A Caramel Hex

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >Hexferry was dizzy as she stumbled out of the bar with her friends Anon, Caramel, Cejire, & Sepia by her side.
  2. >Hexferry was never much of a heavy drinker, but she thought she would at least try to impress Anon.
  3. >Leaning over to Anons side, and rubbing up against him he slowly pushed her away telling Hexferry that she was drunk & that she needed to go home.
  4. >Looking at him Hexferry knew in a way that he was right doing an about face she started off to her home.
  5. >Turning to Caramel, Anon told her to go with her which she did.
  6. >Trotting down the street with a stumbling Hexferry, Caramel didn't understand what Hexferry saw in Anon.
  7. >Yes he was nice, strong, & intelligent. But he was also somewhat ugly for wearing a white mask with a question mark on it.
  8. >Getting close to Hexferry's, Caramel actually harbored feelings for her that only put her in the friend zone. Taking a second to think Caramel Thought it was about time she told Hexferry her feelings.
  9. >Trotting an ally way. Caramel told Hexferry to halt which she did.
  10. >Facing Caramel, Hexferry asked "What is wrong?" In a slurred voice. Taking a second to catch her breathe Caramel told Hexferry outloud that she loved her.
  11. >Putting on a smile Hexferry told Caramel that she loved her as a friend too, but that wasn't what she wanted to hear.
  12. >Trotting up close to her Caramel told Hexferry that she really loved her like how she loved Anon.
  13. >Confused Hexferry tried backing up, but was caught off guard by Caramels sudden advancement on her that ended with her locking lips with her.
  14. >Letting their tongues touch meet for a few seconds Caramel broke away telling Hexferry to forget about Anon & to let her make her happy.
  15. >Drunk & still confused Hexferry once again tried to back away from Caramel, but was stopped by her again with Caramel throwing her to the ground floor of the ally way.
  16. >Then climbing on top of her, and kissing Hexferry's neck Caramel told Hexferry not to fight her love, but Hexferry wasn't listening and tried to shake her off her asking Caramel to stop.
  17. >Continuing to make her advance on Hexferry, Caramel started moving for her body now playing her frobt hooves on tops of Hexferry's to stop her from trying to shake her off.
  18. >Moving down to Hexferry's vagina, Hexferry then begged with tears coming down her face for Caramel not to look, or even touch her, but Caramel didn't care.
  19. >Then leaning in Caramel started to lick Hexferry's vagina making her let out several squeaks.
  20. >Calling out her name like she always wanted, Caramel thought final thought it was about to time she stopped teasing Hexferry.
  21. >Climbing on top of her Caramel placed her vag on tops of Hexferry's & started to move letting out moans, & Hexferry letting out several squeaks.
  22. >Minutes soon passed as Hexferry & Caramel started to reach their limits, and Caramel cumming on top Hexferry, and her juices mixing with Hexferry's.
  23. >Then kissing Hexferry on the forehead Caramel told her that they were going to do it again, and again, and again until Hexferry has fallen for Caramel body & soul.
  24. >Watching Caramel & Hexferry leave Anon was worried about Hexferry as he watched them leave.
  25. >Looking over at Cejire & Sepia however he knew he had to keep the party going however.
  26. >Heading off to another bar to continue drinking Anon told Sepia & Cejire to watch his drink as he made a phone call to Hexferry's house with his phone.
  27. >Nopony answered however. Heading back to your table with Sepia & Cejire waiting for you. >Taking a sip from your drink you started to fill dizzy, and the world become black.
  28. >Waking up you started to feel something wet brush up against your dick, and whole lot stress leave your body.
  29. >Looking down you found yourself tied up inside a bathroom stall with Sepia & Cejire licking your dick, and both of them smiling as they knew you knew it was going to be a long night.
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