Mar 22nd, 2020
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  1. Lately my experience on PS! hasn't been the greatest, I'm gonna be honest. My past isn't the brightest, and I've had to reflect on the countless mistakes I made when I was younger. I've done some shady stuff, I'm not going to list off all of my wrongdoings; most people are already aware. I'm not gonna say that I deserve to be seen in a different way because I've grown up and matured, because that doesn't excuse the people that I've wronged and the people I've hurt throughout the past. I've been told that the "the past is the past man, you need to move on". I'm finding it difficult to do that though. The way I see it, my past actions could have / have effected the experience of others on PS! or in real life for some circumstances. I just wish people would give me the chance to prove to them I'm a good kid. I'm only 17, I'm still growing and I have a lot of time to learn. All I'm asking is for you to recognize that I am making an effort to become a better person, and I'd appreciate if someone could aid me in helping me accomplish my goal. Currently, I'm trying to surround myself with the right people, the right communities, and most importantly supportive friends as a way to get a step closer.
  3. On the other hand, there are those who I feel like their soul mission to bring me down. They don't care about my efforts, or they hold their grudges and refuse to see me any other way. I'm not gonna give names, because I'd rather not break any of the forum rules and receive in an infraction, but you know who you are. Please stop. I have a hard time committing to things as it is, and you're not making it any easier for me. I've made a lot of friends on PS!, but I've made way more enemies and it's overwhelming now. It sucks when I come on online to get a couple ladder games in, talk to some friends or maybe play in a couple tournaments, UNO games and even Mafia as of late, but end up being bullied or insulted most of the time instead. I understand if you're mad at me about past actions, or current actions (if I've done something in the present please message me so we can settle whatever that was) but please keep your comments to yourself.
  6. It seems like nobody on PS! seems to understand that your actions on Pokemon Simulator can and will transfer of to emotional pain in real life. I don't usually release my emotions openly like this, but I feel like this could be an exception. Lately I've been having a really tough time with my family, so I get on PS! to get my mind off things and distract myself. The problem is, the same things I'm told I am in real life, I'm told the exact same thing online. It's really hard to use a platform where I've made tons of friends on as an escape when it feels like more of a dead end. Because of this, there have been times where I've cried myself to sleep, or harmed myself because of the things people have said. It actually gets to me. So PLEASE stop...
  8. I care way too much about what people think about me, so please don't clown this post. I understand that's not gonna stop it from being clowned, but it never hurts to make an attempt, please take that into account. There are some friends that I would like to thank for being by my side while I try and change for the better, so I'll list them below.
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