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pso2 speedrun theories

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  1. so in a theoretical world, if you got a build of the game right now and could host it privately with all previous content available at any time with all things available (including old content that is no longer in the game) but with everything else, you'd have a multitude of categories to tackle.
  3. the most simple being all quests. assuming you start with a base account, and aim to play through and grind, there would be a lot of RNG involved still. levelling could take 50-100 hours, possibly. but gaining enough gear from random drops would be heavily luck dependent. as the game isnt completed right now, there's no 'optimal max build' for each class that you could start on as the game still has things to develop. but if you did say, current best gear now all quests on their highest difficulty solo you'd hit around...30? hours of content.
  5. The most extreme example is 100% items, i.e obtain everything in the game. this isnt possible as many things have been removed or their tradein materials no longer exist. but if you could have every item as a possible reward/drop at SEGA's current rates, obtaining 100% items(including achievement items) in the game would easily take 100000+ hours due to drop rate base for some things being as low as 1/150000. Its really a non quantifiable amount even to theorize because of high dependence on RNG.
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