Morning 'Mana Extraction'

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  1. Tip-toe, tip-toe. Every step that the young Wicked Eye took was a calculated, clairvoyant move to ensure that the slumbering Conqueror of Chaos would not awake to the sight of his door ajar and the young witch trespassing within his quarters in such an early time of the dawn. Filled with nervousness and excitement with what quest she was about to enact, Rikka's uncovered eye flitted about and made well-enough to spot any obstruction to her path towards the snoring Jurai's bedroom. Once upon his bedside (and recovering herself from a near-trip on one of his gaming consoles on the floor), the Chuuni stood at attention and took a moment to compose herself in her elegant void-essenced (black) sleepdress.
  3. Who knew that the wicked wielder of Dark and Dark... slept so cutely? His messy bed-hair was the perfect frame for his peacefully-slumbering (if loud) face, lips mumbling and drooling onto the pillow that he so tenderly cradled in his arms and legs. A flush came to Rikka's face at just the thought of imagining herself in that pillow's place... a dream she was immediate to dispel with a shaking of her face. The witch's focus must never falter! And so she diverted that focus to the objective of this stealthy undertaking, trailing her gaze down along his frame, until...
  5. "...b-by the Eldritch demons..."
  6. She did not have to trail her eyes too far down, as the item of her desi-... of her goals met her halfway. It made Jurai's boxers look like a glorious peak being viewed from space. Rikka had done much to inform herself of this sacred yet sinful 'phenomenon' that gripped warlocks like the Conqueror of Chaos. Events where their inner magics and insatiable 'energies' channel into a certain bodily implement at the rising of the sun, like a beast waiting to be uncaged. A beast rich with mana should it be successfully tamed.
  8. The unspeakable 'morning wood'.
  10. Even as it still stood covered by his undies, the little sister-witch felt intimidated. Her thighs clenched together, both palms clasped over her heart to try and still her fears... Rikka even gave a little squeak and jump when the first sight of that thing throbbing came to her.
  12. "Mnn... F-Fear not, sleeping Conqueror-onii. Wi-With the research I have obtained from certain grimoires... I will p-purge you of all this clogged mana."
  14. So began the first step. The Chuuni girl crawled over from the side of her big brother's bed, her movements careful and slow out of a desire to keep Jurai well-rested... and a fear that she would be caught in the act. He would probably never forgive her if he found it she was partaking in rituals such as these without his permission!
  16. When her face attempted to near the imposing tent, an invisible wall seemed to halt her in her tracks. Her nose was suddenly battered by a diffusive, alluring scent. It smelled of raw carnal heat, somehow vaporized. It smelled of sweat, musk, that one body-soap that he loved using that smelled of mint and blueberries... Just inches away from his thrumming tip, Rikka was flush-faced and with puffed cheeks. Already she felt herself succumbing to the influence of the beast. But she perservered and dared to charge onward past the hazy fog!
  17. Literally, that is. Resulting in her nose colliding with the hefty meat of his girth, just above the plump mass that is his testes.
  19. "!"
  21. The haze was quick to take root in her feeble mind, and the near-searing heat the tip of her nose felt from the underside of his clothed prick did not help matters. Rikka's nostrils were flooded with the scent now, and it triggered many a reaction from her body. Her joints quivered to jelly, her breathing became more silent and labored, her lips began to slightly shimmer with drool... and that was not just to speak of her mouth's lips at that. She HAD to begin the ritual. And with a kiss onto the pit that bridged his cock and testes together, she did.
  23. Even through the thin boxers, she could taste it. A somewhat-salty, yet tangy and addictive linger on her tongue. She couldn't quite describe the taste except for how it tasted... so like Jurai. From shy kisses, the mewling witch slowly allowed her tongue to take command and begin lapping at his pudgy gonads. More and more of her Conqueror-onii's essence matted her tongue, and in no time she no longer found  trouble breathing in his special magic musk. She NEEDED to breathe it in.
  25. "C-Co-... J-Juraaaih, onhiiiieh..."
  27. Eventually, she grew dissatisfied with how much his boxers obstructed what she could retrieve of his taste. Pinching the waist of the undergarments, Rikka slowly rolled them down his thighs... and gave a squeak.
  29. "E-Eek!"
  31. Poor girl had not accounted for the girth and length of his cock collapsing all at once onto her face, dwarfing her from chin to forehead much like the beast uncaged she thought it to be. Her innocent, yet wicked pupils nearly glazed over at all the sensations. Any thoughts of resisting its influence were quashed. She was going to drain ALL the mana within that thick, yummy... penis of her big brother's. Even if it took all morning.
  33. Though inexperienced in her own right, Rikka's lips planted kisses all along the turgid prick like she knew since forever. Up and down, down and up... the girl seemed especially fixated on caressing his tender testes with her lips; not only were they rife with that musk and taste that she so craved of Jurai, she could also feel what was inside with each kiss and suckle. Rich, virile, life-creating magic. The liquid she enacted all of this in search of. Graduating up to his thick and bulby tip, the dutiful little sister kept palms on the length to steady it as she began to lap and suckle upon it. Second after second, her lips' suction on the fat glans deepened... and before she knew it, the whole of the tip was now straining within her mouth. It pained her jaw a little, it restricted her breathing to her nose... and she loved it.
  35. Past her slightly-tearing eyes, she cast a glance back up at her brother. Still peacefully-sleeping... but with a slight furrow to his eyebrows and the signs of moans spilling from his drooling mouth. It was all encouragement for her to continue, which she did as Rikka further tried to force her maw down on the engorged meat. The more it swelled and thrummed within her mouth, the closer that glans got to her uvula, she whimpered and whimpered. Her poor nethers were all drenched past the black panties, tortured and twitching with bliss at what she was doing.
  37. "Mmmph... mmmhhuhh..."
  39. Then it hit her. The increasing pulsations, the sudden stinging salty-bitterness of precum that glided down her tongue and tickled her esophagus at it slinked down. There was no hiding the tears in her eyes at this point... but they were of elation that Jurai was enjoying what she was doing for him. Even if subliminally. Shutting her eyes, Rikka took a deep breath from her nose... and, with the bravery that entailed her craft as a witch, sunk another quarter of the length into her lips.
  41. The gags were immediate. The bulb was long past her uvula now, and was kissing the very back of her throat. Her tongue was paralyzed under the immense undergirth, made to mop up ALL of that sweat and bodily taste that she so loved. Her airways clenched and contracted for air, indirectly stimulating that prick even more. Every action she made, it seemed, demanded the cock to release all of its filling product already.
  43. "Mmgh- G-Ghkkh~!"
  45. But perservere, the Wicked Eye did. A final forcing-down of her entire head... and she reached rock bottom. Her nose was now pressed into her big brother's crotch, his lips drooling and quivering tight around the base of his penis and cushioned by his saliva-shined scrotum. She was struggling the most she could in this undertaking now... but thankfully, her dutifulness was immediately rewarded. Rikka had never noticed Jurai's moaning and grabbing the sheets in delirium, and so she was wholly unprepared to feel a strong, thick, hot tide flood down her neck.
  47. Rich, seedy, precious magical... sperm. It was an unrelenting release, the first shot alone enough to drape her throat all over and slide right into her esophagus. Her eyes grew wide, with her eyepatch of forbidden power falling away to reveal the pure shock of delight to feel all that magic now being milked out of the organ. Much as she strained for air, she held still, and gulped... and gulped... and gulped until she could no more. A pity that was only for the first four shots. The rest, as a consequence, flooded her mouth and nasal cavity with the sheer volume of the Conqueror's pent-up climax. A muffled squeal could be heard as a thick dollop of it burst out of her left nostril, followed by the spurts that evaded her lips to dribble down her chin and cascade onto her clenching hands, still on his shaft.
  49. The warming feeling that traveled into her stomach set off a chain reaction. The wetness that she cradled between her thighs, covered by her dainty panties, became a lustful drench as her little sister cunt twitched and spasmed with pure lust. That brief window of orgasm was enough to empower Rikka to scarf down what cum choked her, even encouraging her to facefuck herself on big brother's meat until the high wore off. Only a mess remained, with gasping and moist breathing as Rikka finally unsheathed the prick from her lips.
  51. It left quite a messy wake of baby batter and spittle, bunching up into ropes that bridged the Chuuni's lips with the erection as it
  52. flopped with a rich thwap~ onto her face. Was it the monstrous penis that was tamed... or did it tame Rikka?
  54. Whatever the answer, the witch was... satisfied. She snaked a hand downward along her nightgown to paw at her fluffy and now-wet lower lips. And back up to her belly, now warm and ticklish with the virile essence she so diligently extracted. The ritual, Rikka concluded as she passed out gasping onto Jurai's sticky and uncovered crotch, was a resounding success.
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