid undiscovered become a bit more apparent, forgotten clues to a new discovery are dredged from a dusty corner, a witness to a long-forgotten crime has a sudden flashback, and cold cases just get a bit warmer when you’re around. Your nose for these windows of opportunity is sharp, and you can tell when the path to a new breakthrough, usually a clue or a hint of great interest to you, is near.
  58. I'm a Spy(400, discounted Searchers): If it was easy to find coveted information with just a search and asking a librarian nicely, it wouldn’t be coveted. No, there are times when the truth is trapped in the darkness…and only someone willing to bend the rules is going to let it see the light of day. You have a greater skill in infiltrating dangerous places(from guarded fortresses to booby-trapped temples) from across all periods of time, and your information gathering is top-notch. The truth is out there, and no matter who’s put these obstacles in your way, you’ll find a way through.
  60. For True Story(600, discounted Searchers): Elementary! The secrets of man, mobian, and machine alike are but trinkets to be won in the great game. Your mind is clear and your eyes keen, as you now have an abnormally high intuition and a mind built for cracking through subtlety and obfuscation. With skills like yours, you could piece together the evidence and culprit of a seemingly perfect crime as if putting together a child’s jigsaw puzzle, or decipher an ancient untranslated tablet with the ease of your daily crossword if you put your mind to it! Discerning the truth and purpose of the world and mysteries around you is truly the greatest riddle, but it’s certainly one someone with your genius has a chance of solving.
  62. **Personality**
  63. Sweet as Honey(100, free Personalities): Oh no, there’s two of you. I don’t think the world could handle such adorableness…You’re now very cute and charming, and if you like you can add in a bit of a wholesome kind of attractiveness to the whole kit and caboodle. People think you’re fun to be around, and if that wasn’t enough you’ve got the most wonderful talent of being able to come up with catchy jingles and slogans on the fly. Every day’s great at your~ Jumpchain’s!~
  65. Life is a Breeze(200, discounted Personalities): Magic, War, Politics…pfah. That’s not what the people want in their lives, though you admit it’d make a great movie…they want something to make them feel happy, and fulfilled. Enter you! Yes, from here on out you're extremely skilled and competent in a ‘soft’ industry catered to people used to peace and wanting a little more out of life, such as fashion, cooking, soft drinks, movies, games, tv, home appliances…well, you can probably guess what else fits in from these examples right? In any case, you could make money off of this industry as easy as a breeze, and if you’re really in need of a challenge you could push yourself and become a household name in your chosen industry. You can buy this as many times as you like for various industry skills.
  67. As you Truly Imagined It(400, discounted Personalities): Ah, expectations are a fickle thing, aren’t they?. You can work hard to build up something's reputation, but if it flops…it’s harder to build that trust. At least…for people who aren’t you.~ Now, you’re the marketer of legend: You could take something from unknown to world-famous and keep them there more or less indefinitely as long as you do small gestures to maintain it. More importantly, people actively won’t mind if things won’t live up to your hype as long as the end product they’re getting fulfills it’s purpose: There is no such thing as overhyping! Of course, you also get the kind of knowhow to manage and keep a worldwide brand without delegating too much. Which is a feat, especially as it's pretty clear to everyone that your brand is not diluted at all, it is completely your vision and as if you attended to every detail personally.
  69. Everyone's a Winner!(600, discounted Personalities):: You don't get on top with just a disarming charm and looking good in a suit. You've got a mind like a steel trap and you know how to pull the strings even without 'real' authority...and if you play your cards right, you can even outshine them and make them kowtow to you! You're very cunning and can work with almost any situation to turn it into a profit for you in SOME fashion, even incidentally. By making words and hearts dance in the palm of your hand, you could play warlords and royals for chumps, turn the fate of the world into an outrageous publicity stunt, turn a war into a license to print money by benefitting both sides, and to the consternation of many come out smelling like roses on top of all of it. You're good at making everyone feel like a winner, and making sure they're all wrong.
  71. **Outlaw**
  73. Here We Go!(100, Free Outlaw): The most important thing in a fight is to get out of it with as many pieces of yourself attached as you had when you entered it. Sometimes that means winning and bringing the other guy down…but sometimes, you gotta eat humble pie and just break for it. As long as you’re willing to throw away victory, dignity, and possibly even sacrifice things, limbs and people dear to you just to save your own hide…you can get a great chance of . Can’t guarantee wherever you’ll end up will be safe, or that they won’t try and catch up to you, but at least you can swallow whatever pride you have again if trouble comes knocking.
  75. Catch Me If You Can(200, discounted Outlaw): The cowboy rides away into the sunset!...Probably because he’s got someone’s life savings in his bag! You’ve honed your technique of running away, and turned it into an art you could proudly pass down to your children. You’re amazing at evading the consequences of your crimes and sins, be it the long arm of the law, angry spouses, or debt collectors looking to cash your bad checks at the blood bank if you catch my drift. If it really came down to it, you could skip town from a place you’ve lived in for decades within the night, leaving barely a trace.
  77. Trespasser(400, discounted Outlaw): You’ve got to make a buck somehow, right?...What, get a job? None of that! Crime DOES pay, and here’s why: You’re one of the best when it comes to taking people’s stuff! You’ve got a great talent for casing a joint, eyeing what needs to be taken care of to get to its juicy center, then cracking the place open in a massive expert heist! It might not be the cleanest or classiest one, you’re no phantom thief, but you can still make a fine name for yourself as a robber for the history books.
  79. Fly in the Freedom(600, discounted Outlaw): Luck is a lady to you, and boy is she kind. You could walk out of a casino with twice what you walked in with on a good night, and on a bad night you just break even. But if that was all I wouldn’t really be talking about it like this…You see, money and windfalls just seem to come to you. Not freely, mind you. But the kinds of crazy leads and opportunities to find places filled with treasure and artifacts of great significance seem to just…come your way. If you’re clever enough to use them, you could even come out of a horribly failed disaster of an expedition a rich man. Though you’ll probably have some people very angry or very dead in the process…
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