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  1. Maleigha Lane Rains
  2. How was the movies ?
  4. 15 minutes agoCorey Buck
  5. Didn't go.
  7. 15 minutes agoMaleigha Lane Rains
  8. O okay
  9. Did you tell Alia you wasn't gonig
  11. 13 minutes agoCorey Buck
  12. No, I'ma major dick and decided to let her go by herself. I'm kidding of course, I told her.
  14. 12 minutes agoMaleigha Lane Rains
  15. That was totally true.. But okay i'm sure it broke her heart </3
  17. 10 minutes agoCorey Buck
  18. Guilt is bullshit. So don't try it on me. I told her why I wasn't going. Don't make me feel like a bad person because you find it necessary to drag me through the mud because I fell short once.
  20. 9 minutes agoMaleigha Lane Rains
  21. OMG! You are a bad person for god sake and I want Alia to be happy. So im not argueing with you.. Because she will be mad at me. And I want her to be happy and not fuss beacuse me and you get into it. I'm sorry Corey.
  23. 8 minutes agoCorey Buck
  24. I'm a bad person?
  25. You're motherfucking right I am.
  26. But I don't need you to tell me that.
  28. 7 minutes agoMaleigha Lane Rains
  29. I know because you should already freaking know. You need to get over your break down's that you have about little things and talk to me for once.
  31. 5 minutes agoCorey Buck
  32. You need to learn that I'm not perfect and have my down moments. Find me on a good day and you'll see the different side. You see, me and Alia get along for a few reasons, my favorite being, she understands me, and doesn't object and call bullshit whenever I'm pissed. Actually, I never am pissed when I talk to Alia. Because Alia is not you. Night, hater.
  34. 3 minutes agoMaleigha Lane Rains
  35. Okay. I have no earthly idea what you just said. I;m sleepy and extremely tired. But I don't have to "understand you".. To make you happy.. You just hate me, And I have no haters because idc what the world thinks of me.. So really your too confusing to understand.. So I don't have to worry about understanding you.
  37. a few seconds agoCorey Buck
  38. I never have hated anyone. Until you came along. I seriously do hate your very existence. The only reason I even dare put up with your shit is because I see something in Alia. So you can run along and use your awful grammar and no punctuation in your sentences like the internet ignorant you are. But always know, that you have the distinction of being the first person I ever hated. Oh, and if you think it will actually work, why don't you tell Alia to not care about me. Here's a piece of advice though... it's a lost cause.
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