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  1. [
  2.     {
  3.         "ServerMessage": {"Message":"For the people in my class, Homework is:
  4. Science - Outlines
  5. Math - 2018 NYS Test Packet
  6. Creative Writing - Chapters 4 and 5
  7. ELA - These Were The Sioux 1-9
  9. Our Outline Data is:
  10. Last Week Friday - Started fourth (i think) energy packet."},
  12.         "UpdateLog": {"Log":"Current Version: v1.0
  14. Update Log:
  15. v1.0: Released, Registration not added, contact Nobody#4931 on Discord for an account.
  16. v1.1: Patched a few glitches, Patcher will now patch them automatically.
  17. v1.2: Made the Executable single. You will no longer need to unzip an entire folder.
  18. v1.3: Made the Update Log also run through WebService."},
  20.         "User1": {"Username":"Nobody", "Password":"coolman123", "PrivateMessage":"i am cool man yes"},
  22.         "User2": {"Username":"Teperest", "Password":"notsetyet", "PrivateMessage":"Hey Daniel! Just testing as of now. Everyday from now on I will change the Server Message, or your Private Message to show you the homework! DM me on Discord to change your password."},
  24.         "User3": {"Username":"Wweirddo", "Password":"notsetyet", "PrivateMessage":"Hello Malika :D ! This will be your Private Message. Will change when needed. I can talk to you through this sometimes too. Don't delete the app pls :C You can DM me on Discord to change your username or password."},
  26.         "User4": {"Username":"xGolden_Hero", "Password":"notsetyet", "PrivateMessage":"Hey Raymond! Just testing right now. This is your Private Message. Click Server Message for the Server Message, aka the Global Message. These messages do auto update when I change them. I hope you read the README. DM me on Discord to change User or Pass."},
  27.     }
  28. ]
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