White Victims of Black Crime - 0008 - Stacy Knappenberger

Aug 8th, 2018
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  1. 0008
  2. ----------------
  4. July 30, 1980
  6. Victim(s): Stacy Knappenberger 15
  8. Location: Oxnard,CA
  10. Attacker(s): Thomas Young
  12. Description: Young entered Stacy's home through a back door, before chasing her into the master bedroom and punching her in the face. He beat her, before raping her, then stabbing her to death with a broken glass ashtray. Stacy’s body was found with more than 50 injuries, including bite marks, stab wounds, broken ribs, and bruises all over her body. Young’s identity as the murderer remained unknown for the next 30 years, until DNA he left at the crime scene was matched to a DNA sample taken from him by law enforcement in 2008, when he was arrested for molesting his 16-year-old granddaughter in Illinois. Young was subsequently located in Alabama by the Ventura County Cold Case Task Force and arrested for the murder on September 6, 2012. He was then extradited to Ventura, where a jury subsequently found him guilty of the murder in the commission of rape on February 26, 2015.
  14. Link(s):
  15. Arrested & Charged.
  16. More info.
  17. Sentenced to life in prison.
  18. Daily Stormer article about the sentencing.
  19. Video of news report about Young’s arrest.
  20. Story about “Investigation Discovery” doing a show about Stacy’s murder and Young’s arrest more than 30 years later. Contains additional details about the case. Young’s lawyer claimed that the sex was consensual.
  21. ----------------
  23. Story about Stacy’s cold case & several others, including a burglar who was busted 17 years after his crimes (which included murdering a teenager), because he defecated in the victim’s laundry hamper. It includes a picture of Stacy taken a month before she was murdered.
  25. Knappenberger surname info
  26. Knappenberger surname info house of names.
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