Teenage Vinyl makes a deal (Age Difference, Nonconsensual)

May 12th, 2016
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  1. >You, as the powerful founder of some record company somewhere, decide to give a the young Vinyl Scratch the light of day. Thing is, putting money on new talent is risky, and you need some more coaxing before you make a deal with her
  3. >Be Record Exec (Cool name, I know, but I don't really dig that anon self-insert nonsense).
  5. “Come in.” The stallion shouts gruffly, flipping some papers over on the desk. He rubbed his temple with a hoof while he fought back his blistering hangover. Goddamn migraines. He didn't even bother looking up as the door open and promptly shut, the sound of hooves scuffling on the floor and the screech of a chair alerting him to the presence of another.
  7. He grunted something incoherent under his breath, doing little to acknowledge the existence of his visitor. He was clearly a busy stallion with a lot on his mind, and the thin younger mare sitting across from him did not initially seem interested in bothering him. A few awkward moments passed, the only sound being the gentle tap of a small female hoof rapping on the arm of her chair, and the stallion's grunts and mumbles while he filled out paperwork.
  9. Finally, he looked up, his expression deadpan on the mare in front of him, who looked alarmed. She was young; no older than 15, and probably one of the youngest he'd seen in here. Her body was rather petite, and though she bore a rather masculine haircut and a boyish face, she had a hidden, but womanly physique hidden underneath her punk attitude.
  11. “Well?” He growled. “I believe you had something for me, or are you just here to waste my time?” The teenager looked taken aback, hooves fiddling as she struggled for words. She was normally a confident, boisterous mare, but being put in the place she was in, in front of someone who would decide her future at this very moment was downright intimidating to anyone.
  13. “Um, yes. I believe I sent in my tape. I didn't...I didn't bring in another copy. I thought you listened to it. It should be...I sent it under the name 'DJ-Pon3'.” She stammered and struggled for words. Silently, she scolded herself for her stupidty. She was making such a mess of this! The stallion blinked and reached to his desk, flipping through some papers.
  15. “Ah, yes. The techno shit. Getting so much of this garbage being sent in these days, and mostly by young punks like yourself, who think they can press a button and make millions. You know, back in my day, music was done with instruments. Took real talent, but I guess you wouldn't know that.” He glanced over his paperwork. “But if it's trash music that sells, it's trash we make, I suppose.”
  18. Vinyl knew well enough to keep her mouth shut. She didn't mention the countless hundreds of hours she put into her work, or how much money she'd spent just to send in the mixtape. It wouldn't matter. She watched, dreading the worst, as the executive flipped over his notes.
  20. “Alright, let's see here.” He mumbled something under his breath, shook his head and laughed, as if he were telling himself some hilarious joke that only he would know. “If you want my opinion, it was like razorblades in my ears. No, an unending swarm of bees that wouldn't stop. The most redeeming quality of your tape was when it ended, and when I promptly threw it in the trash.” He watched, not without a great deal of satisfaction, as her hopes and dreams seemed to slip away in front of her very eyes, and he couldn't help but smile.
  22. “But by today's standards, it's at least mediocre, and maybe we could we could give you a shot. Put you up on stage under some flashing lights in a mini skirt and some lace and the college kids'll love you, at least for a few years.” He leaned forward and placed his hooves on his desk, a large, devilish grin forming on his face.
  24. Vinyl Scratch nearly leapt from her seat, her expression having quickly changed from distraught to overcome with joy. Her eyes lit up and she nodded with enthusiasm.
  26. “Yes, yes! Oh yes! Thank you, sir! You won't regret this, sir!” She jumped forward to take his hoof to shake, but he pulled it away, giving her an icy glare as he sat back in his chair.
  28. “Ah-ah. I didn't say you had the job yet, I said maybe. It's a possibility we could consider, should some...circumstances become more favourable.” He looked her up and down slowly, letting a short silence fill the room that made her uncomfortable. She squirmed in her chair while he looked longingly at her form.
  30. “Circumstances like what?” She finally asked, in an attempt to break the odd silence. Her question was met with an even wider grin.
  32. “Well, so long as you convince me that you're...worth taking on. And you do as I say.” He watched her carefully, wondering if she'd understand. She seemed like a smart mare, after all. She looked confused, her head listing to one side to emphasize her lack of understand.
  34. “That's quite alright. Why don't you come sit over here?” He was already climbing off his chair and walking around the desk to a long sofa he had on one side of the room, and patted a spot next to where he chose to sit. Feeling confused, Vinyl followed his orders and did as she was told. This was her future, after all, so it was imperitve that she not waste the opportunity.
  36. Record Exec seemed to have changed tone entirely as he reaches around and stroked her back, another reaching down below his own. Feeling even more uncomfortable than before, Vinyl cautiously glanced up at him, ears flicking as he spoke.
  38. “So tell me, dear. Have you ever 'been' with a stallion before? One at school, perhaps? On the streets? Your own father?” The hoof on her back seemed to move lower, making it's way down to her flanks while the one between his legs moved up and down, coaxing something out.
  40. “Come closer now. I want you to lean down and open your mouth.” He spoke sternly, encouraging her forward. His legs opened and he revealed to her a large stallionshood, fleshy and stiff, with two hanging orbs beneath. She was close enough that the scent of musk immediately filled her nose, and she recoiled.
  42. Unimpressed, Record put a hoof on her head and pushed her down.
  44. “I said open your mouth, bitch. Do you want this record deal? Do I as I say.”
  46. Realization struck Vinyl now as she was forced to come face-to-face with a throbbing member, already dripping pre onto her muzzle. She didn't have time to think about her actions, or whether it was worth it, before the hoof on her head forced her down. She opened her mouth to yell out in protest, and was met instead with a mouthful of cock that thrusted itself into her maw and back to her throat.
  47. Caring little for his partner's comforyt Record began thrusting back and forth at a rapid pace, his balls swaying from the inertia of pushing his cock into the filly's face repeatedly. He tapped against the back of her throat numerous times. On the last thrust, he pushed himself with greater force and entered her throat. Vinyl coughed and gagged while she struggled to breathe, though clearly he had more important things to worry about.
  49. Again and again his throbbing cock, sticky with saliva and his rapidly dripping pre, fucked her throat, sliding in and out of the tight orifice while the young mare gasped for air. He gave it to her only when she was desperate enough, pulling out another to allow her to gasp for breath, only to thrust himself back inside, his medial ring touch her lips.
  51. “F-fuck.” He threw his head back and moaned into the air. Good thing his office was soundproof. “You're amazing at this. You must have practice.” He gripped a hoofful of mane and yanked it down. She predictably yelled out in pain, and he used the opportunity to drive himself forward, deep enough in her throat that his ring actually moved past her lips.
  53. The young mare flailed her hooves weakly, trying to find something or anything to grip her hooves on so that she could brace herself. Noticing this, the stallion laughed and simply pushed her down further.
  55. “Too much for you? I get that a lot. Very well, I'll finish another way.” With a grip of her mane, he pulled her in the other direction, watching her fall back and swallow gulps of air and gasp. She shivered as she saw him advance further, his stallion cock dripping with her saliva now.
  57. “Turn around and lift your tail. Keep that ass in the air.” He rolled off the couch onto all fours, glaring down at her impatiently. It took a moment for his command to register in Vinyl's oxygen-lacking brain, but when it did she looked at him in shock.
  59. This was no way for a filly to lose her virginity! It was supposed to happen with someone she loved and cared about, on a romantic night in a faraway field, under a moonlight sky or some junk. Not on the smelly couch in the office of some pervy executive. She could think of a million reasons now to just run away, but the prospect of her music career kept coming back to mind, and she gulped audibly. She might now have another chance like this, and she knew that she was willing to do whatever it takes. What was this, next to a new career as a music star? It was practically nothing.
  61. With renewed resolve, Vinyl Scratch turned onto her belly, laying on shaky hooves and lifted her tail out of the way. She faced the back of the couch and let her rear hooves dangle off the edge. She didn't have to wait long for him, grimacing as he put his body weight on top of her with another disgusting grunt, forehooves moving to her side.
  63. “Get ready, bitch.” He growled into her ear, a hissing sound that made her wince. His breath smelled horrible as he got up close, sniffing her mane and nibbling along her face. He reaked of alcohol.
  65. Uncaring and cold, Record Exec began humping his hips aimlessly, pressing against her backside to find the right entrance. After some trail and error, smearing pre along her thighs, his tip pressed against warm folds, and he shivered. Vinyl went stiff and gritted her teeth, preparing herself for something she didn't know what to expect for.
  67. He barely gave her a moment's notice before hooking onto her sides with his hooves and driving his fleshrod into her, spreading her labia and penetrating her never-before touched marehood. Her walls were incredibly warm and welcoming, squeezing around him despite whines of pain and discomfort that came from her mouth. She barely squirmed an inch as he pulled back and speared her again, wasting no time to find a gradual rhythm of fucking her, inching deeper and deeper each time as he spread her to the best of his abilities.
  69. Overcome with sensations, the young Vinyl whimpered and cried out, face buried in her forehooves. At first, her visiion seemed blurry and unintelligbile, pain washing over her like someone had stapped a nail into her skin. As minutes dragged back and his uncomfortable weight bore into her more, his thrusting picked up and she started to feel different. A warm senstion filled her up, deep in her stomach that caused her to clench down and let out a loud moan.
  71. His teeth sunk into her neck and he growled deeply, more than he had before, and picked up the pace dramatically. He was forcing himself deeper now, spreading her so quickly that it was painful, and she yelped in response to each powerful slam into her backside. It didn't take long for him to force himself up to his hilt, hips slapping against her flank.
  73. Overcome and accomplished, he groaned happily while his cock flared and locked itself deep into her pussy, pushed against her cervix. He pressed as deep as he could. Much to Vinyl surprise, his member began shoothing large spurts of thick, hot and creamy liquid deep into her womb, soaking her walls. The torrent of potent seed didn't stop, even after the stallion had stopped moaning and howling about how tight she was. Her belly began to bulge noticeably as the onset of cum refused to cease. Vinyl's eye's shut tight, wishing for it to be over, but it just kept going.
  75. They stayed in that position for what felt like hours, but was in reality only several moments before he tucked himself free with an audible 'pop', watching with satisfaction as cum oozed from her well-used hole. He sat down on his hauches almost immediately and leaned heavily onto the sofa, panting and wiping his brow.
  77. “Phew! What a workout! Haven't had pussy that tight in ages.” He laughed heartily. “We'll record your record and give you a small tour, kid, so long as you come back to me every Tuesday. That's our deal. I'll have the receptionist drum up a contract. Now go clean yourself up.” He gave her head a pat and walked back to his desk, sat down, and began working on his paperwork again, leaving Vinyl in a puddle of cum to think about her life choices.
  79. --End (For now! May come back to write more about these two).
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