PiratesIRC 2019 Changelog

Jul 5th, 2020
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  1. PiratesIRC 2019 Changelog
  4. ---------------December 2019 Changelog---------------
  6. Changes:
  7. !P News now shows world happenings
  8. Bot ships now have a chance to start the battle phase when close enough in a ship vs ship battle
  9. Moved 'news' to !P Game News
  10. Added Most Valuable Pirate (MVP) to interactive port raids, ship vs ship battles, mimic attacks, n' epic monster attacks which results in doubloons, stamina, power, rewards, etc.
  11. Only game supporters can rename and customize weapons (and for free)
  12. Increased percentage of doubloons removed from Pirate Legends to -10%
  13. Added Live port information to the website:
  14. Added !P Port Info <port> - shows time since last raid, business investment 'traffic', claim status, etc
  15. Changed payout rewards to (Days since last raid) * (port size). Where port size is town = 1, city = 2, stronghold = 3. Payouts are capped at 12%
  16. Increased cost to purchase investments
  17. Decreased rate of return of investments due to large sums being collected
  18. Added privmsgs to the Zonbi commands !P Shamble and !P Moan
  19. Added usable commands for Zonbis
  22. Fixes:
  23. Decreased number of messages for ships with "Reduce Msgs" enabled, during the boarding phase in a ship vs ship battle
  24. Mod, Crew, and Bot Prank Captchas
  25. Ship vs Ship Battle time left inconsistencies during the chase phase
  26. MVP for pirates not participating in current event
  27. Sailing fixes: times, incorrect current locations, etc.
  28. Rewards being distributed to the wrong crew after a ship vs ship battle
  29. Not enforcing pirate to attack, moan, or shamble when a Zonbi
  30. Ship not showing correct location when teleported to a cell
  31. Ship is safe when a new player is a Zonbi
  32. Bot ships not performing commands in ship vs ship battles
  33. !P Moon
  34. Fixed issue where ships are not automatically seen in order to start a ship vs ship battle
  35. Bot ships installing new governors at ports where player ships are moored at
  36. Interactive port raids never ending
  37. Bot ships not sailing
  38. In Capn vs Capn duel, wrong ship instantly claiming the port
  39. !P Use <port investment>
  41. ---------------November 2019 Changelog---------------
  43. Changes:
  44. Rewrote investments. Read about it at
  45. Retired pirates who rejoin and has played at least one season and retired from the ship on a previous season will receive a level boost.
  46. Added !P Supporters
  47. Added ship battle stats to !P Ship Stats
  48. !P Ship Info is fuzzy for crew count when own ship is in a ship vs ship battle
  49. Ship vs Ship Battles - After a ship (Ship1) spots another (Ship2), Ship2 will spot Ship1
  50. Added achievements based on time of day players use commands. These achievements can only be received once per day
  51. Supporters (Donators) can choose a custom nickname with !P Nickname Custom
  52. Added !P Game Pots
  53. If player being robbed or chest is being lockpicked AND they are awake, there is now a decreased chance of success
  54. Added !P Ship Awake <ship name>
  55. Added cooldown time for !P Mutiny
  56. If a ship raids an English port, chance for HMS Interceptor (bot ship) to hunt the ship
  57. Battle-Royale - Added Looting! Players can loot weapons from those they beat. If loser is not marked as out, they can get a new one with !P BR Roll
  58. Bot ship will not be able to sail from a port during a Capn vs Capn duel and less than 15min after arriving at a port (unless commanded by the admin for testing purposes ;))
  59. Bot ships' "assault" on a player ship while moored at the same port (robs, insults, duels, sabotage) will be more spaced out
  60. Mental States - All onboard pirates mental states will increase when: winning a port raid, winning a battle against a monster, winning ship battle
  61. Mental States - All onboard pirates mental states will decrease when: loading a port raid, encountering a monster, abandoning a ship battle, surrendering in a ship battle, losing a ship battle, ship battle times out
  62. Ship vs Ship Battles - Decreased chance bot ships starting a battle to 50%
  63. Ship vs Ship Battles - In chase phase, ships that are 10 or more leagues apart will end the encounter
  64. Ship vs Ship Battles - Bot ships have a chance to attack player ships if they encounter them sailing
  65. Ship vs Ship Battles - Pirates on Bot ships will now perform commands when attacking or being attacked
  66. Ship vs Ship Battles - Increased doubloon payout (but is based on the loser or winner whomever has the least amount of doubloons as not to upset the winning ship's local economy)
  67. Ship vs Ship Battles - Losing ship is debited doubloons that was taken
  68. Ship vs Ship Battles - More cooldown adjustments
  69. Ship vs Ship Battles - Decreased some cooldowns
  70. Ship vs Ship Battles - Added !P Battle Power <blank for yourself or pirate name on other ship>
  71. Ship vs Ship Battles - Added !P Battle Insult and !P Battle Message
  72. Ship vs Ship Battles - Bot ships will have substantially less pirates to duel in the boarding phase
  73. Ship vs Ship Battles - All phases now 'timeout' at 15mins
  74. Ship vs Ship Battles - Adjusted damages for all ammo types on hull and sails
  75. Ship vs Ship Battles - Removed stamina usage during ship battles
  76. Ship vs Ship Battles are now live!
  77. Disabled the following during ship events (monster attacks, fires, port raids, ship battles): duels, robs, fish, dive, dig, lockpick, charver, troll, work
  78. Disabled ability to play games during monster attacks, fires, port raids, and ship battles
  79. Stamina is no longer used when performing actions in port raids, ship battles, or !P Defend
  80. Rum Store cooldown reduced to 1min
  81. Players learning marksmanship will learn the skill when using the SHOOT command during an epic monster event, interactive port raid, or ship vs ship battle (and not in a learning cooldown)
  82. Players learning swordsmanship will learn the skill when using the STAB command during an epic monster event, interactive port raid, or ship vs ship battle (and not in a learning cooldown)
  83. Added !P Save to some messages when player goes overboard
  86. Fixes:
  87. Error when trying to sail to ports that start with "St."
  88. Port control not being instant after raiding and winning a port
  89. Ship Battle messages
  90. Fixed issue where Ship vs Ship Battles were not being started
  91. 1st round of Battle-Royale doing 2 battles at the same time with only one battle being messaged
  92. Battle-Royale winner message
  93. Ship vs Ship battles starting when ships are too far apart
  94. Inability to teleport to a treasure located at a port when using the item: Corsairs Desire
  95. Battle Royale showing incorrect players will will battle 1st
  96. Battle Royale not announcing and rewarding winner in rare instances
  97. Chat daily goal will no take into account # of lines players have already spoken
  98. incorrect colors and missing former factions in !P Ports
  99. Ship vs Ship Battles - Ship vs Ship Battles will be stopped when all ship moor at the same port
  100. Ship vs Ship Battles - Losing ship getting rewarded
  101. Ship vs Ship Battles - Sail damage going below 0%
  102. Bot ships taking over ports while player ships are moored at the same port
  103. Negative stamina giving power in Battle Royale
  104. Inability to load cannons simultaneously during port raids
  106. ---------------October 2019 Changelog---------------
  108. Changes:
  109. Added shortcut: !P Duel Captain
  110. Added shortcut: !P Troll Captain
  111. Rewrote man overboard code. now multiple players can go overboard at the same time
  112. Captain Favor adjustments now last 24 hours (vice 48 hours)
  113. You cannot sell an invest you purchased in the same day
  114. Tripled the payout for pirates who back other pirates (!P Back)
  115. Added a snowball effect in the amount of doubloons the crew is paid when the Captain is not onboard
  116. Doubled cannon durability
  117. Greatly increased doubloon penalty for players who /kick or /ban other players
  118. Added 'Miserable Monday' and disease notifications to !P Stamina
  119. Added !P Unload - unloads a cannon
  120. Ship port task/work 'unload' renamed to 'offload'
  121. In preparation of a raid, ship vs ship battle or monster attack, players can now load cannons at anytime (!P Load). The loading of cannons will now be shared among all events
  122. Doubled # of times crew can sail
  123. Added a cap to how many times a pirate can be crew brigged
  124. Added separate cooldown for !P Crew Brig Vote
  127. Fixes:
  128. !P Dice <player> Max
  129. Using !P Skill Learn more than once to skip incorrect questions
  130. Blackjack interfering with revenge
  131. Corsairs Desire teleporting ship to an invalid location
  132. Bots not being counted in the start of Battle-Royale message "XX pirates be in the melee!"
  133. Wrong announcement for 1st round pirates due to last second entries in Battle-Royale
  134. Dueling the bot takes 3 stamina instead of 1
  135. Ability to sell weapons in the market for doubloons during season mod, Complimentary Armaments
  136. !P Captain Riddle
  137. Bot ship stats being displayed in
  138. Bot ship performing double sabotage on ships
  139. Battle-Royale rewards
  140. Fine-Grain Powder giving double bonus damage vs ports (24% vice 12%)
  141. Port database fixes
  142. 'Ghost' chest items being displayed in !P Chest
  143. Season Mod: 'Complimentary Armaments' exploit
  144. Multiple crew votes occurring at the same time
  145. Inability to rob the Captain during the daily event: Rob the Captain
  146. Cheat code 034
  147. Bot completing goals
  149. ---------------September 2019 Changelog---------------
  151. Changes:
  152. Added a cooldown for pirates voted in the brig by the crew
  153. Pirates with same name on different ships can only join the Battle-Royale once
  154. The ship will gain +1 speed when hidden with !P Captain Rumor
  155. !P Love/Hate effects now doubled: 2%
  156. Moderators will now be notified when other Mods perform commands
  157. Moderators will now be notified when other Mods are added or removed
  158. Added a cooldown for when charisma skill deflects a duel request
  159. Added ability to Aye up against multiple events occurring at the same time: !P Aye<Find,Fish,MOB,Mutiny,Prank,Sabotage>
  160. Added ability to Defend against multiple events occurring at the same time: !P Defend <Epic,Fire,Kraken,Mimic,Monster,Port,Ship,Zonbi>
  161. Moderators will now be notified when players perform certain acts...
  162. New pirates can choose 'random' faction
  163. Captain shortcut in lockpick: !P Lockpick Captain
  164. Added additional notifications when a player kicks or bans others
  165. Zonbified pirates can now perform special commands
  166. Battle-Royale winner's ship will receive a +5 speed bonus
  169. Fixes:
  170. Ships having less than one cannon
  171. Ability to start a group quest below level 15
  172. Battle-Royale ending prematurely
  173. After dispatching all zonbis, always getting the message "The Zonbis fall into the bilge n' be trapped! The Zonbi infection be acute n' they should recover within the next 15mins..."
  174. Dig goal
  175. !P Nay counting as P Aye in some events
  176. When using a shift curse if you name a place that does not exist the item is consumed.
  177. In Captain by Force mod, dueling anyone and winning made player Captain
  178. Love/Hate not counting the times in the details of !P Captain Favor (Favor % was correct)
  179. Cannonballs not being used during epic monster event
  180. "Tis voucher already be active!" when its actually not
  181. !P Skill Learn question exploit
  182. Faction rep being reset when anyone bought a new faction
  183. !P Map Keep exploit
  184. Game goal not completing
  185. Game goal counter
  186. Battle royale reward
  187. Port factions being numbers
  188. Exploit for event where whoever has possession of an item, they will be paid. other pirates can steal the item and the owner can hide
  189. -1 zonbis fall into the bilge
  190. 0 doubloons from a successful sabotage
  191. Repeating message: All ports 'ave declared independence! European Crowns be askin' help to restore civilization in the West!
  192. Crew vote to repair will be silently stopped if a player buys repair at a shipwright
  194. ---------------August 2019 Changelog---------------
  196. Changes:
  197. Added YOLO event
  198. Minimum # of pirates in Battle-Royale is now 3
  199. Bot may help in Zonbi outbreaks, fires, n' monster attacks
  200. Decreased difficulty in bomb minigame
  201. Increased charver stamina and power payouts
  202. Increased daily top awards for ship that has most active pirates, chat, and perform the most commands
  203. Added sabotage to !P Ship Stats (started counting on Aug 9)
  204. Bot will now auto-trigger a treasure guardian a short while after the ship moors at a location with one
  205. If ship teleports during a storm, kraken attack, or epic monster attack, the event will end
  206. Added 'fullness' for pirates who eat fruit all day. Ye will recover being full 1 point per 10mins. Fullness reached at 10 points with fruit being worth +2 points each
  207. Players knocked out of the battle royale will be priv msged
  208. Players who are out of the battle are shown in !P Battle-Royale Top
  209. Added !P Battle-Royale Info, !P Battle-Royale Status
  210. Decreased time between winner message and next round message in battle royale
  211. Added options for how to sabotage other ship: Attack: hurts crew, Damage: damages the ship, Loot: steals booty, Random: random sabotage, Tar: slows sailin' speed
  212. Ships moored at same port can be sabotaged every 30mins
  213. Added today's stats to !P Ship Stats
  214. Capn vs Capn duels will be cancelled if a battle royale starts
  215. Players with mental states above normal may receive scrambled priv msgs
  216. Increased Battle-Royale winner reward
  217. Added additional Battle-Royale messages: power up msg for player about to battle and msg all players who won
  218. You can now Davy Jones pirates on other ships (and not have to be moored with them) !P DJ <pirate> <ship name>
  219. The Revenge (bot ship) will 'Davy Jones' players on other ships
  220. Added !P Ship Top
  221. Added daily rewards for the ship with the most: awake players, chat, and commands
  222. Use !P BR for help, tips, etc
  223. Battle Royale event is now live and will occur when all ships are moored at the same location. This can occur when a certain number of pirates are active on each ship and is also scheduled to occur on Fridays 8pm, Saturdays 5pm and 8pm, Sundays 5pm
  225. Fixes:
  226. mutiny with overboard mate event rules out possibility to rescue mate fallen
  227. Loot sabotage results in 0 doubloons
  228. Bot ship Captains only having 1 doubloon
  229. Yolo event outcomes
  230. Battle Royale not showing winner/loser power in some instances
  231. Battle royale not starting in some instances
  232. Player finds his/her own stash during !P Dig
  233. Missing error messages during battle royales
  234. Capn vs Capn duel during a raid
  235. Inability to Capn vs Capn duel when docked at a cell
  236. A weather entity moving to a cell in which weather is already there
  237. Speed in !P SHIP STATUS
  238. !P Crew command task
  239. !P Port <faction>
  240. !P options tutorial
  241. End of the day, daily ship bonus messages
  242. In rare circumstances, !P Rob PIRATE has the pirate robbing themselves
  244. ---------------July 2019 Changelog---------------
  246. Changes:
  247. Potions added to random find events (!P Cast)
  248. After a treasure guardian is defeated, and the captain helped, the cooldown on the last captain command is zeroed
  249. Added commands to increase monster attack time with 'Advance the ship' and decrease the time with 'retreat' commands
  250. Increased shore and patch defend commands success by 5%
  251. Manacles are released once ye pay a fine or the ship sails
  252. Patching and Shoring the ship during a monster attack now repairs the ship (along with increasing the time you have to battle the monster)
  253. Pirates who are poisoned will receive -2 power (only while poisoned)
  254. Pirates who 'ave manacles on (from being caught breaking the laws in a port) will receive -2 power
  255. 1 stamina is used when starting a duel
  256. Cannons will now be destroyed after being fired 10x and a replacement will need to be purchased from the shipwright
  257. Storms will produce less damage to inactive ships
  258. Added a reward and and way to recognize paid supporters: highlighted on website player list, shown in !P About, and ability to choose any color nickname
  259. Location is shown in message when a global treasure is generated
  260. HMS Interceptor (bot ship) is no more to make room for the new player ship, Black Laks
  261. Increased item possession money event payout by 100%
  262. Bot ships repair to 100% when they moor, dock, or anchor
  263. Added battle royale power to !P Power (only shown when battle royale event is occurring)
  264. Decreased !P G-amble cooldown by 25% (command name edited due to censors)
  265. During a mass find event, barrels can contain cannon shot
  266. Additional times for when all ships moor at same port: Fridays 8pm, Saturdays 5pm and 8pm, Sundays 5pm
  267. Ships can carry a total of 30 of any type of shot vice 10 of each
  268. Added new event where whoever has possession of an item, they will be paid. other pirates can steal the item and the owner can hide
  269. Increased epic monster event duration
  270. Bot has chance to start a battle vs a treasure guardian if ship sits too long at a treasure location
  271. If the Captain leave the ship or is brigged, another pirate can take the captaincy
  272. Items from mass find events can infect players with diseases
  273. Pirates can now be infected wit' a disease if they fail to ward off attacks from rats or crabs
  275. Fixes:
  276. Timing of messages in !P Capn Favor
  277. Changing course sailing time
  278. !P Moon
  279. Dice game wager fixes and exploits
  280. Sailing event adding additional time when should have been less
  281. Miscounting the number of ports controlled
  282. Ability to grease and clean the ship infinitely
  283. Corrected issue where player would be deleted for being inactive after returning to the ship after receiving a warning
  284. !P Sail estimate voyage time and actual sailing time inconsistencies
  285. Very short sailing time when sailing from one cell to another
  286. !P Drinking <player> Max
  287. Captains with favor >90% receive +1 power vice -1 power
  288. High payouts not enabled in P G-amble (command name edited due to censors)
  289. Port faction changes
  290. !P Ship Ammo message
  291. Captain vs Captain duels not occurring when the ship needs to be defended
  292. Ability to use a port's market without the Pirate Merchant Season Mod
  293. Ship status set as moored when in a restricted cell
  294. Teleport Stone usage counter
  295. Ability to buy unlimited shot from the shipwright
  297. ---------------June 2019 Changelog---------------
  299. Changes:
  300. Werewolves bitten by vampires during full moons cannot howl for 5 minutes
  301. Ship to ship taunts and messages now be saved per ship and can be viewed at !P Ship Messages
  302. If a ship battles a treasure guardian and loses, the monster's HP will be reduced next time it is battled
  303. Increased cooldown between storm events by 150%
  304. More than one weather system will not despawn at the same time
  305. Added !P Moon - shows when next full moon is
  306. Added Werewolf howl achievement
  307. Added !P Howl for werewolves during full moons. Awake pirates will lose 2 power
  308. Sailing cooldown after all ships moor at same port
  309. Countdown message for the Saturday all ships moor at same port event
  310. Added !P Weather
  311. Added Zonbis to random finds (!P Cast events)
  312. Storms will now decrease bot ships' HP when they sail thru them
  313. Increased power and stamina rewards (!P Rewards)
  314. Ship is loses HP instead of costing the crew doubloons when losing vs an epic monster
  315. Added additional achievements
  316. Decreased amount of captcha checks
  317. Ships that are 'hidden' will be displayed on the top right of the live map
  318. Added 30+ additional treasure map locations
  319. Pirates onboard a ship that teleports, will lose stamina
  320. Pirates with charisma Levels 4 & 5 now have a chance to keep other players from charvering, dueling, or robbing them:
  321. Players may now be flagged as clones or bots if certain conditions are met. If flagged too many times, they will be unable to perform certain commands to prevent unfairness to other players and ships
  322. Non-richest Captains (Captain who are temporarily the Cap'n) will no longer be dueled by the bot
  323. Added tutorial for when a player be so sick from a disease, they have decreased stamina
  325. Fixes:
  326. Vortex weather event not teleporting ships
  327. Live map treasure message not appearing
  328. Vortex weather event looping
  329. Luck skill level 5: 50% chance to level ye weapons up when ye be promoted
  330. Shipwright task message
  331. Inability to purchase goods when Pirate Merchants season mod is active
  332. Storm messages when at a port
  333. Storms causing double damage
  334. Storms on the live map not affecting ships
  335. Pirate who started a drinking game and lost not deducted doubloons
  336. Sorting of ports when over 99 mins
  337. Rusty showing up in !P Bored when no rusty commands are available
  338. Ship's health message not showing the ship's HP after losing to a monster
  339. Luck skill was giving 50% better odds when digging for all levels instead of level 3+
  340. Being dueled by the bot does not increase defense skill level
  341. Ship sailing after losing to a monster and after a teleport stone has been used
  342. Captcha checks being too frequent
  343. Inability to use curses from the market
  344. Incomplete !P Help messages
  346. ---------------May 2019 Changelog---------------
  348. Changes:
  349. Bot may now troll players
  350. Code optimization for player checks which should result it better responses (0.1 seconds) to !Pirate commands
  351. Werewolf pirates always have good results when digging
  352. Unclaimed ports are sorted by sailing time
  353. Werewolves gain +1 power when NOT a full moon
  354. When picking locks on chests, chest traps now have additional effects based on their type if the thief triggers the trap.
  355. When disarming traps, players may now trigger the trap's effects if they fail. i.e. a curse trap may curse you into a zombie, vampyre, etc; poison trap may poison you, etc, etc
  356. Coins and herbs can now be auctioned
  357. Added werewolves: Disease named as Lycanthropy (listed in !P Diseases). The disease will last for duration of the season (unless a special item is used). Full moons will be listed in !P Today and the dates are listed at
  358. During a full moon:
  359. gain a power bonus
  360. gain a large stamina bonus
  361. very effective when battlin' monsters
  362. not effective when raidin' ports
  363. can spread the disease during random events or duels
  364. When not a full moon:
  365. gain a stamina bonus
  366. cannot become a vampyre (also during full moons)
  367. Vampires have specific drinks at taverns
  368. Vampyrism is now shown in !P Diseases as Sanguinare Vampiris
  369. Increased number of concurrent storms on the live map
  370. Added additional global stats:
  371. Treasure on the live map state what cell they are located in
  372. Bot ships are now labeled on the live map
  373. Treasure maps are now uncommon or rare:
  374. Players that keep rare maps will have to go to more than one port to find the treasure (n' earn more doubloons). Uncommon maps will only take one port to find.
  375. Players that share maps will result in the treasure being at a port if uncommon n' at a cell if rare (more doubloons)
  376. If the crew cleans the ship's hull (!P Crew Clean) after greasing it, the grease will be removed
  377. Mental states are now implemented, but may change a bit based on feedback:
  378. Added a new minigame: race - !P Race
  379. Added Season mods:
  380. Removed tasks: be onboard for a failed/successful quest and tangle with a monster
  381. Added preliminary code for mental states. Currently does not affect anything (similar to GTA V's mental state: )
  382. Added ability for players to add discord IDs or remove them in !P Options (Freenode network only)
  384. Fixes:
  385. FOR loop that was freezing some ships
  386. Captain command: quest
  387. Drink voucher not working in the tavern
  388. Race game wager bugs and other oddities
  389. Messages not being sent out to all players due to "Message target change too fast" errors
  391. ---------------Apr 2019 Changelog---------------
  393. Changes:
  394. Moved The Elite to rizon network and The Revenge (bot ship) to OFTC network
  395. Added an offline message saver that will notify players if they have messages that were to them while offline
  396. The use of Memoserv has been disabled
  397. After a player has become Captain from a mutiny, duel (during 'Psycho Saturday' event), or the 'Rob the Captain' event, it is publicly messaged when the richest player is Captain again
  398. Players who change nicknames (/nick) will have private messages (or notices) sent to their new nickname
  399. Added !P Skill Forget
  401. Fixes:
  402. No actions to perform when 9 or more players are active during a storm
  403. Message being truncated when changing (IRC) nicknames
  404. Players always getting a +1 power bonus when there was no bonus power (null bonus power)
  405. Ability to teleport during raids, monster attacks, etc (should have been disabled)
  406. Incorrect price for teleport stone
  407. Man overboard fixes
  408. Unable to use a brothel's services when out of stamina
  409. Soldier and cannon count inconsistencies when arriving at a port and then raiding it
  411. ---------------Mar 2019 Changelog---------------
  413. Changes:
  414. During Captain Rob event, players cannot be granted a parlay after they stole the Captaincy
  415. During Tuesday's daily event, after a player have stolen the Captaincy, they will be brigged unless someone else steals it
  416. Added !P Ping
  417. Players with the 'no highlight' option enabled (!P OPTIONS NOHIGHLIGHT) will now have ascii characters in their name to not trigger their client "pinging them" when their nick is mentioned by the bot
  418. Skill books can now be auctioned
  419. Players can now put up items for auction. !P AH POST - Currently only ornamental items can be auctioned
  420. Increased ship repair action's RNG during a port raid
  421. Decreased cities cannons by 20%
  422. Added !P Onboard
  423. Added !P Vampires
  424. Renamed player ranks -
  425. Captains can now view details on what is affecting their favor with !P Captain Favor
  426. Rewrote Captain favor formula so bad/good events will have more effect
  427. Ships with less than 50% HP will not have an option to raid a port
  428. Added tips when losing a port raid when ship has not enough cannons and shot
  429. Add shipwright task
  430. Standardized !P trigger in all messages. Can be set ship specific, but all are set to "P Action" vice "!P Action"
  431. Increased patch and shore odds by 200% when in a port raid
  432. !Pirate commands can be entered with !P or P
  433. Added ability for vampires to feed on pirates from other ships: !P Bite <pirate> <ship>
  434. Increased damage for swordsmanship skill vs epic monsters
  435. Increased accuracy when battling epic monsters when pirate firing has marksmanship level 4+
  436. Corrected odds of hitting epic monsters (was 91% chance of hit before)
  437. Added !P CREW BRIG
  438. Added recommended number of pirates when Capn decides to raid. Raids (interactive or RNG types) the crew decides to do are now based on how many pirates are awake
  439. Decreased port hitpoints by 20%
  440. Added different ammo types n' modifiers when battling monsters. See effects @
  441. !P OPTIONS AUTOSELL auto selling now works at pirate havens
  442. Added cyclone and tempest weather events
  443. New ship on XeroMem network
  444. Cleaned up !P TODAY
  445. NOW ACTIVE - Daily events that are from 3-5pm are being tested see
  446. Increased doubloons reward when raiding a port by 400% (interactive only)
  447. Max stamina for Sunday Funday now be 10
  448. Added additional info you can learn about other ships at taverns
  449. Added shipwrights to ports !P Shipwright
  450. Added shipwright to list of establishments you can invest in at a port
  451. Decreased initial investments
  452. Treasure maps rewarded after a port raid are now based on RNG. Better odds the larger the port: stronghold > city > town
  453. During a raid, cannons can be lost, players stunned, and sails destroyed
  454. Added stamina cost on successful port raid actions
  455. Bot ships will no longer have an inordinate amount of doubloons
  456. During a port raid, if the port has <10 soldiers or no cannons left, the raid will end
  457. Level 3+ in marksmanship increases accuracy of cannons
  458. Added !P SHIP Ordnance
  459. Buffed cannon damage vs ports
  460. Documented port raids and shipwrights on
  461. Added additional treasure map locations
  462. Added ship damage to the following events: epic monsters, mimic attacks, fire, storms, pirate hunter attacks, sabotage
  463. Increased ports' accuracy during a raid
  464. Ships that are anchored or moored will regenerate HP to 11%, enabling the ship seaworthy enough to sail
  465. Added ability to try new (interactive) raid system or use the old one (based solely on RNG). !P Raid <new or old> when prompted
  468. Fixes:
  469. Goods and ornamentals disappearing when !P USE <ID> AYE
  470. Damage vs monsters when using special ammo
  471. Grab daily event having more than one event occur at the same time
  472. !P Help not showing all of the commands
  473. New ships not auto sailing after >4 hours since last sail
  474. Ability to buy poison, herb, and coins below level requirement
  475. Bot ships sailing time being 0
  476. Ships not sailing to a new port after a failed raid when ship has <10% HP
  477. Which cannon do ye want to fire? !Pirates Raid Fire <>
  478. Cannon ammo only showing round available
  479. Global treasures will no longer be announced once a ship has completed the max # of treasure allowed in a day
  480. Vampire msg being repeated during friday vampire event
  481. !P Market Sell <item name>
  482. Grab event cooldown
  483. In certain situations, unable to use a brothel or tavern to restore stamina
  484. Cooldown during network duels
  485. Global treasures not spawning
  486. Grab events occurring within minutes of one another
  487. Ships missing in !P Ships List
  488. Player kept treasure maps marked as 'deciphered' but not showing a hint
  489. Additional gender pronoun fixes
  490. Docking at port when in the middle of an interactive raid
  491. New port raids not working for cities
  493. ---------------Feb 2019 Changelog---------------
  495. Changes:
  496. Added # of cannons to !P Ship HP,INFO,STATUS
  497. Ship speed now be affected by HP. For every -10 HP, the ship moves 1 knot slower
  498. When the Captain repairs the ship with !P Captain Repair, amount to repair is now dependent on how damaged the ship is
  499. Ship hp shown in !P Ship Status and !P Ship Info and !P Ship Health and !P Ship HP
  500. Added ship hp regeneration which is currently 1hp/minute - ONLY when docked at a port
  501. Add ship health/hitpoints (hp). When hp is below 51%, ship is 'broke' and cannot sail from a port
  502. Added ship speeds to live map (when sailing)
  503. When a pirate ship succeeds in raiding a port, the port's size will decrease by a factor of 2
  504. When a pirate ship fails to raid a port, the port's size will decrease by a factor of 1
  505. When a faction takes over a port, the port's size will increase by a factor of 1 or 2
  506. A number of ports will increase/decrease in size when a new day starts.
  507. Ports sizes are no longer randomized at time of raids and are shown on the live map. port sizes are: 1-3 = small/town, 4-6 = medium/city, 7-10 = large/stronghold
  508. Added an event where player have a chance to steal an item from one another. Can be triggered randomly, or while digging, fishing, diving
  509. Additional events/consequences when lockpicking a chest of a pirate who is awake
  510. Added shortcut for robbing own ship's captains: !P Rob capn or !P Rob captain
  511. Added shortcut for robbing other ship captains: !P Rob capn <ship> or !P Rob captain <ship>
  512. Added 'Undisclosed' as a gender option in the store and when pirates enlist
  513. Added message when a pirate parts or quits from the channel they still be onboard for 5mins (dedicated channels only, like #pirates)
  515. Fixes:
  516. Ability to charver,rob,duel,troll pirates who fell overboard
  517. Receive a blank nickname when purchasing a new nickname
  518. Corrected ship speed when sailing
  519. Quest messages will no longer be public if game is in a shared channel OR player has nohighlight enabled in options
  520. Sabotaging other ships not working in some instances
  521. Multiple lottery tickets task
  522. Number of pirates needed to raid a port inconsistencies
  524. ---------------January 2019 Changelog---------------
  526. Changes:
  527. Hall o' Fame pirates now be known as Pirate Legends
  528. Increased odds for a successful gamblle (!P gamblee) and even more chance at level 4 (the word g-a-m-b-l-e is not allowed on this forum so pardon the misspellings)
  529. Bot has a chance to help defend the ship during epic monster events
  530. Added a 30sec loading time for cannons during epic monster events
  531. Added !P Bounty <MIN or MAX or doubloon amount>
  532. Added Quest to bored list
  533. Added the ship upgrade: Teleport Stone which enables the Cap'n to teleport the ship to a Pirate Haven (up to 3x per day)
  534. Enabled players to duel the bot or other players at ANY level. This may only be temporary or enabled during special events...
  536. Fixes:
  537. !P SPONSOR
  538. Reloading cannon cooldown during epic monsters
  539. Cap'n port power typo
  540. Duplicate task of using !P Rusty
  541. Ability to sabotage another ship after another ship sailed from the same port
  542. Unable to sail after another ship was moored at the same port
  543. Port not being instantly claimed after installing a new governor
  544. Sabotage not completing
  545. Rare weapons won at an auction can now be !P Use'd
  546. Multiple Mimic attacks at the same time
  547. Not all active vouchers being listed in !P Vouchers
  548. Port control status in !Port Status when port was controlled by own ship
  549. Unable to purchase weapon upgrades when chest is full
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