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Feb 21st, 2015
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  1. Log from #tgg:nsfw following the closing of #thegeekgroup on 2/18/2015
  2. Sorry, I don't have timestamps.
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  6. <LemMinG> wtf?
  7. * Max_Marz ( has joined
  8. <Max_Marz> so annnyways
  9. <LemMinG> what the hell is going on?
  10. * Jessica_T|2 is now known as Jessica_T
  11. <Max_Marz> Captain needs his weekly dose
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  14. <Nick1296|E6540> Can someone explain the ban from #tgg?
  15. <Nick1296|E6540> I had problems after having to power cycle the router
  16. <Max_Marz> Chris is telling people to push buttons
  17. <Nick1296|E6540> I don't think I did anything wrong
  18. <MoxieMike> i think chris is upset that the fundraiser wasn't making progress
  19. <Max_Marz>
  20. <Max_Marz> No one did, everyone is banned
  21. <Max_Marz> hurry up and wait
  22. <Nick1296|E6540> Oh, okay. I was making sure
  23. <cheese> or never donate a single fucking penny to tgg ever again. this is childish bullshit and taking away our ability to communicate because you didn't raise the money for something clearly nobody wants to pay for is just fucking stupid
  24. <MoxieMike> chanserv said the channel was closed
  25. <Max_Marz> Looks like chris is discovering we cant always be his personal army
  26. <Nick1296|E6540> It is. He needs to grow up about not getting donations
  27. <MoxieMike> a safesaw is a very nice thing to have
  28. <Max_Marz> I fucking hate it when he ORDERS the irc to do shit
  29. <Jessica_T> It's a nice thing to have, yeah
  30. <Jessica_T> But some of us are broke. >.>
  31. <NightWolfx03> I'll be back x_x
  32. <Nick1296|E6540> Still, not worth BANNING PEOPLE from the IRC for it
  33. <LemMinG> jkl, MattressKitten, Oblit_not_here, Obliter_busy, tlockley, care to comment?
  34. <MoxieMike> i've got my share of bills to take care of
  35. <Max_Marz> I also find it appaling when he says shit in the blogs like "Oh that we can just have the IRC do, it will be a fun easy fundraiser"
  36. <Max_Marz> dont see where he gets off claiming shit like that
  37. <Max_Marz> im gonna sit back with some popcorn now
  38. <MadManMarkAu> ^
  39. <MadManMarkAu> My advice, is just chill
  40. <MattressKitten> ^^
  41. <jkl> heey guys? how about y'all just calm the fuck down
  42. <Nick1296|E6540> I better check for popcorn then ;)
  43. <Max_Marz> I said what I wanna say
  44. <LemMinG> jkl, I'm not sure we're the people who need to hear that.
  45. <Nick1296|E6540> Is this normal mattressKitten?
  46. <kb3pxr|tab> Can we have some insight at what is upsetting the captain so rumors aren't flying?
  47. <Max_Marz> Just dont specculate at all
  48. <Nick1296|E6540> For him to go full manchild when he doesn't get his way?
  49. <Max_Marz> we all know what happens when we go down that road
  50. <MattressKitten> calm down first off.
  51. <Max_Marz> moose gets angry, starts throwing hammers and then no one is happy
  52. <MattressKitten> second off, when there are things to be said, they will be said, and you will hear those things then.
  53. <Nick1296|E6540> I was just asking. I'm not mad but I am furious I come back to a ban from a router powercycle
  54. <Nick1296|E6540> Over a fundraiser
  55. <kb3pxr|tab> Nick1296|E6540 we aren't sure that is the reason
  56. <Max_Marz> I have kept my mouth shut, this is just the first chance to make peace with my thoughts, I did, people know how I feel now, and thats all that matters to me.
  57. * Captain ( has joined
  58. <kb3pxr|tab> ^
  59. * tysk (~tysk@192.168.yuk.xh) has joined
  60. <Nick1296|E6540> Ask Sudos about it. He knows I speak my mind
  61. <Max_Marz> HVL pad electric fence, mirite guise?
  62. <Nick1296|E6540> And I'm not afraid of my opinions
  63. <kb3pxr|tab> guys, watch it, Captain and moose joined
  64. <MattressKitten> as i said, ladies and gentlemen, when there are things to be said, you will hear them.
  65. <Max_Marz> Shipping container dorm rooms on top of a green house on top of TGG's roof?
  66. <tysk> I don'T want them to watch it, I want them to continue expressing their honest opinion.
  67. <Captain> Wow, that's a blast from the past.
  68. <Captain> That was Ionia Street.
  69. * Jessica_T hides
  70. <Captain> Hi there Max_Marz
  71. <Captain> I understand you're upset with me and have some issues you'd like to discuss?
  72. <Jessica_T> Ustream says off air
  73. * Broccoli ( has joined
  74. <cheese> honestly, I fear that you guys will shut down the whole network and I don't have another way to contact the majority of my friends that I have made here
  75. <LemMinG> Captain, it'd be nice to know why we all just got booted from #thegeekgroup?
  76. <Max_Marz> I only have an opinion to voice, it is not a concern
  77. * kb3pxr|tab is looking for official news and information
  78. <Nick1296|E6540> For me, it's about GETTING BANNED from IRC over a fundraiser from what I hear
  79. <Yrouel> cheese FYI the backup channel has been the sparkyproject one on freenode
  80. <tysk> Nobody has been banned.
  81. <Captain> Because the IRC has been devolving into shit lately and failing to serve all three of its primary purposes.
  82. <Yrouel> tysk actually everyone has
  83. <Max_Marz> Just that the IRC cant always be your personal army, and that is based on pure speculation that others have come up with based partly in light of what just happened, thats all im going to say.
  84. <MoxieMike> the channel was closed
  85. <Captain> Nick, you're here, you're talking, you're not banned, chill the fuck out.
  86. <MadManMarkAu> ^
  87. <tysk> The channel has been closed, but no person has actually been banned. We don't channel-ban for individual punishment.
  88. <Max_Marz> I have no idea what is going on, let it be known
  89. <Captain> This is what's up.
  90. <Captain> Pay attention, and chill the fuck out or I'll start slinging assholes.
  91. <Captain> The IRC exists for 3 reasons.
  92. <Max_Marz> im not even tripping lol
  93. <Jessica_T> Chocolate ones? They sell those. :P
  94. <Captain> 1. To provide a peer group for our membership.
  95. <Captain> 2. To be a collective hivemind think tank to solve problems and support our membership.
  96. * JeriTyler ( has joined
  97. <Captain> 3. To build engagement and transparency between our members and corporate operations.
  98. <Captain> That is why this is here.
  99. * sly_laptop has quit ()
  100. <Max_Marz> sooo it has nothing to do with fund raising directly.
  101. <cheese> parts 1 and 2 are demonstrated daily. I've gotten advice on my projects from numerous people that I don't know
  102. <Captain> Of course not, that's a symptom, not the problem.
  103. <Max_Marz> Glad to hear it
  104. <Jessica_T> I can alowas come on here to talk about problems and get a digital hug
  105. <Max_Marz> So whats the problem?
  106. <Max_Marz> are we failing to play nice or something?
  107. * kb3pxr|tab wants an official answer, but has an idea of the issue
  108. <Captain> The problem is that we're not doing the job, people don't take it seriously, and it's turning into the Aussie50 and Doogie party and neither of those people work here. They both of their own fanbase, and if they want a massive online community, they can go and create their own. We're here to serve the members and solve our own problems.
  109. <Max_Marz> ooookaythen
  110. <Captain> The problem is that when I come here with a member and try to get hep on one of their projects, or get IRC people involved in a major local project, I get retards and morons fliging shit like a monkey cage.
  111. <Captain> And that is not acceptable.
  112. <Captain> The problem is, we have spies in here from GRM and are having major security issues because of it.
  113. <Captain> The problem
  114. <Captain> Quite simply
  115. <Max_Marz> So just start kicking people with the message "Take your overwhelming discussion to PM"
  116. <Captain> Is that the IRC is more of a pain in the ass than it's worth.
  117. <tysk> It has become a lack of actual help and smartassery abounds.
  118. <Captain> So
  119. <kb3pxr|tab> Moose just said what I was thinking
  120. <Captain> Tonight, I pulled the plug for a moment, to give people some motherfucking perspective.
  121. <Captain> There are a LARGE number of awesome people in here.
  122. <LemMinG> I'm not sure I agree that is the most productive way to do it.
  123. <Captain> PEople who are loyal
  124. <Captain> People whome I respect
  125. <Max_Marz> Its an internet chatroom, Its always going to devolve to that
  126. <cheese> its a chatroom with over 150 people in it
  127. <Max_Marz> this is why there are moderators
  128. * kb3pxr|tab raises hand with a suggestion and waits paitently to be called on
  129. <Captain> I agree, and moderation is going to be improved drasticly....draconianly.
  130. <Max_Marz> if there is an overwhelming discussion that is keeping you or any of the other important people from taking care of buisness well put a stop to it
  131. <Captain> Because I will not tolerate the bullshit.
  132. <tysk> Max_Marz: People have been blatantly ignoring it, sometimes it takes a lot to get your (collective) attention.
  133. <Yrouel> Captain tysk about asking help for a member or a project that can also depend on timing, irc is very fluid and varies from minute to minute, if you happen to ask at time x maybe is quiet when 5 or 10 minutes before people was discussing about something
  134. <Yrouel> so there are intrinsic limitations sort of of the medium
  135. <Max_Marz> so when I make inside jokes like HVL electric fences thats basically going to get me banned now
  136. <Max_Marz> good to know...
  137. <tysk> Max_Marz: Stop with the hyperbole or I will actually ban you.
  138. <cheese> The problem with shutting down the IRC to make your point is that the majority of people stay in there 24/7 and aren't nessicarily going to know wtf just happened. hell, only 35 of us can even see what you're saying right now.
  139. <Captain> While I understand the limitations of the medium, I'm going to expect a higher degree of cooperation in there, and command a higher level of respect.
  140. <tysk> There is a large difference between being able to joke and moving a discussion into nothing but.
  141. <Captain> Cheese, the internet has a long memory. People will read this.
  142. <Yrouel> well someone save the log for that
  143. <kb3pxr|tab> Yrouel remember the rules on that
  144. <Max_Marz> im not, im just trying to understand how exactly this is going to affect my interactions with my friends on the irc, and what I can do to avoid being part of the problem
  145. <Yrouel> kb3pxr|tab ? I don't log if you where referring to that
  146. <Yrouel> never have on irc hate logs
  147. <tysk> kb3pxr|tab: What is your question?
  148. <kb3pxr|tab> My suggestion is maybe a bullshit channel.
  149. <MoxieMike> i have a question
  150. <tysk> Bullshitting from time to time is perfectly acceptable. It's when to be able to collectively stop doing that and focus on things that are more productive.
  151. <tysk> MoxieMike: What is your question?
  152. <LemMinG> I would actually rate the bullshit level in #thegeekgroup relatively low
  153. * Liny ( has joined
  154. <tysk> It varies wildly but lately whenever we're trying to be productive in there, it's pretty high.
  155. <LemMinG> some of the other channels I am in on other networks are much more uncontrolled and just jungle like
  156. <cheese> so is the problem here that the IRC is assisting more members away from GR than it in gr? because i know several of us benefit from being able to chat with oneanother and we don't live close to GR at all
  157. <MoxieMike> in the blogs, Chris is very diplomatic when discussing GRM, i.e. "check out both places, and pick the one that's right for you.." I'm curious as to why in here we're being told that there are spies from GRM...what kind of espionage are they performing here?
  158. <Max_Marz> Yeah quite honestly I think this escalated rather quickly, I haven't really seen any examples of this problem yet
  159. * Aussie50 ( has joined
  160. <tysk> cheese: It does not matter where people are, that is the beauty of IRC.
  161. <Aussie50> the fuck is this about
  162. <Jessica_T> And I'm still not sure a competing space that still uses stock photos on their website is THAT much of a spy issue. I mean, it almost seems like Get Smart, or Austin Powers
  163. <cheese> well I personally haven't had any issue getting assistance from the IRC when there are people around that have the skills to assist me
  164. <MoxieMike> I personally don't pay much attention to the IRC, i'm always logged on and glance at it from time to time
  165. <Aussie50> I am trying to get work done and I get bombed by people saying the IRC has been killed
  166. <tysk> MoxieMike: Unfortunately sometimes things happen behind the scences.
  167. <Max_Marz> Hahaha we just went full circle wow.
  168. <Captain> It's back ;)
  169. <cheese> you can have it
  170. <Talos> wow, cheese, you're mighty cocky tonight
  171. <tysk> cheese: I'm glad you haven't had any issues lately, but we have.
  172. <cheese> tysk, you and chris or local members?
  173. <Aussie50> so taking it out on the IRC is fine?
  174. <Aussie50> its bad enough that the LS becomes unwatchable
  175. <tysk> The LS is unwatchable?
  176. <Aussie50> nothing but fundraiser, getting shut down when shit does not go right
  177. <Captain> This actually had nothing to do with the fundraiser.
  178. <tysk> Frequently shows stop because people are blatantly ignoring it, the fact that nothing happens in the fundraiser is just a small part of .. nothing happening.
  179. <Aussie50> I am talking over 6 months, this is just the high water mark
  180. * Aussie50 ( has left (Leaving)
  181. <Captain> Aussie50, if you're unhappy with my conduct, the door is right over there.
  182. * sly_laptop ( has joined
  183. <Captain> Oh, well, that was easy.
  184. * tysk actually laughed out loud.
  185. * Yrouel has quit (Quit: Dio e' l'unico essere che, per regnare, non ha nemmeno bisogno di esistere (C. Baudelaire))
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