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  5. As many are well aware, for the last two thousand years, the Church has been deceiving its believers.
  6. The well-qualified hypocrites who rule over the Church never hesitate to dictate to innocent believers.
  7. They have brainwashed them with numerous doctrines and theories.
  8. As a result, faith has been lost, and honesty and humility are no longer even heard of.
  9. The very foundation of the teachings of Christ has been shattered.
  12. Many people do not know that the Pentecostal Church which takes pride in spiritual worship is actually an orthodox cult.
  13. They will prevent you from leading a normal life and force you to obey their orthodox rules and regulations.
  14. They call themselves "Christians" and yet do not behave like one.
  15. They have never heard of the word "humility". They suffer from a bloated ego and think everyone else as inferior.
  16. They are known for putting up pretences.
  17. They will propagate doctrines that suit their own purposes.
  18. They will misinterpret the teachings of Christ according to their own fancies.
  19. They will teach you to remain aloof from "other kinds of people".
  20. They think they can fool God by praising Him. God is not one who can be fooled by their pretentious Praise & Worship sessions.  Salvation cannot be attained through the noisy cacophony of Praise.
  21. They have also gained a notoriety for demanding tithes.
  22. Since when did wealth gain more importance than faith and devotion?
  23. They call themselves "born-again" christians and yet behave worse than pagans!
  24. Some of these pentecostal pastors are in fact sexual predators. They will call you to their office, put you in a trance and 'touch' you and pray for you. Their real intention is to fondle you. They derive sexual pleasure within that short span of time.
  25. Numerous innocent people have already been taken in by the "born-again" propaganda of these pentecostalists.
  26. Pentecostalism is a deceitful denomination.
  27. These crooks will tell you their sob stories and gain your sympathy. Do not fall for their marvelously cunning tactics.
  28. Many of these pastors are in fact former criminals. They think they can escape the Law if they become a Christian pastor or evangelist.
  29. Pentecostalism has ultimately turned out to be a big farce.
  31. The Protestant and its associated churches have grown untrustworthy over the years.
  32. They misuse the funds they receive from American Missionaries by dividing it among themselves and their families.
  33. Numerous instances of infighting and financial misappropriation heralds their 'sanctity'.
  34. They plot malicious plans against each other and have made dirty the holy ground on which they stand.
  35. Protestantism is a deceptive denomination.
  36. They think themselves superior to other christians and yet behave like low-class hooligans.
  37. Did you know that the Protestant Church is prominently funded by the American Gun Manufacturer's lobby?
  39. The LDS Church (Latter-Day Saints) is a dangerous church, though not as dangerous as the Pentecostalists.
  40. They have a twisted Bible with twisted teachings and everything they do is the opposite of what they say!
  42. The Jehovah's Witness is a covert cult that propagates their own version of Christianity. They will force you to obey them; and if you don't, they will destroy your life.
  44. The ever-idolatrous Catholic Church has always treated believers like slaves.
  45. Their sweet talk and dignified demeanour have managed to conceal their cunning manoeuvres.
  46. Their pretences have gone unnoticed for more than a century.
  47. Their right hand performs noble deeds, while their left indulges in wickedness.
  48. Many priests, bishops, and mother-superiors have been caught swindling gold and money in the last five decades.
  49. Did you know that every Arch-Bishop in India has more than one crore rupees in each of their bank accounts?
  50. They spend all the Church-money extravagantly on themselves.
  51. These priests call themselves "Father" but they seldom behave like one.
  52. Did you know that the Catholic Secular Forum is a radical christian organisation?
  53. The Catholic Secular Forum is just a christian version of the RSS.
  54. Did you know that the Vatican is a Money-Making Organisation that is prominently funded by Italian Mafia from all over the World?
  55. Catholicism is a dubious denomination.
  56. Catholicism is just a refined form of paganism.
  57. Rome wants to remain the seat of power for all christians and thus Rome is going to be destroyed very soon due to such paganism.
  59. Lay preachers and evangelists who claim to rescue the 'lost sheep' are busy minting money with their Bibles.
  60. The Word of God has no value in their sight.
  61. They collect offerings periodically and keep on building churches and tabernacles.
  62. One evangelist secretly told another evangelist, "This year I am building a Church, so you please build your Church next year; only then I will also receive offerings and you will also receive offerings; and the gullible people will not be burdened."
  63. Whenever they are in need of money, they will promptly ask you for help, but when you are in need of money, none of them will come to your aid.
  64. They ask people to bring in their tithes, but never do so themselves.
  65. They ask people to pay taxes, but they never pay taxes to the Government.
  66. They live a life of hypocrisy.
  67. These priests/pastors/evangelists/bishops have mastered the art of deception.  They glorify themselves while they pretend to glorify God.
  68. These crooks have been thriving over the last 2000 years purely due to YOUR gullibility.
  69. These blasphemous bastards very graciously preach spirituality, but never practice it themselves!
  70. They are scoundrels of the highest order. They should not be killed, but must be kept alive and stripped of their livelihood.
  71. There is no point in opposing them. If you oppose them, they will promptly say "Brother, God loves you immensely" and just walk away. They know how to mesmerize you.
  72. There is no point in filing cases against these evangelists in Court, because they will naturally escape the Law.  They have "agents" in all Govt offices and Courts.  They know exactly how to escape the Law.
  73. These self-righteous crooks should be taught a befitting lesson. All their wealth must be confiscated and distributed to the poor.
  75. These christians have become a big nuisance to society now.
  76. Be wise, and do not associate with such christians in any manner. Do not appoint christians in your offices or schools or colleges any more.
  78. The orphanages and old-age homes that churches own are not really being taken care of.
  79. Much of those donations that they receive is not being utilized for the orphans but is being spent extravagantly on church buildings, statues, and other infrastructure.
  80. Does a Church really need to be fully air-conditioned?
  82. Apart from the usual unethical traits mentioned above, Christian institutions charge exorbitant capitation fees taking advantage of the trust the laity place in them.
  83. Almost every Christian Convent, forces students and teachers to sell 'donation tickets' in public.
  84. Did you know that Catholic Convents were the first to spread the culture of demanding capitation fees, throughout the world?
  86. Above all, the wealth and property of all Churches is not disclosed to the government, nor is tax being paid for the same.
  87. Did you know that every Christian monastery has a secret underground cellar where they store all their wealth and gold?
  88. The Church has mastered the art of deception and ultimately, has grown more wicked than Satan.
  89. The innocent Christians who promptly attend services every Sunday have gradually been blinded by the clever tactics of the Church for more than a century.
  90. Christianity has become the BIGGEST HOAX in the world.
  91. Don't get brainwashed by these half-baked twisted truths propagated by so-called Leaders of the Church.
  92. These pastors/priests/evangelists/bishops are LIARS.  They are all bloody liars just like their predecessors.
  94. Doctrine of Miracles:
  95. Miracles are the easiest way to entice non-Christians.  There is no such thing as a 'permanent cure'.
  96. Miracles do not happen all the time and every time for everybody.  A person may think he is healed, but in reality it is not so. All this, is a kind of mesmerism.  As soon as a non-Christian receives a miracle, he thinks he has to convert to Christianity. This is how these poor innocent people are taken for a ride by Pastors/Priests/Evangelists. They have been deceiving not only non-Christians, but also other denominations of Christians too !  They will ask their relatives to narrate fictitious miracles to you. They will concoct various eye-watering stories about miracles that have never happened, thereby enticing you. They will even tell you that YOU HAVE TO BE A CHRISTIAN IN ORDER TO WORSHIP JESUS! They are known for propagating utter lies. They are the Father of All Lies. Do not get entangled with such Evangelical Groups.
  98. Doctrine of Evangelism:
  99. Many Christians in India have been fooled by the Doctrine of Evangelism. The Doctrine of Evangelism originated in the West in the early 1960s in order to mobilize more church-goers. Ironically, their plan backfired, since many Western Christians came to know of their sinister designs. The only choice left for them was to 'export' the Doctrine of Evangelism to the East.  The middle-east was a no-go. Hence the only gullible people in the East were the Asians and the most gullible among the lot were the Indians. And so, the Doctrine of Evangelism promptly arrived in India. They first began by encouraging lay Christians to receive a so-called "Anointing". They labeled it the "Anointing of the Holy Spirit".  However, contrary to what most people believe, this wasn't an anointing of the 'Holy' Spirit, rather, it was more of an anointing of a 'Succumbing Spirit', wherein the common people succumb to the plans and desires of pastors/evangelists/priests/nuns/bishops. Obviously there is nothing 'holy' about it. This was how, many innocent people got caught up in the nefarious designs of these pastors. They will promptly tell you that it is mandatory for every Christian to evangelize! What they will not tell you, is that these are the tactics they use, to increase their clout. India is a marvelous destination for these doctrine-peddlars considering its vast diverse population. It is easy to sell an idea here, created by a no-good bunch of pastors/priests ages ago. Numerous lay christians in India have been misled by this Doctrine of Evangelism.
  101. Pastors will jump with joy when one more 'sheep' joins their fold! First, they will ask you to 'visit' their Church. Then, they will ask you to 'try to attend' services regularly.  Then, they will start coming to your house and conduct prayers. Then, they will ask you to pay offerings.  Then, they will slowly ask you to pay tithes. Then, they will coax you to participate in their 'prayer meetings'.  Then, they will slowly 'train' you in their prayers. Then, they will ask you to accompany them in visiting the sick to pray for them.  Then, they will make you a 'prayer warrior'. Then, they will tell you that "God" has anointed you to preach the good news to the people. Finally, they will make an Evangelist out of you. You who were just minding your own business have ended up in a worse position than before.
  103. These crooks will come to your house and tell you that "God" himself has sent them to your house to pray for you.  Their so-called "prayers" are just a long-term "investment".  Gradually, they will mesmerize you and swindle all your money by way of tithes and offerings.  Never ever allow these rascals into your house. Once they get into your house, they will start coming frequently. And slowly, you will find all your wealth diminishing. In the end you will be left without a penny. They know the art of sucking every penny out of you. And when they can swindle from you no more, they will just walk away.  YOU WILL BE LEFT WITH NOTHING AND NOBODY WILL COME TO YOUR AID. They will promptly say, "God will see to all your needs" and just walk away. Ha! Their "God" is a no better crook than them, because their "God" is their belly!
  105. Ask these Indian evangelists to go and preach to the Sentinelese people in Andaman, and they will flatly refuse. Because, these evangelists have been leading a cosy-comfortable life enjoying all the tithes and offerings received in mainland India. They will never venture into unchartered territory. Why would they want to be killed, when they can enjoy their life by brainwashing you! They are quite satisfied receiving benefits from newly-converted gullible christians.
  107. Evangelism is a business just like any other. It is an organisation just like any other organisation, except, it is filled with crooks! Do not get entangled with such people. They specialise in mind control. They will make you their slaves and in the end, they will turn you also into a CROOK!
  108. Do not associate with the Christian community in any manner.  They are very dangerous people. They know exactly how to brainwash you. They will promptly visit you even though you had not invited them home. Their true motive is not to spread the teachings of Christ but to extract money from both fellow Christians and Non-Christians. They do this very gradually over a period of time. Christian spirits gobble up all your money unlike Hindu spirits who gobble up only fruits and bananas.  Earlier they used to say "If you become a Christian you will surely be saved". Now they say "You have to become a born-again Christian". All of a sudden something called "Born-Again Christianity" popped up out of nowhere. Tomorrow, they may say something else! They will invent devious methods to extract money from you. This is their true motive.
  110. Doctrine of Denomination:
  111. They will tell you that you must attend a particular church. They will tell you that you must belong to a particular Denomination.
  112. Did you know that Denomination is a Blasphemy against God?
  113. Jesus did not ask people to worship Religion.
  114. Jesus did not ask people to worship Denomination.
  115. Jesus did not ask people to worship Pastors/Priests/Evangelists/Bishops/Nuns.
  116. Jesus only taught people to believe in themselves.
  117. These Religious Congregation of Thieves and Liars have twisted the teachings of Jesus according to their own convenience.
  118. They have created numerous denominations for themselves, so that they can earn money in Jesus' name.
  119. They will just sit there and keep collecting all the lovely-lovely money you give them. This is what they are fit for.
  120. They create their own rules and regulations such that it suits their own purposes.
  121. If you do not obey these rules, they will ostracize you.
  122. There is immense competition among these denominations too, each one defaming the other.
  123. They have failed to behave like true disciples of Christ.
  124. Do not get entangled with the Church. If you get entangled with any such crooked organisation, it is very difficult to come out of it.
  126. Doctrine of Christian Family Life:
  127. Many young men and women are being encouraged to convert to Christianity. These new converts are encouraged to marry Christian women or Christian men, so that the Church can supervise these families in their Christian life. They are encouraged to beget 2 or 3 children so that Christianity remains alive and spreads far and wide throughout the world. These children are given a Western education and are encouraged to migrate to other parts of the world, thereby propagating Christianity. This is how Christianity spread throughout the world over the centuries. They will promptly tell you that Christianity poses no threat to other religions. What you cannot see, is that Christianity was created specifically to decimate other religions throughout the world. This is how pastors/priests/bishops/nuns/evangelists have continued to fool the entire world!
  129. Doctrine of Integration:
  130. The Elders of the Church advise lay christians to integrate well with alien societies, so that they (the leaders) may find it easier to convert the non-believers.  They will tell you "You must integrate their customs and traditions into your practice of Christianity so that you can gain their trust and mesmerize them." These innocent non-believers are naturally fooled into thinking that Christianity is very much like their own religions. Due to this fact, these innocent people will ofcourse find it easier to move into Christian circles and gradually get brainwashed by the doctrines of the Church. It only simplifies the job of Church leaders. Innocent People! Do not associate with such Christians. Do not get fooled by their practices.
  132. Doctrine of the Sabbath:
  133. The Jews invented something called the "Sabbath" on Fridays. The Christians hijacked it to a Sunday. Ironically, Jesus was crucified on THURSDAY, not Friday (since they do not kill people on Fridays; they probably do so, on other days of the week!). The Sabbath day is considered mighty Holy! It seems it is a day of prayer and fasting. Therefore, you are supposed to be mindful of God on the Sabbath day alone. God has become like a servant for you, patiently waiting on you, on the Sabbath day alone. The rest of the week, God is abandoned like a leprous beggar.  THEY HAVE TREATED GOD LIKE A MENIAL SERVANT.
  135. Doctrine of Idolatry:
  136. Some Churches favour idols and wooden crosses while others do not. They intentionally cause confusion among new believers as to what to worship and what not to worship. Either way it keeps them in business and you end up losing all your money. They just love to invent new-new doctrines and incorporate them in the newer editions of The Bible. This is obviously a clever manipulation of religion and religious customs.  What they don't realise is that, SWINDLING TITHES IS THE GREATEST FORM OF IDOLATRY.
  138. Doctrine of Inherent Sin/Original Sin:
  139. "You are born in sin. You are basically a sinful person."  These are the kind of statements Pastors/Priests/Evangelists/Bishops use in order to brainwash you. They will train you to think that everything you do is "evil". They will inculcate in you a sense of guilt thereby subduing you. You shall continue to hold this guilt throughout your life. This is the way they take advantage of you and keep you as slaves of the Church. This is one of their first steps to establish their propaganda.
  141. Doctrine of Eternal Damnation:
  142. "You shall burn in the fires of Hell if you do not obey God." they will tell you.
  143. This is how they frighten innocent people. The poor people who are already suffering greatly, are being misled by fake doctrines and theories. It is very easy to mislead such gullible people. These doctrines were invented to the advantage of Pastors/Priests/Evangelists/Bishops so that they may have complete control over people's lives. The people will be powerless before them and will naturally succumb to these doctrines and theories. They will do anything that these Pastors/Priests/Evangelists/Bishops ask them to do, even going so far as to donate all their wealth to the Church.
  145. Doctrine of Holy Poverty:
  146. Pastors and Priests will promptly tell you that being wealthy is sinful. Ironically, they are the ones who are the most wealthy. They will stress the importance of having meagre wealth by saying "Poverty brings you closer to God". No wonder these pastors/priests/evangelists are so far from God! They will tell you that being poor is a "blessing" from God. "God loves poor people" they will tell you. They specialise in hypocritical doctrines. These crooks will gradually swindle all your wealth and intentionally keep you poor, so that you become dependent on them. You shall forever remain their slave. These crooks expect YOU to pay THEM every month a so-called "offering" or "tithe" or "parish fees". And yet when you are in need of money, none of them will send you any money or financial aid. Have you ever seen any Pastor/Priest/Evangelist/Bishop sending the people, money every month? These religious rascals behave like real-estate brokers expecting a commission for everything.  They will not allow you to earn too much wealth.  This is how they have kept innocent believers poor over the last 2000 years!
  148. Doctrine of Charity:
  149. Everybody knows that it is important to be charitable in life. This is your weakness and this is how they take advantage of your charitable nature. They will promptly advise you not to hoard wealth or it will be detrimental to your health! They will even tell you not to donate to non-Christian organisations. They will coax you to donate only to Churches and its associated christian organisations. This is how these  Pastors/Priests/Evangelists/Bishops brainwash you periodically. Do not give these crooks your phone number or your address. They will start coming to your house to ask for money. They will even ring up to you every week!  Funnily enough, these Pastors/Priests/Evangelists/Bishops are never charitable. You who have been paying them Parish fees, Tithes, Donations, Offerings for the past 2000 years; ask yourself, have THEY done anything for you?
  151. Doctrine of Lent:
  152. The Church has created something called "Lent" as though they have not done enough damage already. They have some special rules and regulations neatly laid out for you. You shouldn't make merry. You shouldn't watch movies. You shouldn't eat non-vegetarian food. And you shouldn't do all those dirty things that mortals usually do. Which means, you can do all those things for the rest of the year! You are required to live like a "God" for 40 days in a year. The Leaders of the Church graciously impart these rules and regulations which they have invented in order to keep you ignorant and serve the purposes of the Church. But do you know what these priests/pastors do during Lent? They eat non-vegetarian food, watch television soaps and make merry behind closed doors. 'Hypocrites' is too polite a word to be used for these blasphemous bastards!
  154. Doctrine of the Tithes (and offerings):
  155. The Doctrine of the Tithes is the most favorite topic of pastors/evangelists. They will give you numerous instances of Biblical references stressing the importance of Tithes. They even go to the extent of cursing you if you do not pay your tithes promptly! According to them, the Law of the Tithes even surpasses the Ten Commandments in sanctity! Not only are you required to pay tithes, you are also required to pay offerings regularly. "We need to buy new audio equipment for our Church and so we are in need of exactly Rs. 60000", they will promptly tell you. Funnily enough, they keep buying 'new' audio equipment almost every year! If they do not require audio equipment, then they will require "a new car for the Church" or "a new projector" or "a new display" or "a new air-conditioner" or a.....and the list goes on and on and on. Going by these various 'requirements', even a Politician will seem like a beggar today when you compare his wealth to that of an Evangelist. They even have the nerve to tell you not to donate to anyone else but only to them alone.  They keep building more and more churches without spending money from their own pockets! One evangelist has been building a so-called "Tabernacle" for more than seven years! It appears that God has more homes built for himself than the Poor of the World. They ask people to keep on donating money to them. They take delight in preying upon the meagre wealth of the poor. They know exactly how to brainwash believers through the magazines they send every month. These magazines contain a "Money-Swindling Spirit" that brainwashes you.  Once you start reading their magazines, you will feel like donating more and more money every month.  They will intentionally keep you POOR and take advantage of you.  They will tell you that God cannot bless you unless you donate to his servants (evangelists). People, don't get fooled by such doctrines. God will certainly bless you even if you do not pay Him! Such is the love of God.  God has already remitted every penny for you. You do not have to pay anything to anybody. These crooked pastors/priests/evangelists/bishops have been fooling you for the past 2000 years.  They will promptly tell you "We are doing God's business, so you must pay us your tithes".  They have discovered a wonderful technique to extract money out of gullible people like you.  This is nothing but "swindling". They have politely called it an "offering".  The innocent people continue to donate money thinking that their offerings really reach God!.   People, please be careful; your tithes and offerings DO NOT REACH GOD. They go into the pockets of opportunistic spiritual crooks whom the world calls 'evangelists' or 'pastors' or 'priests' or 'nuns' or 'bishops' or 'swamis' or 'yogis' or 'gurus'.  These blood-suckers have manipulated you your whole life! YOU have been funding THEIR lifestyle!  One evangelist has bank accounts in 26 countries! The world must act fast. TAKE THE SPOILS OF THESE EVANGELISTS/PRIESTS/PASTORS/BISHOPS/SWAMIS/YOGIS/GURUS AND GIVE IT TO THE POOR.
  158. Salary      Tithe (1/10th)  Remnant     Introspection
  159. 1000    -   100 =   900 <-- Can you survive with this money for a month?
  160. 2000    -   200 =   1800    <-- Can you survive with this money for a month?
  161. 5000    -   500 =   4500    <-- Can you survive with this money for a month?
  162. 10000   -   1000    =   9000    <-- Can you survive with this money for a month?
  163. 20000   -   2000    =   18000   <-- Perhaps you can survive with this money, is it not?
  164. 50000   -   5000    =   45000   <-- You can very well survive with this money for more than a month !!
  165. Our Questions:
  173. Doctrine of the Body of Christ:
  174. These crooks will promptly tell you that the Church is the "Body of Christ" and therefore the church and its leaders must be revered and respected. But ask them what kind of Church they have created? They have created a church that plunders the Poor, keeps the people ignorant, brainwashes them periodically with mundane doctrines that crooked leaders have invented over time, prevents them from leading a dignified life, takes advantage of their weaknesses and swindles all their hard-earned wealth. Is this the so-called "Body of Christ"? Look how shamefully they have treated the Body of Christ!  Are these money-swindlers the true 'disciples' of Christ? Take a look at what the disciples did after Jesus ordained them. They never collected offerings from the people. In fact, when the people brought in their offerings, the disciples distributed every penny to the poor present there. They never kept anything for themselves, because they truly trusted in God for their subsistence. Have you ever seen any true disciple today? Look how they have tarnished the Body of Christ today!
  176. Doctrine of the Apostles:
  177. After the demise of Jesus, the apostles took over his congregation. They invented their own doctrines. These doctrines have been modified over the years and are being preached today by these evangelists/pastors/priests. They will coax you to attend Church services. They will tell you that you will not be blessed if you do not go to Church. They will tell you that it is mandatory to be part of a christian religious organisation. They will tell you that it is mandatory to serve the Leaders of the Church. "Serving priests is equal to serving God" they will tell you. These are the kind of LIES they utter in order to fool the people. They are habitual LIARS. Thus the true teachings of Christ have disappeared from the face of the Earth!
  179. Doctrine of the Word of God:
  180. According to these self-righteous pastors and evangelists, every believer is required to be 'anointed' with the Word. They will tell you that even though you go to church, you do not have the "Word of God" within you and hence you must attend 'prayer meetings' to enable the 'Word of God' to dwell within you. They conduct separate prayer meetings at various locations in the city and there too they encourage offerings. They do not exhibit even an ounce of honesty and shamelessly carry on their nefarious deeds even though the whole World is aware of it.  They shamelessly sell the Word of God for money.  As you can see, every strategy that pastors/priests/evangelists use, is only aimed at earning more money out of gullible people, and preaching has become a convenient excuse. Evangelism is a fantastic business opportunity for them. They will keep telling you "The last days are coming...the last days are please don't hoard any of your wealth...donate for a noble cause and god will blesh you!"  They know exactly how to brainwash believers and extract money from them.  These crooks are trained to do just that.  They are trained in Bible Colleges all around the world. They intentionally propagate fake doctrines regarding God and religion. These doctrines were invented by leaders of the Church according to their own whims and fancies, so that they could remain in business. They go by a book called "The Bible" - a book which has been manipulated over the years by crooked leaders of the Church, enabling them to swindle more and more money from innocent believers for centuries. The Church claims that the Bible is the "Word of God". However, the Bible wasn't written by Jesus. It was written by certain priests who claimed that they had an "anointing" but we do not know what kind of "anointing" they had. They obviously had the anointing of a "Money-Making Spirit". They erased the teachings of Christ and interjected numerous fake doctrines into the Bible such that it suits them alone. The Church is NOT a representative of God. They will promptly claim that "God" has anointed them to preach the Word of God. They, on the other hand, preach their own doctrines. These crooks sit in their cosy-comfortable thrones, without propagating the true teachings of Christ and yet anxiously expect the Second Coming of Christ.  Jesus will certainly not come to Them!
  182. Doctrine of Prophesies:
  183. Apart from the vast number of crooked doctrines mentioned above, there is some hilarious competition among evangelists/pastors/priests/bishops too.  They take pride in prophesying events of the future, particularly political events. Every evangelist utters vague prophesies in order to prove his/her spiritual skills. They even go so far as to name political parties who will positively win the election! Almost all their prophesies were found to be fake. They behave like cheap astrologers.  It has become quite comical, observing them exhibiting these funny skills. You will finally end up paying these "cheap astrologers" all your wealth. You will find all your wealth gradually disappearing before your very eyes. You will not even realise how they fooled you!  They think they can fool the people through such dubious prophecies.  They will graciously mention that it is "God" who has "spoken" these prophecies! How small minded they are!
  185. All these doctrines were NOT created by Jesus. It is the Wicked Leaders of the Church who invented these doctrines, so that they could take advantage of innocent people. They have made themselves Gods and masquerade with an air of superiority.  They intentionally complicated Spirituality, so that they could remain in Power. This is their primary profession. This is how they make money. They only know how to swindle money from believers.  They never donate any money to the poor people.  If you oppose the Church, these Wicked Leaders will get rid of you. They will get rid of you exactly in the same way they got rid of Jesus!  It is high time these crooks are exposed. Don't give too much importance to these religious leaders or they will start taking advantage of you. Learn to ignore them.  Many Christians don't even know that the "Christianity" they follow today, was invented by the Church, not by Jesus Christ.  Jesus preached the true 'Dharma'.  Did you know that Jesus was the first man to impart Dharma to the Vaishyas and Sudras (while he was India)? Until then, Dharma was the exclusive property of Brahmins alone. None of the lower classes were allowed to learn Dharma. So, Jesus angered the Brahmins. This is the reason why the Brahmin priests kicked him out of India. Jesus' very first disciples were the Vaishyas and Sudras of India. (Source: The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ)
  187. Has religion really benefitted Mankind?
  188. Religion is the root of all evil. Religion is a set of codes and regulations, instituted by certain evil cults over the centuries, in order to manipulate innocent people. It is very easy to fool people using Religious concepts. They will readily believe anything that these crooked religious leaders propagate.  Never have so few, manipulated so many, in so little a time. You shall forever be subdued. Religion has not solved the world's problems and it never will.  RELIGION IS A PROPAGANDA THAT WAS CREATED TO PREVENT SOCIOECONOMIC PROGRESS.  They will promptly tell you that this is just "a way of life".  They know exactly how to brainwash you.  But unless Religion is wiped out from the face of the earth, there will be no peace.  Once the world is rid of all these religious rascals, there will be peace and harmony among all races. They will promptly tell you that religion has benefitted Mankind greatly. But the truth is, Religion itself was created by an evil cult. It was created to serve their own purposes and fulfil carnal desires. They have promptly given themselves the authority to teach you about "civilisation" as though you are incapable of living on your own. These self-righteous scoundrels promptly preach about God as though they have done nothing wrong in their own life. Nobody questions them, because the people are under the impression that whatever they say "comes from God".  God and Religion are two different entities. Certain evil cults have connected the two for their own sinister purposes. They have turned Religion into a lucrative business opportunity!  They have successfully brainwashed more than half the world. If you calculate all your expenses throughout your life, you will realise that you have wasted the largest sum of money on religion alone. You will realise what a lot of money you have wasted on these religious crooks.  They keep constructing Temples, Churches and Mosques all over the world. None of them are going to stand tall one day. They shall all come crumbling down. These are the modern thieves of the 21st Century. They promptly start an organisation in the name of religion, they peddle the doctrines that they have invented and they collect money for their own survival.  They specialise in the shameless manipulation of innocent people. You will ultimately find yourself licking their feet for survival and that is what THEY want.  They know exactly how to brainwash you and swindle all your wealth. They revel in causing confusion among the people. The various religious scriptures are merely glorified History Textbooks specialising in a distorted version of History. These Religious Leaders were the ones who caused divisions in the World. They brought conflicts among numerous Kingdoms throughout the World. They are the real culprits. These wretched traitors will do anything to keep themselves alive. They will teach you on how to worship Religion and how to remain subservient. They have wasted all your money in building Churches, Temples, Tabernacles, Mosques and other religious places of worship.  They have taken advantage of you very beautifully! Thus, all Religions have failed in the original purpose of Salvation of Mankind. They have all gone astray.  They will not tell you the Truth, because they are scared that all their misdeeds would be exposed. Do not waste your time serving these Religious Leaders. Serving them is NOT EQUAL TO serving God. (That was another doctrine they had created.)  They have discovered how to take advantage of you. It is time for you to take revenge on these religious leaders and the best way to take revenge on them is by not visiting Churches, Temples, Mosques and other religious places of worship anymore.  You must stop believing the rotten doctrines that they have invented. The curse of the innocent people will come upon them.
  190. Does God really exist?
  191. These so-called 'Leaders' cannot even prove the existence of God. They will invent new doctrines and theories in order to entice you. Their only motive is to keep you ignorant ! They will coax you to worship God. These shameless people take credit for all YOUR hard toil and spin. They will claim that it is because of their 'prayers' that you have been blessed. Politicians and Religious Leaders are the two biggest culprits in the World.  Never ever trust them.  They know exactly how to take advantage of you. These Rascals will intentionally destroy your life. This is how they survive.
  192. O Ignorant People, Don't waste your time worshipping God. Nothing bad is going to happen to you if you do not worship God.  Worshipping God is an immense waste of time. Some people do that as a profession. Even if God exists, that does not mean you have to worship him!  If you require a God for survival, then you probably are a COWARD !  Once you start having faith in God, these religious crooks will start taking advantage of you. Do not remain primitive. Perhaps it will take many more centuries for Mankind to realise that God does not exist and that Mankind has wasted all their time (and money) worshipping a so-called 'God'!
  195. O Foolish Christians, look how you have been taken for a ride in the last 2000 years.
  196. People, do not get fooled by these crooked doctrines that they churn out periodically.
  197. They have forgotten the Love of God.
  198. They have forgotten Forgiveness.
  199. They have forgotten Repentance.
  200. Their only motive is to take advantage of you and they are capable of doing anything to accomplish their goals.  If you keep listening to them, you shall forever remain a slave of Religious Tradition.  The Church and its stooges will continue to take advantage of you as long as you remain gullible. They will lead you towards SPIRITUAL PERVERSION.  They did not propagate what Jesus taught the world, instead they preached their own doctrines that they invented over the last few hundred years. These wicked religious leaders have turned the Church into a HUGE BUSINESS EMPIRE.  They created a new "Jesus" for themselves so that they could earn lots of money in His name!  They have propagated a corrupted version of Christianity over the centuries. They have propagated doctrines invented by Men and have very politely labeled it the "Law of God".  They have turned Christianity into a dubious religion. They have propagated 'Biblical Christianity' as against the true teachings of Christ.  The 'Spirit of Deceit and Covetousness' exists in their midst.  The innocent people have the tendency to believe everything that is given in the Bible.  The poor people have the tendency to believe everything that the Church tells them.  Tomorrow, if the Church tells them that "Jesus has arrived", then that too they will promptly believe!  GOD CAN NEVER DELIVER YOU FROM THESE WICKED PRIESTS AND CROOKED EVANGELISTS.  Put not your trust in vague prophesies uttered by these evangelists and pastors and priests.  You will ultimately realise that it has been a colossal waste of time and money, at the end of your life.
  202. Finally, the Church has become a hindrance to Christ.
  203. Jesus has been patented by the Christians (even though he was a Jew!). They have kept Jesus Christ for themselves alone. They have twisted the teachings of Christ according to their own convenience.  Jesus never created Christianity. Jesus preached Love. Jesus preached Forgiveness. Jesus preached Repentence. Jesus taught Mankind to believe in themselves. Jesus never collected tithes and offerings.  Jesus never plundered the poor.  Jesus never spoke against other communities.  Jesus did not make money out of Religion.  Jesus never took advantage of believers.  Jesus treated both believers and non-believers with equal respect.  These Crooked Christians have become unworthy disciples of Christ. They are crucifying Christ again and again everyday. Therefore, Christ is unable to be preached to the Gentiles solely because of the Church and its crooks viz. priests/pastors/evangelists/bishops/nuns.
  205. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  213. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  215. "And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.  And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.  And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them." -Genesis 6:5
  217. "Worship not the idols, for they hear you not. Listen not to the Vedas, for their truth is counterfeit. Never put yourself in the first place and never humiliate your neighbor." -The Gospel of Isha Nath (Ch. 5)
  219. "Wherefore I say unto you, Leave your idols and perform not rites which separate you from your Father, associating you with the priests (pastors/evangelists) from whom the heavens have turned away. For it is they who have led you from the true God and whose superstitions and cruelties conduce to the perversion of your soul and the loss of all moral sense." -The Gospel of Isha Nath (Ch. 6)
  221. "The anger of God will soon be let loose against Man; for he has forgotten his Creator, he has filled his temples with abominations, and he worships a crowd of creatures which God has made subordinate to him. For to do honor to stones and metals, he sacrifices human beings, in whom dwells a part of the Spirit of the Most High. For he (the self-conceited human being) humiliates those who work by the sweat of their brow to acquire the favor of an idler seated at his sumptuous board (the Church and other Religious Leaders). Those who deprive their brethren of divine happiness shall be deprived of it themselves. The Brahmans (priests/pastors) and the Kshatriyas shall become the Sudras. And with the Sudras the Eternal shall dwell everlastingly. Because in the day of the Last Judgment, the Sudras and the Vaisyas will be forgiven much because of their ignorance, while God, on the contrary, will punish with his wrath those who have arrogated to themselves His rights." -The Gospel of Isha Nath (Ch. 5)
  223. "God will drive the impure from among his flocks, but he will take back to himself those who shall have gone astray though not having recognized the portion of spirituality within them." -The Gospel of Isha Nath (Ch. 7)
  225. "But," said the priests, "how could a people live according to the rules of justice if it had no preceptors?" Then Isha answered, "So long as the people had no priests, the natural law governed them, and they preserved the candor of their souls. Their souls were with God, and to commune with the Father they had recourse to the medium of no idol or animal, nor to the fire, as is practiced here." -The Gospel of Isha Nath (Ch. 8)
  227. "Your doctrine is therefore the fruit of your errors, for desiring to bring near to you the God of Truth, you have created for yourselves false gods." -The Gospel of Isha Nath (Ch. 8)
  229. "If you wish to accomplish works marked with love or piety, do them with an open heart and let not your actions be governed by calculations or the hope of gain. For such actions would not help to your salvation, and you would fall into that state of moral degradation where theft, lying, and murder pass for righteous deeds." -The Gospel of Isha Nath (Ch. 9)
  231. Man will no longer put his trust in pastors/priests/gurus since they have turned out to be more wicked than Satan.
  232. Man will no longer visit churches/temples/mosques since they have turned out to be more dubious than Hell.
  233. Man will no longer need to worship God, since he will learn to trust in himself for the rest of eternity.
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