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What I thought of your fanfiction, Dear StudioDixel.

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Apr 7th, 2019
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  1. Alright, first of all I would like to say that the idea of a Doukutsu monotogari prequel is something I sorta despise.
  2. I always hear the idea of a prequel instead of a sequel but the biggest problem with that is that if Pixel decide to actually make it a thing then it fucked the imagination of the community and the people in general but if the community make it then they couldn't go into making it canon because someone is gonna shit about this or that and all and I would like to use a little example that I like to bring up an example of story telling that (can) go wrong if you go in depth.
  3. The clone wars, the first time we hear this name is by Luke asking to obi wan if he fought it in a tone that make the viewer think that it's a story/war knowed by everyone, a war that touched and severely changed the face of politics and life in general.
  4. George lucas let the name clone wars to be speculation for the viewer, what if the clone wars was a time where it was litteral clone that decided to rebel against a shitty system that use them and treat them like shits, was there clones that were jedis, are jedis clones, are the sith clones of jedi etc...
  6. I won't go in depth because trust me, it would be a long ride but basically
  7. everyone of the version of it, always had a problems with the movies or just didn't blend well.
  8. Then again I'm fine with changing things but clone wars was such a clusterfuck.
  9. ANYWAY---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Back to the subject, I was talking about...OH YEAH, um how to make a good fanfiction ?
  11. Oh wait I found my papers back, "but what it will (and/or should) be like later"
  12. Do
  13. what
  14. you
  15. want.
  16. It's your story, you are not writing to a big company that sell t-shirt, comic books, video games and all that good stuff.(thank god)
  17. If you want Quote to have an origin, heck an arc about him and his origins or whatever, do that!
  18. If you want to go in depth to the relation of Quote and Curly then do that!
  19. A prequel is not something made just to in depth a subject, it's a story on it's own.
  20. Well anyway a part from that, I dunno.
  21. You could make new characters, introduce some humans here in there.
  22. Maybe talk about politics and relation ship and all, I dunno.
  23. Oh there's something that I would suggest, do some - meanwhile -, like seeing what the baddies are doing or something, that would help.
  24. And uh well I'm kind of out of ideas, not that I were full of them anyways.
  25. All I'll say is goodluck with that.
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