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  1. {"bug_type":"210","timestamp":"2019-07-17 10:59:41.51 -0400","os_version":"iPhone OS 12.2 (16E227)","incident_id":"32B77F10-E997-4935-9881-AE6D6F12C5B1"}
  2. {
  3.   "build" : "iPhone OS 12.2 (16E227)",
  4.   "product" : "iPhone10,3",
  5.   "kernel" : "Darwin Kernel Version 18.5.0: Tue Mar  5 19:52:18 PST 2019; root:xnu-4903.252.2~1\/RELEASE_ARM64_T8015",
  6.   "incident" : "32B77F10-E997-4935-9881-AE6D6F12C5B1",
  7.   "crashReporterKey" : "a0ef6c126ea0f46aa0346a1de824ad8e75be60ea",
  8.   "date" : "2019-07-17 10:59:33.52 -0400",
  9.   "panicString" : "Debugger message: WDT timeout\n94s ago: 979u0 977f0 879m0\/1 879u0 807pe0000270 806pe0000280 806s6bf07000 803pe0000320 802pe0000300 802r6bf07000 802m0\/1 802u0 702m0\/1 702u0 700pe0000270 700pe0000280 700s6bf07000 696pe0000320 695pe0000300 695r6be7b000 695m0\/1 695n1 595m0\/1 595u0 573pe0000270 573pe0000280 573s6be7b000 569pe0000320 568pe0000300 568r6be7b000 568m0\/1 568u0 468m0\/1 468u0 421pe0000270 421pe0000280 421s6be7b000 417pe0000320 416pe0000300 416r6c0ab000 416m0\/1 416u0 316m0\/1 316u0 307pe0000270 307pe0000280 307s6c0ab000 304pe0000320 302pe0000300 302r6c0ab000 302m0\/1 302n1 202m0\/1 202u0 104pe0000270 104pe0000280 104s6c0ab000 101pe0000320 100pe0000300 100r6c0ab000 100m0\/1 100u0 0m0\/1 0u0 \nMemory ID: 0xff\nOS version: 16E227\nKernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 18.5.0: Tue Mar  5 19:52:18 PST 2019; root:xnu-4903.252.2~1\/RELEASE_ARM64_T8015\nKernelCache UUID: 1C047665002578B524F6F61EAEC95660\nKernel UUID: 917345B1-8E9D-3737-B13C-698AFAD3322A\niBoot version: iBoot-4513.250.288\nsecure boot?: YES\nPaniclog version: 12\nKernel slide:     0x0000000004af8000\nKernel text base: 0xfffffff00bafc000\nEpoch Time:        sec       usec\n  Boot    : 0x5d2de807 0x0007f2c8\n  Sleep   : 0x5d2f3754 0x0009fb8d\n  Wake    : 0x5d2f3754 0x000f2388\n  Calendar: 0x5d2f37be 0x00015aff\n\nTotal cpu_usage: 79032311\nThread task pri cpu_usage\n0xffffffe000216f40 kernel_task 0 5050118\n0xffffffe00050af40 kernel_task 0 4988320\n0xffffffe00063ca80 kernel_task 0 5023702\n0xffffffe000418000 kernel_task 0 8624596\n0xffffffe000648000 kernel_task 0 0\n\nPanicked task 0xffffffe0001ea760: 57924 pages, 273 threads: pid 0: kernel_task\nPanicked thread: 0xffffffe00050af40, backtrace: 0xffffffe05013b4f0, tid: 304\n\t\t  lr: 0xfffffff00bc0a71c  fp: 0xffffffe05013b580\n\t\t  lr: 0xfffffff00bcfe190  fp: 0xffffffe05013b6b0\n\t\t  lr: 0xfffffff00bbd5610  fp: 0xffffffe05013b6c0\n\t\t  lr: 0xfffffff00bc0b9fc  fp: 0xffffffe05013ba40\n\t\t  lr: 0xfffffff00aaa9118  fp: 0xffffffe05013bee0\n\t\t  lr: 0xfffffff00b7cb598  fp: 0xffffffe05013bf10\n\t\t  lr: 0xfffffff00b42b3a8  fp: 0xffffffe05013bfa0\n\t\t  lr: 0xfffffff00c0d6404  fp: 0xffffffe05013bfb0\n\t\t  lr: 0xfffffff00bcfeecc  fp: 0xffffffe05013bfe0\n\t\t  lr: 0xfffffff00bbd5660  fp: 0xffffffe05013bff0\n\t\t  lr: 0xfffffff00bc231ac  fp: 0xffffffe10f96bc90\n\t\t  lr: 0xfffffff00bbe06b4  fp: 0x0000000000000000\n\n",
  10.   "panicFlags" : "0x10",
  11.   "otherString" : "\n** Stackshot Incomplete ** Bytes Filled 521680 **\n",
  12.   "binaryImages" : [],
  13.   "notes" : ["Source: \/dev\/rdisk2"]
  14. }
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