Purgatory Mirror 1

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  1. [16:11] Keaka Tezcacoatl exclaims, "Vee!"
  2. [16:11] Vee exclaims, "Keaka!"
  3. [16:11] Keaka casts a magical spell of feathers on Vee
  4. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. [16:12] It's actually just confetti-ing on Vee
  8. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. [16:12] Vee asks, "...Yeah?"
  12. [16:12] Vee asks, "Do you. Do you want something?"
  13. [16:12] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "I just haven't seen you in a good while."
  14. [16:13] Keaka Tezcacoatl asks, "How goes the mail business?"
  15. [16:13] Vee exclaims, "It goes very well!"
  16. [16:13] Vee says, "Very well."
  17. [16:13] Vee says, "There's another entry on the missive. Finally."
  18. [16:14] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Oh man."
  19. [16:14] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "I've been waiting for this."
  20. [16:14] What Keaka has been waiting for... Vee reaches into her satchel of letters, drawing for the most hallowed piece of paper among all other pieces of paper.
  22. The curious missive.
  24. And with an unnecessary amount of dramatic flair - did lightning crack over the sky, or was that just you? - she offers it towards the winged Drakanite.
  26. "Very... very exciting addition. I've been looking for you since it was added, and our paths just never crossed."
  27. (Vee)
  28. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  30. [16:15] {Item} You picked up Curious Missive. Dropped by Vee. .
  31. [16:17] Keaka Tezcacoatl asks, "'Sometimes one just needs to learn to walk away', huh?"
  32. [16:17] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "That was pretty enlightneing."
  33. [16:17] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Enlightening, rather."
  34. [16:18] Vee says, "It's... a hard lesson."
  35. [16:18] Vee says, "But it's not necessarily a bad one."
  36. [16:18] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Hm..."
  37. [16:19] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Okay, I think I might make this my last entry."
  38. [16:19] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "At least, on this one."
  39. [16:19] Vee asks, "On this one...?"
  40. [16:20] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "I'll tell you in a secundo..."
  41. [16:20] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Give me half a shake to write it down."
  42. [16:26] Keaka remembers to draw a line below the latest entry
  43. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  44. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  46. [16:31] Vee says, "Thank you, Keaka."
  47. [16:32] {Item} You drop Curious Missive.
  48. [16:32] Vee snatches the missive.
  49. (Vee)
  50. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  52. [16:32] Vee asks, "Do you want me to read what you've written...?"
  53. [16:32] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "It's up to you. "
  54. [16:32] Vee says, "- This time."
  55. [16:32] Vee scans it over with her eyes.
  56. (Vee)
  57. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  59. [16:33] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "I've never been trying to hide it. You are the -only- person who knows the identity of everyone on this paper."
  60. [16:33] Keaka Tezcacoatl says, "Probably."
  61. [16:33] Vee says, "...I still know everyone on it, yes."
  62. [16:36] Keaka's wings were starting to tire. Long-distance flights, even suspended flight assisted by magic exhausted him. They fluttered to a stop and he gently landed toes-first on the pavement. The drakan rubbed his eyes before putting his glasses on then gestures for Vee to take a seat beside him.
  64. "I've been meditating non-stop for days. I thirst for company. Tell me about where you've been, what you've been doing!"
  65. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  66. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  68. [16:40] The courier takes the seat beside Keaka when he offers it, with some hesitance - before she lets herself settle, folding her hands together.
  70. "I've, uh. Done a lot recently. Messages, letters, guiding people... some of that I can't talk about."
  72. She looked away, giving a faux-cough as some kind of transition between topics.
  74. "I've been dreaming more, too. Seeing flickers of people or places I should remember, but just... can't."
  75. (Vee)
  76. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  78. [16:43] The Quetzal-blessed takes this moment of respite as an opportunity to slip off his shoes - there was something like a rock in there.
  79. Keaka gave the occasional glance-over as Vee spoke while shaking the debris out of his greaves.
  81. Were it not for the magi's inconspicuous topic transitions, the drakan would've prodded at her previous statement.
  83. "I did overhear Hatsu saying something about getting your memories back. I never really minded it but it sounds like something you've been doing for sometime now. Tell me about that. What happened with your memories?"
  84. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  85. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  87. [16:49] "Some sort of accident."
  89. This is about as vague as the topic she'd suddenly swerved away from, although this time, she does elaborate further. Her voice lowers, talking a bit faster, running back on her words more often. Characteristics of a stream of consciousness.
  91. "Unclear whether it was a Spire Shard - Spire, not shard thereof - or some kind of artifact, relic - those are the same thing..."
  93. She shook her head, looking up. Her voice was clearer, now.
  95. "...The crew I was a part of went on an expedition for something, and it went disastrously wrong. I woke up near Dawn with my memory in tatters."
  96. (Vee)
  97. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  99. [16:54] Keaka's lips creased into an expression inscrutable. You could've interpreted it as confusion or morbid curiosity. Of course he wanted to know more about it. The phrase "a spire shard" piqued his interest.
  101. Now, too, would the drakan race through conclusions or possibilities. All indecipherable due to the countless rationalities and all encroach on the territory of "memory loss". What caused her to end up in Dawn with nary a shred of recollection? It could've been anything.
  103. The Quetzal-blessed leaned back, teetering between slipping off the bench and keeping balance.
  105. "You had a crew?"
  106. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  107. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  109. [16:55] The man looks around.
  110. (Ra'h)
  111. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  113. [17:00] Vee's caught between shaking her head or shrugging. Instead, she just sort of looks around a bit, almost appearing uncomfortable.
  115. "Just... uh. A part of one. Treasure hunters. Maybe, uh - "
  117. She coughs, again, but doesn't switch topics. Not this time. It's just some other way to clear her discomfort.
  119. "Thieves. Occasionally. But - mostly just treasure hunting. Whatever we were looking for, sailed out to that island for - it was much, much more important than what we usually were after."
  120. (Vee)
  121. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  123. [17:06] "Well, that's good. You have a lead," he'd say simply. "It's not the most solid of, but it's something."
  125. At this point, he wasn't sure if he was offering help or just trying to maintain a conversation with her. This back-to-back was much needed after an 'x' amount of days in solitude.
  127. He cupped his chin. Disastrously wrong usually means 'ending in death', no? "Perhaps I could help? If you knew anyone...I mean, maybe intimately. Someone you had a close bond with? If they're...not of this world anymore. Maybe a séance is something I could do?"
  129. A sudden rush of excitement flushed his cheeks. His spiritmancy, the thing he had been working so hard for, there was a use for it.
  131. "--That's. If you remember them."
  132. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  133. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  135. [17:12] The courier's deep in thought. It's something that she's considered before - whether or not she was the only survivor - but she hadn't imagined exploiting that to learn more about herself.
  137. Keaka was a spiritmancer. If there was any loss of life during the failed expedition, that was something that they could use, as morbid as it felt.
  139. "...I remember some names. Arthur. Erec. 'Grif.' Not sure which of those are pseudonyms..."
  140. (Vee)
  141. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  143. [17:15] "Gah...Pseudonyms? I should've figured, you saying treasure hunters and all."
  145. Treasure hunting - it was a prolific line of work seeing as Agartha was filled to the brim with the unknown. Those who coveted these mysteries would no doubt be exposed to some of this world's darkest secrets. Delve into the deepest bowels. As a result, you'll find yourself competing against the worst of the worst.
  147. And as a result of that; Key had nothing to go on for. That frustrated him.
  149. The drakan scratched his head. "Wait - then. Is Vee your real name?"
  150. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  151. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  153. [17:20] The courier usually called Vee purely for simplicity shakes her head, but appreciates an easier question. She could've sworn this came up in some conversation with Keaka before.
  155. "It's the first letter of my name. But, again - not sure if it was my real name or whatever false one I used in the business. It's all I could remember of it."
  156. (Vee)
  157. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  159. [17:24] That was kind of a revelation. Keaka's eyebrows knit for a second while trying to process that. Then he shrugged it off.
  160. After the initial realization, it wasn't that big a deal anymore.
  162. "Well," he clasps his hands together. "If you find anything important. Or maybe memorabilia. A name. Something. Call me. Seances are not all powerful and all knowing but they are pretty good when you have the required items. It would be pretty huge if you remembered something like that."
  164. The underlying subtext to that statement meant, "I can do this for you".
  165. (Keaka Tezcacoatl)
  166. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  168. [17:25] * You have been awarded 1.5 Roleplay Points! *
  169. [17:27] Vee whispers: ...And I'm guessing I can't just use the false names that I knew them by?
  170. [17:27] Vee whispers: Otherwise - I have a few of those.
  171. [17:27] Keaka Tezcacoatl whispers: Names aren't a priority. If you knew them well, then it that's where it truly matter.
  172. [17:27] Keaka Tezcacoatl whispers: And having something like a treasured object. Memorabilia. That really helps.
  173. [17:28] Vee whispers: Right...
  174. [17:28] Vee whispers: What if - what if I recreated one?
  175. [17:28] Vee whispers: Like, from memory?
  176. [17:28] Vee whispers: Could that work?
  177. [17:28] Slayder would make his way back to the square of Cruxati again, in search of Keaka, the spirit Ohtli had summoned in service of Gehenna. This time, Slayder would manage to spot out the spirit standing on one of the viewpoints of the temple. Slayder seemed rather calm as usual, approaching the spirit with a slight head bow of respect.
  179. "Greetings Keaka, warrior Chief spirit of Ezmara. You may recall I introduced myself as Slayder to you at one point, a warrior striving to be unmatched so none may stand to Gehenna's might. I was hoping you could perhaps give me a bit of guidance in my goal, perhaps a talk in private when you have a moment as well. There's some things I wish to gloss over with you." Slayder gave a rather resolved nod, looking up to Keaka through the flames of a brazier as he seemed to await a response.
  180. (Slayder)
  181. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  183. [17:29] Keaka Tezcacoatl whispers: That's...tentative. It really depends on the value. Sentimentally.
  184. [17:29] Keaka Tezcacoatl whispers: But. It might work.
  185. [17:29] Vee whispers: I don't know how I'd find anything else.
  186. [17:29] Keaka Tezcacoatl whispers: It's better than nothing. If you -can- then I recommend it.
  187. [17:30] Vee whispers: I might - have to do that.
  188. [17:30] Vee whispers: Thank you for this, Keaka.
  189. [17:31] Keaka Tezcacoatl whispers: It's really nothing! You're helping me, here.
  190. [17:31] Vee whispers: ...I should get moving.
  191. [17:32] Vee whispers: I'll keep paying attention. Seeking anything I can try to recreate.
  192. [17:32] Keaka Tezcacoatl whispers: Keep yourself safe. The spirits are with you.
  193. [17:32] Vee whispers: Have hope.
  194. [17:32] Vee sweeps herself into the air.
  195. (Vee)
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