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  1. Shinjo Kurosawa
  2. ((Forgive me, for this is still a garden, but a different part.))
  3. Night time. The air was clear, and all the stars in the Heavens above could be seen shining down upon our Kyuden Ashinagabachi. The moon was large and in charge today; not a cloud to disturb it's countenance. The Unicorn had decided to have a smaller, more relaxed celebration with a friend of his, had she accepted his invitation. He had just needed to change out of his combat gear. Now, he was in more formal attire. His hakama was dark, nearly black, with the colors of his clan striping it, and a similarly dark haori. He had set up on a flattened stone, near a small bridge that had a stream flowing underneath it. Atop the stone, was a bottle of sake. A most familiar one, almost just like it had survived the wedding from what felt like forever ago. The Shinjo himself, was perched at the table on the cool grass, with his eyes closed. His thoughts dwelled upon what had happened during the day, in particular replaying the part where his steel had missed it's target and how terrified he'd been. Hopefully, his guest would arrive shortly. She had been invited shortly after his match, of course.
  4. Ikoma Chiaki
  5. Dressed in her kimono of simple browns, Chiaki made her way to her meeting. She bows politely to the Shinjo as she arrives. "Shinjo-san, this one is glad to see you again."
  6. Shinjo Kurosawa
  7. The Unicorn could not contain his delight at first, face lighting up like one of the stars above when she had arrived. Although, he remembered himself and quickly scrambled to fix his On and tried to look more straight faced. Quick as a grasshopper, he leapt to his feet and bowed upon the graceful Lion's entrance. "Ikoma-san. Your presence today honors me." Was he going to say something to make it complicated? His eyes softened a bit. "I was worried, earlier, that I would no longer have any more visits like this." Thoughts of death had indeed danced in his head, like fat flies around a stench. But that was all over now. For now.
  8. Ikoma Chiaki
  9. Chiaki tilts her head. "Why would you worry about that?"
  10. Shinjo Kurosawa
  11. He also tilted his head. "For a moment there, I thought that the bounty hunter would be the end of me." He held a finger to his lips. "I was worried I would lose, and not survive the spar." Secret, yes, only she could be afforded to know. Naturally if no more Kuro, no more meeting Chiaki.
  12. Ikoma Chiaki
  13. Chiaki nods."I understand. Still, we are samurai. Such is to be expected, though I'm glad the heavens favoured Shinjo-san."
  14. Shinjo Kurosawa
  15. He hadn't really thought about death for himself in a long while. Was he cocky? Or confident? The line was often blurred between the two. "Expected, yes. Nearly overwhelming. Not the last time it will happen, I am sure." The smile that formed on his lips was a bit mournful. Ah, he was forgetting his place. "Please, sit. I have invited you to, relax. I have great need of it after today's events. My body is whole," a finger tapped his head, "but my mind is far too lively. Perhaps we can dull it with some sake." With that, he would position himself at the table and begin to pour a cupful of the rice wine for herself, and then for him.
  16. Ikoma Chiaki
  17. Chiaki would sit. "If we can't celebrate victories, we would be a state indeed." She agrees
  18. Shinjo Kurosawa
  19. "And what kind of celebration would it be if one celebrated it alone?" WHICH TOTALLY ALMOST HAPPENED. He grasped one of the flowery cups and brought the liquid to his lips, taking a deep swallow and letting out a satisfied aahhh. The sake was, in fact, just like the one she had first brought to him. A survivor of the wedding- well, a survivor no more.
  20. Ikoma Chiaki
  21. Chiaki think for a moment after picking up her cup. "I think that's a celebration alone would be more concerning than anything." She then takes a sip.
  22. Shinjo Kurosawa
  23. "Many things can be celebrated alone." It was true, he has probably done so many times in the past. "But for this, that did not seem fitting." He drained the rest of his cup and plunked it on the flat stone they were using as a table and looking upon her face. "I would like to ask a favor of you, Ikoma-sama, if you would heed it." He was pretty sure he wasn't gonna be first name basis for a while.
  24. (fixed typo)
  25. Ikoma Chiaki
  26. "Perhaps there is some truth to that. But sake tastes better with company." She then nods "Hai, this one hoped to ask somthing of Shinjo-san too."
  27. Shinjo Kurosawa
  28. It's true, drinking alone was pretty sad. He would refill their glasses back up to the top, trying his best to elegantly do so. "Honor me with your request first, Ikoma-sama. I am sure mine can wait. It has waited all day, and can wait a bit longer now."
  29. Ikoma Chiaki
  30. "Oh? This one has waited too and can wait more, Shinjo-san." Chiaki replies. "It's just to invite Shinjo-san to find a few close friends to another Unicorn celebration."
  31. Shinjo Kurosawa
  32. The Unicorn paused at that, rubbing his chin in thought. "I have a few clansmen here. I am sure they could be convinced." He eyed her though. "What kind of celebration? They may wish to bring their mounts."
  33. Ikoma Chiaki
  34. "Ano... a new child." Chiaki answers. "But your suggestion has given this one more to think about." She bows in thanks
  35. Shinjo Kurosawa
  36. This answer amused him at the thought of his fine clansmen, dressed in their foreign finest, trying to bring their horses into an finely decorated room. The image put a small, crooked smile on his face, which he did not immediately wipe away. "A Unicorn celebration will require Unicorn. I will pass the message onto my brother in law, and to all the Unicorn ears I find." He had promised he would do anything she asked of him, so he would set about granting her wish when he had opportunity next. Hopefully the Unicorn didn't ever find out he was betting on them hosting the ronin bounty hunter if he had lost his engagement today. He snapped his fingers and gave her a sly grin. "Consider it well and some, Ikoma-sama. Was that all?"
  37. Ikoma Chiaki
  38. "Hai. Though I may need more of Shinjo-san's wisdom in the future too."
  39. Shinjo Kurosawa
  40. He couldn't help but smile deeper at that. "No wisdom here, I assure you. Just me, and I am not very wise at all "
  41. Ikoma Chiaki
  42. "Shinjo-san knows his own clan better than this one. That is wisdom enough"
  43. Shinjo Kurosawa
  44. Does he know them well enough? He was pretty weird by Unicorn standards himself. He drank another cup of sake, and the alcohol caused his light complexion to flush a shade of red. "Sure, sure." Sure. "They will bring the finest gifts for a child. Maybe promise the child a Colt when they come of age." That was definitely a tall order. He squinted at her though. "Who is the lucky couple? Do I know of them?"
  45. Ikoma Chiaki
  46. "Ano... Ide Mari-san." Chiaki replies before taking a quick sip.
  47. Shinjo Kurosawa
  48. He scanned his brain, thinking of who that could be. His mind turned blank, and he shook his head. "I suppose I do not know my clansmen as well as I imagined." He laughed because that was hysterical. His hands idly traced out the pattern in the rock. How cool and wonderful it felt. "Is she a good friend of yours, Ikoma-sama?"
  49. Ikoma Chiaki
  50. "A new friend." Chiaki answers. "But Shinjo-san had a request of this one."
  51. Shinjo Kurosawa
  52. He put his head down on the rock. Kami, how cool it felt against his heated skin. "It is true, Ikoma-sama, I do have a request of you." He murmured softly into the stone. This was like, the best stone, in all of the castle. Possibly his favorite. His eyes felt heavier and heavier with each passing moment.
  53. Ikoma Chiaki
  54. Chiaki's head tilts again. "What was that?"
  55. Shinjo Kurosawa
  56. He startled upright. "A woman, when I asked her about marriagez," we're leaving the damn z's, "told me to bring her a poem... In my best handwriting." With that, he pressed his face down on the rock once more, but peered up at her from there. "Do you..." God words were hard when you get white girl wasted, "poem?" It looked like he was about to drop off into the sleep void.
  57. Ikoma Chiaki
  58. "Do I... poem..." Chiaki considers the Unicorn's request "I suppose I can, though it hasn't been something This one has practiced much."
  59. Shinjo Kurosawa
  60. "Wonderful," he mumbled at her. He whistled for a cab but when it came near, it was his horse and didn't say fresh or had dice in the mirror. "We will poem someday, rogether." He paused. "Chiaki." With that, he slumped over on the horse and the horse took it's incapitated rider home and away.
  61. ((it is now time for me to go to bed unfortunately))
  62. Ikoma Chiaki
  63. "Ride with honour, Shinjo-san." Chiaki chimes with a bow
  64. Shinjo Kurosawa
  65. The horse turns and bows to the Ikoma, as it is very well trained while it's owner is not, before galloping away.
  66. ((thank you for the scene, Chiaki))
  67. Ikoma Chiaki
  68. (( Thank you! ))
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