(FR) советский

Mar 23rd, 2013
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  1. Heavy in Equestria
  2. >Day “советский” in Equestria
  3. >You are…
  4. >Your old name doesn’t matter
  5. >Though the wars, purging, and mercenary work you have lost any resemblance of your birth name
  6. >You are now Anonymous, or Anon for short
  7. >How you ended up in this magical land you don’t know
  8. >The last thing you remember is a battle
  9. >You were paid well to fight in it but…
  10. >A bullet must have ended you before you realized it
  11. >You wake up with the sun, and prepare for the day
  12. >Memories of your past life were a constant damper on everything
  13. >Happiness was not something that you could attain
  14. >But…
  15. >*KNOCK KNOCK*
  16. >Every day for the past year or so SHE kept on visiting
  17. >Despite you telling her to leave you alone
  18. >After you shouted down any idea of romantic involvement between you two
  19. >Even after you threatened to destroy her if she kept up that damnable guessing game
  20. >She always came back for you
  21. >…
  22. >And you liked her for it
  23. >She was the closest thing you had to a friend…
  24. >…Ever…
  25. “Hello yellow one. What is it today?”
  26. >”Oh, H-Hi Anonymous… I was wondering…”
  27. >She mumbles something under her breath
  28. “Speak up quiet pony”
  29. >She takes out an invitation
  30. >”I was wondering if you wanted to be my date to the Canterlot Wedding”
  32. >The wedding ceremony was enormous
  33. >Royalty getting married
  34. >Extravagant shows of wealth
  35. >More food and drink that could possibly be consumed
  36. >It made you a little angry to see all of this, the bourgeoisie dining like pigs while those under them worked themselves stupid to support this festivity of gluttony
  37. >But you didn’t say a thing; a pretty yellow pony was preventing any anger from welling up from you
  38. >So you just sat there in your blue suit, waiting
  39. >The wedding itself was pretty much as expected for a bourgeoisie affair
  40. >A captain of the military was wedding a soon-to-be ruler in a-
  41. >Suddenly the purple pony who was fussing during the planning charged into the room
  42. >Along with another pink princess
  43. “What is going on?”
  44. >After some confusion, shouting, and magic blasts you get it
  45. >A black bug pony disguised as Cadence defeated the god-ruler of this land
  46. >”I am Chrysalis! Ruler of the Changelings!”
  47. >As she spoke of her people’s suffering, of their community, of their quest for survival and justice, you saw it
  48. >History repeated itself
  49. >She promised a country of communal property, of no classes, of food for all
  50. >And you know how those types of promises come out
  51. >Gulags, mass executions, secret police, people disappearing…
  52. >So, with a calculated rage you launched yourself at a mass of the smaller bug ponies
  53. >If not to fight her, than at least to protect your one friend
  54. >They handily defeated you
  56. >The bug pony was smart, she had restrained the real pink princess in a green goo, as well as the celestial rulers
  57. >She was also in the process of sealing up the Element Bearers in similar pods
  58. >All that was left was a crying Twilight and a comforting Fluttershy, who were sitting next to you
  59. >”A-Anon…”
  60. >A hand began to run through her mane
  61. “Yes little one?”
  62. >”I… I know you eat meat… and I know that it’s hard to get to in Ponyville… but…”
  63. >She pulled out a small wrapped parcel
  64. >”I was saving this for when this was over… as a present…”
  65. “Flutters…”
  66. >You hold her tight as a trio of Changelings start to approach
  67. >”P-please… just tell me if you enjoy it…”
  68. >This was too much
  69. >But as you unwrapped it you began to see…
  70. “Flutters… what is this?”
  71. >Two pieces of bread, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese
  72. >And a single slice of meat
  73. >All topped off with a single olive through a toothpick resting on top
  74. >”Anon…”
  75. >She started to cry as a Changeling began to take her away
  76. >”I-Its… it’s a…”
  77. >Sandvich
  78. >Feeling recharged you grab Twilight by the neck and the tail
  80. >Your yell startled everyp0ny as you charged into the thick of things
  82. >Today was a Heavy kind of day
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