IndieHaven & Mike Bithell

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  1. Subject: IndieHaven & Mike Bithell
  2. Sources: IndieHaven, Patreon.
  3. Date Compiled: June 19th, 2015.
  4. Credits: @A_PLANT_'s medium article on various journalist kickstarters / patreons for reference. The rest, original research.
  6.                                 ************************************************************
  7. 02.03.14: "Think its time for another coworking/chatting/coffee/awesome day at loading bar next week, maybe Tuesday? (@LaurakBuzz @xiotex @mikeBithell)"
  8. 07.12.14: @genderTruckery @cubed2D @Moranfox @Cloudhunter See my highly negative preview of Mike Bithell's Volume after he backed our patreon :P
  10. Mike Bithell has been supporting IndieHaven for 367 days. (06.16.14)
  12. Articles with Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  13. 06.16.14: Cover art revealed for dystopian stealth-puzzler Volume
  14. 07.03.14: Radius Festival: Volume Hands On Preview
  15. 08.15.14: Mike Bithell’s stealth puzzler Volume gets new gameplay trailer
  16. 09.18.14: Thomas Was Alone set to arrive on PS4 later this year
  17. 09.31.14: Andy Serkis Joins Cast of Volume
  18. 10.02.14: Thomas Was Alone hops onto Wii U, Xbox One and PS4 this November *
  19. 11.06.14: Interview – Mike Bithell (Volume) – Indie Haven Does GameCity
  20. 11.18.14: Mike Bithell Talks Volume In Home-Studio Interview
  21. 02.12.15: Diatribes on Design: Interactive and Narrative Synergy
  22. 06.10.15: Volume Release Date Revealed in New Trailer
  24. *Sourced from another site, but still listed due to the patreon connection with IndieHaven.
  27. 02.02.15: Episode 81 – Mike Bithell (Volume) – The Indie haven Podcast
  28. There IS disclosure in this podcast that Mike Bithell backs IndieHaven on patreon.
  30. Summary:
  31. Numerous coverage of Mike Bithell's Volume and coverage of himself from IndieHaven staff. No disclosure of the fact that Mike Bithell was a patreon supporter for IndieHaven is found in any coverage. Furthermore, Laura Kate makes an argument that because she included negative commentary in a preview, this discounts the issue of disclosure and potential conflict of interest. I disagree, coverage itself is invaluable. While reading the preview, I did not the get impression that the review was so negative as to turn off potential buyers, but rather critical - which can still be invaluable coverage for a potential developer, especially as a preview. I still believe that all ten pieces of coverage contain a potential conflict of interest.
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