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Definitive BiS Thresholds

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Oct 22nd, 2019
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  1. Definitive BiS Thresholds:
  3. The final approach I am taking, is to try minimize the tertiary stat deficit accrued by the number of enhancements used. This should result in using higher numbered enhancements whereever possible, while costing as little as possible in the actual tertiary stat budget. After determining the number of augments vs. enhancements using this procedure, I then maximize power while keeping the number of augments constant to further ensure BiS.
  5. Accuracy, 5%: 2x +108 augments, 1x 80R-5, exact.
  6. Accuracy, 5%, with stim: 1x 80R-20, +15 extra stat.
  7. Accuracy, 5%, SB: 2x +108 augments, 1x 80R-10, +2 extra stat.
  8. Accuracy, 5%, SB, with stim: 1x 80R-20, +28 extra stat.
  9. Accuracy, 10%: 3x +108 augments, 2x 80R-1, 1x 80R-14, exact.
  10. Accuracy, 10%, with stim: 1x +108 augment, 1x 80R-4, 1x 80R-15, 1x 80R-19, exact.
  11. Accuracy, 10%, SB: 3x +108 augments, 1x 80R-1, 1x 80R-9, 1x 80R-20, exact.
  12. Accuracy, 10%, SB, with stim: 4x +108 augments, 2x 80R-1, exact.
  13. Alacrity, 1.4s: 1x 80R-6, 1x 80R-15, 1x 80R-19, exact.
  14. Alacrity, 1.4s, SB: 1x 80R-10, 2x 80R-20, exact.
  15. Alacrity, 1.4s, 3%: 3x +108 augments, 1x 80R-20, +50 extra stat.
  16. Alacrity, 1.4s, 3%, SB: 3x +108 augments, 1x 80R-20, +64 extra stat.
  17. Alacrity, 1.4s, 5%: 1x 80R-20, +58 extra stat.
  18. Alacrity, 1.4s, 5%, SB: 1x 80R-20, +65 extra stat.
  19. Alacrity, 1.3s: 2x +108 augments, 4x 80R-1, 3x 80R-5, exact.
  20. Alacrity, 1.3s, SB: 2x +108 augments, 5x 80R-2, 1x 80R-18, 1x 80R-20, exact.
  21. Alacrity, 1.3s, 3%: 3x +108 augments, 1x 80R-9, 4x 80R-11, exact.
  22. Alacrity, 1.3s, 3%, SB: 2x +108 augments, 3x 80R-1, 1x 80R-3, 1x 80R-19, exact.
  23. Alacrity, 1.3s, 5%: 2x +108 augments, 3x 80R-3, 1x 80R-16, exact.
  24. Alacrity, 1.3s, 5%, SB: 2x +108 augments, 2x 80R-2, 2x 80R-19, exact.
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