Murder Mystery in a Timely Manor - Session 13

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  1. [14:12:45] <~sophos> Thunder rolls through the hedges. Moonlight shines between the black clouds, and glitters across the ground. The party continues in the maze.
  2. [14:16:22] Mistress_D nudges Stellar_Ascent with a hoof to see if he is still breathing
  3. [14:21:46] Stellar_Ascent shakes his head and nods, grinning a bit when the Mistress nudges him
  4. [14:22:53] Mistress_D nods and looks around
  5. [14:23:06] <Mistress_D> "I think it's about time we got out of this maze."
  6. [14:26:57] Mistress_D would start making her way to a path she hasn't trotted yet
  7. [14:33:39] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace follows along behind Mistress_D. "Umm... So... Guys... Before the, uh, glass gargoyles came out to play, I saw somepone's silhouette in one of the tower's windows."
  8. [14:35:33] Mistress_D gumbles something "Well yes, though we knew we were being watched." looks to Ace_Moonlight "Which tower?"
  9. [14:37:31] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace looks at Mistress_D stupidly. He points a hoof to the tallest point of the manor. "The only tower..." he says, trailing off as he sees another gargoyle. He narrows his eyes and cautiously inspects the statue.
  10. [14:39:52] <~sophos> The statue is a gargoyle with an avian head. Its beak is partially open.
  11. [14:41:21] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace jumps up and down in an attempt to see inside the statue's maw.
  12. [14:41:29] <Stellar_Ascent> "Yeah... getting out seems fine." He responds, still trying to get the dizzyness off of him.
  13. [14:42:07] Stellar_Ascent stops and looks at the statue with dismay. "Not another..."
  14. [14:43:30] <~sophos> The statue has a maker's mark on its tongue identical to that of the dragon's.
  15. [14:48:07] <~sophos> Bandolier follows after the Ponies and looks North.
  16. [14:48:17] <~sophos> The Northern border of the maze is an iron gate overlooking a sheer drop to the sea. Waves beat silently against sharp spires below, but wash around the bottom edge of the magical shield.
  17. [14:54:11] Mistress_D looks back to Ace_Moonlight "Need another lantern?"
  18. [14:55:24] <Ace_Moonlight> "By light of the feast, or by song of the drink...." Ace mutters, barely audible. "Maybe... But, the last one took a lantern, maybe this one's something to do with water."
  19. [14:56:48] <Mistress_D> "Well the fountain is the only water source....besides the rain clouds that can have water."
  20. [14:57:00] <Ace_Moonlight> As he finishes his thought, he rummages through his bags and retrieves his canteen. Offering it to Stellar_Ascent, the colt asks, "Wanna try and pour some of this in its mouth?"
  21. [14:58:49] <Stellar_Ascent> "What do you want to accomplish with that?" He asks Ace, wondering what his impetus was
  22. [15:00:01] <Ace_Moonlight> "I don't know. This place is one big puzzle. The hint was about fire and water. The last one took a lantern, maybe this one needs liquid..."
  23. [15:05:45] <Stellar_Ascent> "Well... okay..." He responds, taking the canteen in his hooves and pouring some into the statue's beak. "Please don't kill me."
  24. [15:12:58] <~sophos> The water disappears down the gargoyles' beak. Muffled gears and grinding stone can be heard as its beak closes. Its eyes glow blue.
  25. [15:14:56] <Ace_Moonlight> "See." Ace says before sticking his tongue out at Stellar_Ascent.
  26. [15:15:37] Bandolier feels like he should mention something about just flying up but was far more entertained by the little guy climbing instead.
  27. [15:17:14] <Bandolier> "So I'm guessing there was more of that," he said as he gestured to the mechanism.
  28. [15:18:37] <Ace_Moonlight> "Last one we put a lantern in and then the things showed up, so, keep an eye out.
  29. [15:18:39] <Ace_Moonlight> "
  30. [15:18:58] <Mistress_D> "Well it did something, so lets see what it did"
  31. [15:20:17] <Ace_Moonlight> "May I have my canteen back, Stellar?" Ace asks.
  32. [15:22:05] Stellar_Ascent just shrugs at Ace, taking the teasing lightly.
  33. [15:22:51] <Stellar_Ascent> "Äääh sure." He responds, gently reaching out his hoof to give the canteen back to Ace.
  34. [15:32:20] Mistress_D continues down the path
  35. [15:34:47] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace takes the canteen back and places it in his bags. "Thanks," he says with a smile. Noticing Mistress_D wandering away, Ace hurries after her.
  36. [15:35:27] Mistress_D sucks her teeth as she see's another one
  37. [15:36:36] Bandolier saunters after Mistress and Ace, his twitching ears betraying his otherwise casual appearance and scanning for unusual sounds.
  38. [15:36:38] <~sophos> Along the gate to the West wall and around a turn, Mistress_D finds another gargoyle. This one has a feline head, and another lantern hangs from its large teeth.
  39. [15:38:14] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace catches up with Mistress_D and follows her gaze. He cocks his head and narrows his eyes at the statue. He approaches the gargoyle and looks it over.
  40. [15:39:04] <Mistress_D> "I assume there's another empty mouthed one further in the maze."
  41. [15:45:02] Bandolier hovers up to the gargoyle and examines the statue more closely.
  42. [15:45:30] <Bandolier> "So I guess this is similar to that other gargoyle you mentioned?"
  43. [15:46:42] <~sophos> The gargoyle's lantern has an emblem of a gem on its underside.
  44. [15:46:44] <Mistress_D> "There's been a few so far.."
  45. [15:47:33] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace offers up his lighter to the griffon.
  46. [15:47:43] <Mistress_D> "Any way ready yourself." walks over to gargoyle and attempts to take the lantern out of it's mouth
  47. [15:51:11] Bandolier hovers back a bit to let Mistress get at the lantern. He gestures with a claw for Ace to hold on to the lighter. Mistress should have it shortly anyhow.
  48. [15:54:33] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace shrugs and sits down.
  49. [15:56:05] <~sophos> Nothing stops Mistress_D from getting the lantern.
  50. [15:56:22] Mistress_D takes
  51. [15:57:02] Mistress_D looks back to the party "Alright lets go back." heads out and looks for places she didn't drop chips
  52. [16:00:22] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace continues to follow the pegasus.
  53. [16:00:32] <Bandolier> "Anything specific to keep an eye out for?"
  54. [16:00:56] <Mistress_D> "Anything that's not us."
  55. [16:01:39] Bandolier continues the search as well and notes to split paths if needed.
  56. [16:01:44] <Ace_Moonlight> "'By light of the feast, or by song of the drink.' That's the hint this puzzle gave us. I've lit one lantern, and gave the other some water. I dunno from here, tho." Ace replies.
  57. [16:05:13] Bandolier finds himself back at the gargoyle he left moments ago and decides to examine the statue more closely. Maybe there's a clue that we missed?
  58. [16:11:50] <~sophos> Mistress_D, follows her chips back to entrance. She ventures down a winding path through the hedges and comes upon another gargoyle.
  59. [16:12:50] Stellar_Ascent is utterly lost with these puzzles and decides to just follow the smart ones.
  60. [16:13:09] Bandolier pecks at the statue to find out, yes, it is indeed made of minerals. What a fantastic discovery! Maybe this can be sold itself sometime if he comes through with help to carry it!
  61. [16:15:28] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace looks around and notices Bandolier isn't following him anymore. He glances at Stellar and Mistress, shrugs and leaves them to their own devices. He ventures back through the maze to where he had last seen the griffon.
  62. [16:15:51] Mistress_D arrives at the statue and back pedals a bit upon looking at it.."What in the world?"
  63. [16:16:44] <Ace_Moonlight> As Ace turns the corner he looks at Bandolier questioningly. "What in Tartarus are you doing?" the colt asks.
  64. [16:17:38] <Bandolier> "Well, right now I'm thinkin I might be able to find a buyer for something like this gargoyle somewhere. Ya know, it's made of rock!"
  65. [16:18:11] Bandolier appears to be genuinely trying to appraise the statue beyond "stone."
  66. [16:23:16] <Ace_Moonlight> "Uh... Yea, I'm sure it is...." The colt has a concerned look on his face. "Are you high?" he asks, the irony of the question lost on the colt.
  67. [16:23:21] Mistress_D tilts her head looking at the gargoyle "An owl? old one'
  68. [16:25:27] <Mistress_D> "Unfortunatly my knowledge of owls is lacking.....but...hmmm" looks to Ace_Moonlight "Hey Ace, this statue is an owl. and its lantern is not lit."
  69. [16:26:50] Mistress_D blinks as she looks around noticing the colt was not there "Well shit, where did he go?"
  70. [16:26:51] <Bandolier> "Ace, I'm always high on opportunity!" Bandolier puffed his chest with pride, emphasizing his point. "You'd be amazed what 'treasure' can be to people."
  71. [16:27:25] Mistress_D sighs looking back at the owl
  72. [16:27:44] <Ace_Moonlight> "Mmmmmmk...... Well, did you find out anything interesting about it?" Ace asks, looking the statue over as well.
  73. [16:27:57] Mistress_D taking the unlit latern out of it's mouth.
  74. [16:29:35] <Ace_Moonlight> "Well, it is indeed stone." Ace says, tapping it with a hoof. "Not even a very rare type, to be honest. You'd think if this lady was as rich as she pretends, her statues would be something more interesting."
  75. [16:30:35] <Bandolier> "I'm tellin you lil' pony. If you can talk it up, someone with caps will buy it.
  76. [16:32:58] <~sophos> Mistress_D finds the lantern exceptionally heavy.
  77. [16:33:27] Mistress_D grunts as she struggles to hold up the Lantern " this thing made of."
  78. [16:33:36] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace puts on his best salespony voice, "For as little as 800 caps this rare, one of a kind, statue carved from a mineral formed over millenia then painstakingly hoof-carved by the finest artisans of the period..."
  79. [16:34:29] <Ace_Moonlight> The colt chuckles at his own joke and begins to wander away. "We better make sure the other two aren't going to get themselves killed."
  80. [16:34:33] Stellar_Ascent beings laughing at Ace's over the top immitation.
  81. [16:35:31] Mistress_D lays the lantern down with a thump as it strikes the ground "Guh..." shakes her hoof
  82. [16:39:27] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace makes it a few more steps before looking back to see if Bandolier is following.
  83. [16:46:04] Mistress_D lifts up the lit lantern about to put it inside the mouth of the owl before notices the gem emblem on the bottom on it. "Huh."
  84. [16:47:06] Mistress_D turns around to look for the colt and the griffon "Ace,...Bandolier?"
  85. [16:53:44] Bandolier mumbles a bit to himself as he follows after Ace. Lil' guy could make a great salespony if he tried.
  86. [16:55:30] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace wanders back through the maze to where he last saw Mistress_D and Stellar_Ascent, occasionally glancing back to make sure Bandolier is still behind him.
  87. [16:56:27] Stellar_Ascent sticks with Mistress D, since she, as always, seemed to have figured everything out.
  88. [16:57:08] Mistress_D stares to Ace_Moonlight "Ah Ace." walks to meet him half way holding up the lantern "This lantern has a gem on it. didn't we pass a dragon statue on the way here?"
  89. [16:57:57] <Ace_Moonlight> "Yea, we put that other lantern in the dragon's mouth, remember?" Ace replies.
  90. [16:58:58] <Mistress_D> "Yes, but was there anything on that lantern?"
  91. [17:02:05] <Ace_Moonlight> "How could I miss that...." Ace says to himself. "FOLLOW ME!" he shouts, turning and running for the dragon statue.
  92. [17:02:32] Mistress_D eyes almost glow behind her mask as she follows
  93. [17:03:01] <Stellar_Ascent> 1 thought, 2 minds. Mistress basically said everything that had come into his mind just a second ago, so he kept quiet, simply nodded.
  94. [17:03:19] <Stellar_Ascent> "Hopefully, it is the last step." He says to himself, hastilyf ollowing the Mistress.
  95. [17:04:14] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace skids to a stop in front of the dragon statue. He glares at it. "You bastard. I got you figured out now!" he says, kicking dirt at the statue.
  96. [17:04:22] <Bandolier> "Oh, it look like someone figured something out!" Bandolier exclaimed as he flew cheerfully after the bunch.
  97. [17:08:42] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace hops up and down in an attempt to dislodge the lantern from the dragon's mouth.
  98. [17:10:14] Bandolier moves to lift Ace up this time.
  99. [17:10:57] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace crouches down and leaps with all his might. He swings a hoof and catches the base of the lantern with just enough force to send it swinging back and forth, until it falls to the ground. "HA!"
  100. [17:11:11] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace sticks his tongue out at the statue once more.
  101. [17:11:38] <Ace_Moonlight> "You have the other lantern?" Ace asks Mistress_D.
  102. [17:11:57] Mistress_D nods and passes it over to Ace_Moonlight
  103. [17:12:59] <Bandolier> "Don't worry bunny boy, one day you'll be big enough to do it without the silly hopping!"
  104. [17:13:20] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace makes a mocking face at Bandolier.
  105. [17:13:23] Bandolier brightly chuckled at his own good natured teasing.
  106. [17:13:57] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace produces his lighter from his bags, puts the flame to the gem inside the lantern. He crouches down as if to jump for the statue's mouth once more, but instead stands and offers the lantern to Bandolier. "Please?" he asks the griffon.
  107. [17:16:32] Bandolier graciously receives the lantern hovers up somehow ceremoniously to place the lantern back into the maw of the gargoyle.
  108. [17:17:41] <Bandolier> "I knew wings would pay off one day!" Bandolier cheered.
  109. [17:18:54] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace opens his mouth as if to say something, but closes it, having changed his mind.
  110. [17:20:11] <~sophos> The Dragon's jaw slacks with the weight of the lantern and familiar, mechanical noises permeate the air. The Dragon's eyes glow red.
  111. [17:23:36] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace does a little dance and squees before remembering everyone can see him. He quickly stops and clears his throat. "I knew that would work," he says, his face turning mildly red.
  112. [17:24:39] Bandolier 's fur bristled in anticipation. Everything up until this point was relatively boring. This looked to be the start of something a touch more his speed. One claw rested on his bandolier, prepared to fight or flee as necessary.
  113. [17:25:03] <~sophos> The time is: 21:57
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