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  1. letterhead
  2. 10/17/19
  5. Dear DASD Families,
  7. I am writing to report a turn of events related to the attack on the DASD Naviance system. As the investigation continues, additional information has come to light.
  9. Through illicit means, the perpetrators obtained teacher-level access to DASD accounts. Using unethical coding methods, they were able to exploit our systems and extract student profile information for the entirety of DASD’s student population. We believe they collected student IDs, student directory information, gender, ethnicity, GPA and SAT scores, and household and non-household relationship information.
  11. No information was altered or manipulated in any way. There are no social security numbers for students or parents in any of our systems. No credit card information is stored in these systems and no credit card information was compromised. The perpetrators claim the information was collected to obtain student addresses to gain a competitive advantage for the senior water games, a game students play outside of the school district.
  13. These actions are reprehensible and we are taking this attack very seriously. This is a crime against our district and, more importantly, a crime against you, our DASD student and parent community.
  15. The consequences for these young individuals is likely to be severe. Cyber hacking is a federal crime and we are working with the proper authorities to determine the appropriate discipline and legal ramifications. Due to student privacy laws, we are not able to disclose more information but we can assure you that we are working within the full extent of the student code of conduct and the full extent of the law.
  17. Student access to Naviance has been restored and counselors have access to temporary student passwords. Out of an abundance of caution, all employees will be required to change their DASD master credentials.
  19. We understand that this information is deeply disturbing. Our highest priority is our students - their safety, their education and supporting their needs. We take the responsibility to gather and store your information seriously. Modifications have and will continue to be made to our internal practices and the district plans to conduct internal training beyond the normal, ongoing trainings.
  21. This investigation will continue and we will provide any pertinent updates as they become available. As always, thank you for your support in helping our district continue to be a safe and secure learning environment for our children. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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