PEANUT BUTTER DICK (penka, comedy, lewd)

Oct 6th, 2018
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  1. >>I want to rub peanut butter all over my cock and present it to a pony so she'll lick it clean, without realizing what she's doing
  3. >what could go wrong?!
  4. >this is genius!
  5. >ponies don't know what human dicks look like, right?
  6. >and you know for a fact they love peanut butter
  7. >so it didn't take you more than five minutes to do the maths, and find a perfect hiding spot, some bushes tall enough to completely hide your standing form, yet perfectly placed right next to the park's entryway
  8. >a pot of peanut butter in hand, you start to fuck the thing, making sure to leave some onto your balls too, precious dears need some love from time to time
  9. >and voilĂ , a peanut butter covered cock ready to be served!
  10. >and just in time, you hear the sounds of hooves approaching
  11. >a quick glance through the leaves let you discern the two individuals
  12. >two mares
  13. >and not just two mares, but Rarity, that stuck up bitch, and also the literal perfect candidate for the job
  14. >the pinkie pie
  15. >you've seen the things she can do with her tongue
  16. >you've seen the way she gobbles and laps and licks and suckle on things
  17. >you can feel yourself throbbing just thinking about it
  18. >so you press your hips forward, yet making sure to keep yourself hidden
  19. >and you wait
  20. >any second now
  21. >any second...
  22. >"Ooooh, what's that?"
  23. >"I... I don't know, dear,"
  24. >"Is that a fruit or something? A banana?"
  25. >"It doesn't look like a banana,"
  26. >sniff sniff
  27. >throb throb
  28. >"It smells good!"
  29. >"Wait, Pinkie darling don't--"
  30. >lick lick
  31. >UNF
  33. >"Mmmmmh! It's delicious!"
  34. >"Pinkie Pie, dear, I don't think you should--"
  35. >slurp
  36. >gobble
  37. >slurp
  38. >lick lick
  39. >oh god, this is too good to be true
  40. >"Rarity you MUST try it!"
  41. >"Uhm, no thank you dear, I'd rather stay away for now, who knows what kind of horrible stains its juices could make!"
  42. >"Juices? Ooohhh, I bet the insides must taste even better!"
  43. >wait what
  44. "NO, WAIT--"
  45. >CRUNCH
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