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  1.   engine handshaking client "oRM07upHTq4CdGjOAAAE" +14m
  2.   engine:socket sending packet "open" ({"sid":"oRM07upHTq4CdGjOAAAE","upgrades":[],"pingInterval":25000,"pingTimeout":5000}) +12m
  3.   engine:socket flushing buffer to transport +0ms
  4.   engine:ws writing "0{"sid":"oRM07upHTq4CdGjOAAAE","upgrades":[],"pingInterval":25000,"pingTimeout":5000}" +12m
  5.   engine:socket sending packet "message" ([ '0' ]) +1ms
  6.   engine:transport setting request +14m
  7. incoming connection with id oRM07upHTq4CdGjOAAAE +14m
  8. connecting to namespace / +12m
  9. adding socket to nsp / +14m
  10.   engine:socket flushing buffer to transport +2ms
  11.   engine:ws writing "40" +4ms
  12. socket connected - writing packet +12m
  13. joining room oRM07upHTq4CdGjOAAAE +1ms
  14. packet already sent in initial handshake +0ms
  15. connection
  16. joined room [ 'oRM07upHTq4CdGjOAAAE' ] +1ms
  17.   engine:ws received "42["xxx","true"]" +5s
  18.   engine:socket packet +5s
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