VR Recommendations Attempt #1

Jul 1st, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Here is a preliminary, not necessarily updated with all the (or all the latest) things list of PC VR games I can basically recommend, obviously always depending on your preferences (and excluding obvious must have shit like Beat Saber and Half-Life: Alyx, get them)!
  3. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is an immersive sim-lite full of great action alongside some scavenging and crafting.
  5. Cosmodread is an expertly crafted roguelite adventure like a mix between System Shock 2 and Dreadhalls.
  7. Vengeful Rites is an RPG with reactive melee, gesture based spell casting, exploration, puzzles & bosses galore!
  9. VTOL VR is a really cool light simulator of combat aircraft with amazing interactive cockpits perfectly suited for VR.
  11. Budget Cuts is a stealth puzzle adventure series with inventively integrated teleportation mechanics & humour.
  13. Apex Construct is a sci fi immersing adventure game with archery action in its post apocalyptic core.
  15. Myst is the legendary adventure once again reimagined with all that made it special making a great transition to VR.
  17. Vermillion is an immersing, realistic oil painting application that will bring out your inner Bob Ross.
  19. Cubism is a wonderful puzzle game that's sure to entertain your neglected grey matter.
  21. Monster Showdown is a superb roguelite shooter with tons of variety and replayability (and a great zombie mode too).
  23. Squingle is an inventive and unique puzzle game with abstract visuals & design that's hard to describe.
  25. I Expect you to Die and its sequel will make you think and laugh with their secret agent themed shenanigans.
  27. Airborn is an all out action game that will have you feeling like a gun wielding flying super hero.
  29. SwarmVR is a similarly arcadey action shooter that instead has you swinging like Spider-Man.
  31. Eternal Starlight is a comprehensive space based Real-Time Strategy game a la Homeworld.
  33. Battlegroup VR is another such RTS where you direct your space fleet in first person from the bridge of your flagship.
  35. Grapple Tournament is a next gen PVP arena FPS like UT/Quake with all the classic genre trappings redefined for VR.
  37. Stormland is an open world shooter, more limited than its scope hints at first but still fun as hell.
  39. MaskMaker is an adventure that will have you crafting and using magical masks as portals to other worlds.
  41. The Room VR is a wonderful continuation of the famous puzzle adventure series, perfectly adapted to VR.
  43. A Rogue Escape is another puzzle adventure with very unique themes and mechanics to check out.
  45. VR Skater wants to make a Tony Hawk out of you, except you'll be using your hands instead of feet.
  47. HoVRboard kind of tried this concept first but with sci-fi trappings in place of realistic skating.
  49. Jet Island combined those aspects with grapple hooks, jetpacks and action game elements to good effect.
  51. The Thrill of the Fight is a tried & true exhausting boxing simulator, if less fancy than the more gamey Creed.
  53. Journey of the Gods is a Zelda-lite linear action adventure that's simple but polished and works really well.
  55. Stones of Harlath is an indie RPG with many things going for it, from its retro looks to the satisfying combat.
  57. Pistol Whip is a violently cool rhythm shooter, I love it like it’s a funky, musical Virtua Cop-like.
  59. Drop Dead is a fun riff on The House of the Dead, not nearly as tight as Sega's but maybe the best for VR.
  61. In Death is an archery based rogue-lite I spent many hours in early on despite the limited scope.
  63. Racket: Nx is a unique blend of skill, puzzle and high score fueled addictiveness that's worth checking out.
  65. SUPERHOT VR is a puzzle action shooter with cool slow motion mechanics. Be like Neo!
  67. Compound is a modern take on the boomer shooter genre with procedurally generated elements.
  69. DeMagnete VR is a Portal-esque adventure that will challenge your brain with its magnetic force based puzzles.
  71. Gorilla Tag is exactly what it says. It's free so you have nothing to lose, except your sense of time.
  73. Boneworks is a fully physics driven indie take on Half-Life-esque shenanigans that many will vouch for.
  75. Synth Riders and OhShape are two popular rhythm games to move your hips and dance to like there's no tomorrow.
  77. Eleven: Table Tennis is a table tennis game (duh) said to be the most sureally realistic yet, with a focus on PVP.
  79. Racket Fury is an alternative table tennis game that is also pretty good with various solo gameplay options on top.
  81. Lucky's Tale and Ven Adventure are two traditional third person platform action games with a VR twist.
  83. Moss is a third person action adventure where you lead a sword wielding mouse as if in a diorama of a fairy tale.
  85. Down the Rabbit Hole is another classic fairy tale adapted to VR, with its own twists, turns and unique style.
  87. Asgard's Wrath is a lengthy made-for-VR action RPG with a Viking theme that many gamers vouch for.
  89. Lies Beneath is a meaty and well crafted stylized horror action adventure that immerses, entertains and frightens.
  91. BoomBox and Ragnarock are the new kids on the rhythm game block that everyone seems to love.
  93. Ultrawings is a flight game, not quite a sim, maybe a bit like pilot wings in ways, with a sequel on the way.
  95. Windlands 2 is an action adventure with grapple-hook-swinging and archery at its core, it’s also co-op capable.
  97. Vox Machinae is a PVP focused giant mech combat game with awesome interactive cockpits.
  99. Stride brings the premise of Mirror's Edge's parkour in VR with inventive controls and game modes.
  101. Dash Dash World is a Mario Kart style racer with no shortage of tracks and modes for solo or online play.
  103. Demeo is a recent and already popular tabletop/pen & paper/Dungeons & Dragons style game you can play with your friends.
  105. Raw Data is probably the best of the arena/wave shooters with different classes, progression & co-op.
  107. Ancient Dungeon is already the best VR dungeon crawler even though it's atm a free alpha, coming to proper early access soon.
  109. Onward is my favorite “standard” FPS, PVP focused, some co-op & the best feel/controls for weapons/gadgets*
  111. Contractors, Pavlov and other popular VR FPS games put their own twist to this military theme and style of play.
  113. Population: One is atm the most popular VR Battle Royale, it's arcadey with crosshair, simplified reloading, etc.
  115. Waltz of the Wizard was initially a magical toybox and just received a huge free expansion with combat and other scenarios.
  117. Blade & Sorcery has the best physics based melee combat but doesn’t yet have a progression based campaign or tournament.
  119. Alternative takes on fantasy slashing are offered by Swordsman, Until You Fall, Swords of Gargantua and Hellsplit: Arena.
  121. Hard Bullet meanwhile takes the arena concept to modern weaponry and plays like a physics driven F.E.A.R. game.
  123. Lone Echo is a must play astronaut adventure, the free PVP Echo VR/Arena and its $10 Combat DLC rock too!
  125. Red Matter is another sci fi adventure with a different spin than the above and great interactions.
  127. Karnage Chronicles is a very immersing dungeon crawler with co-op capabilities and loot for all involved.
  129. V-Racer Hoverbike is a cool futuristic racer where you can lean to realistically control your jet moto thing.
  131. Guardians mixes first person shooting with some tower defense and RTS elements to impressive effect.
  133. Jetborne Racing is a thrilling multiplayer focused flight racing game by the developer of the great VTOL VR.
  135. Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades or H3VR is basically a gun nut's heaven with all the models you could need and more.
  137. Range is HOT! is a more focused experience with many different courses to hone your skills and increase your score in.
  139. Pixel Ripped is a duo of games with nostalgic trips down retro gaming memory lane in special VR fashion.
  141. Paradiddle is a drumming application, it's not 100% realistic but it also takes advantage of VR for things you normally can't do.
  143. Tea for God, like Unseen Diplomacy, is great if you have a few square metres of space to explore its non euclidean environments.
  145. A Township Tale offers social online f2p RPGing/surviving/crafting that's sure to get more fans as it's developed further.
  147. Space Pirate Trainer is a mainstay static wave shooter you might want but personally I've grown past such, as well as mini game collections like Vacation Simulator which is the reason you don't see many of those in the list, I prefer more in depth experiences.
  149. There are many more, in early access or similar. Low-Fi is a Bladerunner-esque sci-fi game with impressive visuals, Crunch Element is a promising procedurally generated co-op romp through destructible enemy compounds, etc.! Social playgrounds like Rec Room, VRChat & Bigscreen are certainly worth a look. VR even has anime visual novels like Altdeus: Beyond Chronos and Spice & Wolf 1 & 2.
  151. Then there are ports of flat games or games that optionally support VR like Skyrim VR, Pulsar: Lost Colony, Phasmophobia, No Man’s Sky, DCS, Elite Dangerous, DiRT Rally, PayDay 2, IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad, Star Wars: Squadrons, Project Wingman, Rez Infinite, Tetris Effect, War Thunder, American/Euro Truck Simulator 2 (in the beta branches), The Forest and more. Some like Fallout 4 weren’t as well done so caution is necessary, though in this case mods help. Others have been converted by fans. MotherVR is a great VR mod for Alien Isolation, with gamepad/mkb play like PSVR's Resident Evil 7 (or Subnautica), there's a superb Outer Wilds VR mod and Risk of Rain 2 VR is also great alongside Valheim VR, Quake VR, all the classic Doom engine games and Doom 3, all as good as any native VR games! Naturally, there are also great VR content mods, like ApertureVR for Alyx and Roblox's Cave Explorer 2!
  153. Upcoming titles include Outlier, Legendary Tales, Gravitational, Lone Echo 2, Dyschronia, Into the Darkness, Samurai Slaughter House, Runner, RC Rush, System Shock 2, Sweet Surrender, Buccaneers!, Wanderer, Zenith, Undead Citadel, Sushi Ben, Green Hell VR, Eye of the Temple, Firmament, ROTU: Ionia, N1NE, Hyperstacks, Panther VR, Quantaar, Escape from Mandrillia, Shock Troops & more!
  155. *Facebook acquired the Onward studio, we'll see if they'll properly finish it before moving on to the sequel/future Quest projects...
  157. Follow https://twitter.com/Agnates for all VR updates, not just the clickbait Facebook fansites/tubers report neglecting PC & indies!
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