EZ Overland Park Junk Removal

Aug 5th, 2020
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  1. We can remove anything you don’t need, including but not limited to: furniture removal , appliance removal, yard waste removal, and construction waste removal. We do all the loading and clean too! We haul all types of debris excluding asbestos and hazardous materials. We handle Christmas tree removal, dumpster rental, electronic waste removal, cleanouts, mattress removal, post construction cleaning, and storm debris removal.
  3. We’re The Number 1 Junk Removal Firm In Overland Park KS
  5. We are supremely confident that we are capable of delivering a better service than anyone else in the vicinity of Overland Park KS. This isn’t an empty statement. We have worked long and hard over the years to improve and we’ve never been better. Overland Park KS residents who choose us are going to receive many big perks. We believe in giving back to the community. Some of our service fees will always be invested into the local community. Our team is trained for the job at hand. They’re receive routine training as well. All employees have been screened to ensure that our team is truly the best We won’t require our clients to lift anything. With our free quotes, you’ll always get the best price. References are available to put your mind at ease. We have a one of a kind satisfaction guarantee. We’ll remove almost anything. We work with consumers and businesses.
  7. Call Our Office Today!
  9. Our company is ready and willing to work hard for you. We love Overland Park KS and we would love to help you deal with your junk. We encourage anyone in the Overland Park KS area to contact us so we can help you get rid of that junk right now. We won’t fail you when other companies might.
  11. Contact Us:
  13. EZ Overland Park Junk Removal
  14. Address: 12800 W 134th St, Overland Park, KS 66213, USA
  15. Phone: (913) 318-3540
  16. Email: support@junkremovalguysofoverlandpark.com
  17. Website: https://junkremovalguysofoverlandpark.com/
  19. External Links:
  21. https://about.me/junkremovalguysofoverlandpark
  22. https://en.gravatar.com/junkremovalguysofoverlandpark
  23. https://trello.com/junkremovalguysofoverlandpark/
  24. https://coub.com/junkremovalguysofoverlandpark
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