(MLO) Taking Care of Mommy Pt 1

Dec 26th, 2013
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  1. >You wake up to the dawn breaking over the horizon of the Unicorn Mountain Range
  2. >Just like every day since your mothers accident
  3. >It hadn't been her fault, really
  4. >Some unicorn genius had wanted to test out a new spell on a live pony, specifically a pegasus
  5. >Some kind of performance enhancer that was supposed to increase the airspeed of pegasi
  6. >Since your mother was a mailmare, she was chosen as a perfect candidate
  7. >If the experiment worked, the mail would be delivered ten times faster
  8. >And if it didn't, well, there were no shortage of pegasi to deliver the mail after her
  9. >Of course, she hadn't told them she had been pregnant
  10. >This was the opportunity of a lifetime, afterall
  11. >So she tried their experimental spell, and it had even worked, your mother flew faster than any other pegasus in Equestria
  12. >Well, until the speed had torn the stabalizing feathers from her wings
  13. >Out of control, and going too fast to stop without tearing her wings to pieces, she had aimed for the softest patch of dirt she could find
  14. >Unfortunately for her, it only looked soft
  15. >Underneath the disturbed earth that had looked more inviting than the gravel around it, was a boulder
  16. >The doctors had said it was a miracle that she had lived at all
  17. >What was more miraculous was that her unborn foal, you of course, had survived the stresses on her body
  18. >And at that, the doctors were stunned that you had been born with only stunted wings
  19. >Your mother was not so fortunate as to come out of the accident with hardly a scratch, however
  20. >She was in a coma until she went into labor, and even then she slipped back under almost the minute you were placed in her arms
  21. >One of the nursing staff had named you "Anonymous", as he had said, "after his father"
  22. >Since your mother was unable to name you herself, the name had stuck
  23. >She had lain in a coma for three months, in which time you were fed by milk extracted from your mother
  24. >After many tests, she was finally released from the hospital
  25. >But that was before the mental aberrations had shown themselves
  26. >So as you grew older, your mother, it seemed, grew younger
  27. >At least, her mental age regressed
  28. >The unicorn responsible for the original experiment started a fund to make sure that you and your mother had never wanted for anything
  29. >Celestia herself had donated a large sum of her personal treasury to ensure that you two were taken care of
  30. >A nurse had come over every day to check up on you and your mother
  31. >Well, until you had seen her one day, when you were shopping for your mom's birthday, and had overheard her disparaging remarks about your mothers mental state
  32. >Calling her by that horrible name so many had yelled at her around the town
  33. >"Derpy"
  34. >Not to mention her idea of what should be done to such ponies
  35. >The next day, when she had reported bright and early, you had chased the nurse off with a skillet
  36. >Ever since, you had cared for your mother
  37. >Cooking for her, cleaning up around the house, bathing her, even changing the diapers she'd needed since she had woken up
  38. >It didn't matter to you
  39. >You loved your mommy
  40. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  41. >So you made your way downstairs in your two-storey home
  42. >You cooked breakfast for yourself and your mother, a very simple affair
  43. >For her, a bowl of hot oatmeal with sugar and cinnamon and a muffin warmed in the over, and for you some almond butter on toast
  44. >After eating your own food, quickly as ever, you brought the oatmeal and muffin up to your mother
  45. >As you pushed open the door, you could hear her snoring softly, along with the rustle of sheets as she shifted in her sleep for whatever reason
  46. >You couldn't help the smile that crept onto your face when you saw her
  47. >Her yellow mane and grey head poked just out of the top of the duvet, the morning light streaming through the window catching her hair and making it glisten like golden thread
  48. >Who else was so lucky to see such sights every morning?
  49. >You trot over to her and gently nudge her shoulder in an effort to wake her up
  50. >She clumsily swats at your hoof and rolls over, hiding her head beneath the covers before mumbling in a tired voice
  51. >"Five more minutes..."
  52. >You notice the small, barely noticeable really, wet patch on the sheets, a clear sign her diaper needed changing
  53. >You push her a bit more forcefully this time
  54. "Come on, mom. I've got some breakfast for you. Hot oatmeal and a muffin!"
  55. >She bolts upright when you mention the food
  56. >"MUFFIN! Gimme, gimme!"
  57. "Ah, ah, ah. What do we say when someone is nice enough to bring you breakfast in bed?"
  58. >She blushes and looks down at the crumpled sheets
  59. >You feel bad for scolding her, but she needed to be retaught almost everything, like a little kid
  60. >"Thank you for making me breakfast, Anonymous. May I please eat now?"
  61. >Your grin widens, nearly splitting your face
  62. >She was just so adorable, you could never REALLY be mad at her
  63. "Of course, mom. Here you go."
  64. >You place the tray on her bed and step back from the bed to give her some space
  65. >The expression of rapture on her face would have given anyone with a weak heart instantaneous cardiac arrest
  66. >You just couldn't wipe that idiot grin off your face
  67. >Your mom digs into the breakfast with reckless abandon, the muffin disappearing in less than a second
  68. >When she's halfway through her oatmeal, she looks up at you
  69. >Those beautiful, golden irises flay away the skin of a colt raised by a nurse and himself, and into the soul of a young stallion who loved his mother dearly
  70. >Even if they are a little off center
  71. >She pushes the bowl, half full of sweetened, mushy oats towards you
  72. >"Here, Anonymous. You were looking at me funny. Are you hungry?"
  73. >You chuckle at her misinterpretation of how you're feeling
  74. >But the gesture is touching, even after the accident it shows that your mother is a sweet pony
  75. "No, mom. I already ate. I was just waiting for you to finish so I could change your diaper. Looks like you had an accident last night."
  76. >You gaze pointedly at the damp spot on the sheets
  77. >She follows your gaze and gasps, her off kilter eyes moistening with unshed tears
  78. >"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do it. Please Anonymous, I'm so sorry!"
  79. >You immediately go over and embrace her, stroking her mane and shushing her whimpers
  80. "Don't worry, I know it was an accident. I'm not mad at you, mom. It's not your fault. Just finish your breakfast and I'll change you after okay?"
  81. >She pulls away a bit and smiles, the tears already drying from her eyes
  82. >"Thanks Anonymous. You're the best!"
  83. >You let her go and give her a pat on the head
  84. "Thanks mom. Now finish your breakfast."
  85. >She goes back to eating
  86. >She isn't sloppy when she eats, despite the breakneck pace, there were hardly any crumbs on the bed
  87. >Your musing is interupted by an empty bowl that had contained oatmeal mere seconds ago appearing less than an inch from your nose
  88. >"All done!"
  89. "Okay mom. Please bring your dishes downstairs and put them by the sink so I can wash them later. Then I'll change you."
  90. >"Okay!"
  91. >She grabs the tray and brings it and the bowl downstairs to the kitchen, skipping the whole way
  92. >In the mean time, you took the stained duvet and sheets to the washing room and put them in a basin of soapy water
  93. >The mattress had long been covered by a plastic "bed condom" as the nurse had called it, ever since the first incident where your mom had wet the bed
  94. >Fortunately for the nurse at the time, and for you now, the incident that had crippled her bladder control and frontal cortextual functions had, oddly enough, left her bowel control intact
  95. >Thank the alicorns for small miracles
  96. >You, of course, would have cleaned up after her no matter what, it was just easier this way
  97. >You waited in the washing room for your mother to come prancing back up the stairs so you could change her
  98. >You could hear the slight crinkle of her diaper before she entered the room
  99. >"Okay, Anonymous, I'm ready!"
  100. >She hops up onto the changing table that had been installed in the room, stocked with powder, wipes, and diapers for changing
  101. >Her wide hips are spread, awaiting your attention to the pink diaper clinging to her nethers
  102. >You pull the diaper apart and peel it off of your mothers moistened marehood
  103. >Taking the powder and a wipe, you run the damp towelette over her vagina, in almost a teasing manner
  104. >At the action, she shifts uncomfortably and her damp folds glisten just a bit more
  105. >You quickly powder her, wanting to get this over with so you could take care of your own...uncomfortable situation
  106. >You put the new diaper on your mom and strapped it up quickly
  107. "Okay mom, you're all done. What d'you want to do today?"
  108. >She starts jumping up and down, excitedly
  109. >"Can we go to the park? I love the park!"
  110. >You grin at her enthusiasm, desperately trying to distract her from your growing stallionhood
  111. "Okay. We'll go to the park. I just need to take care of something first, okay?"
  112. >Your mother cocks her head to the side, then her gaze travels down
  113. >Though you had desperately tried, it hadn't been enough to entirely hide your, now, full mast
  114. >"Hey, Anonymous, why is your boy part getting bigger?"
  115. >Oh great, you were going to have to explain sex to your mother
  116. >What a perfect way to spend an afternoon
  117. >Although...
  118. >A terrible idea formed in your mind, so awful that you felt physically ill for even thinking it
  119. >But the more you thought, the more it seemed not so terrible
  120. >After all
  121. >You really did love your mommy
  122. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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