Anon - Anon Gets Into a Fight

Aug 9th, 2015
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  1. >The smell of sweat, dirt, and blood lingered through the air as the loud roaring of The Pit's crowd rung through your ears
  2. >You held your fists up as you and your opponent circled each other, shirtless, scratched up, and waiting for just the right time to strike
  3. >A few red marks and bruises spotted your body, but you held yourself back to time your hits correctly
  4. >It was no surprise to the crowd, you were known to hold back only to release some of the most fiercest punches and kicks
  5. >Your opponent, Norman, didn't like to keep his guard up it seemed
  6. >But his body language just bled determination, and what he lacked in defense, he kept up in brutal take-downs and grapples
  7. >Now after taking a few good knocks and cuts to the head from you, Norman wasn't fucking around anymore
  8. >Getting up close and reckless would mean that he could possibly catch you in an arm lock or choke hold
  9. >You once saw him completely snap a dudes bone in a simple arm bar with barely any resistance
  10. >He's been getting a few close calls to you but not close enough, the long red marks on your body signal where Norman has tried and failed to grab you
  12. >Norman wiped his forehead with his arm and flung it towards the arena walls, leaving a small loose splatter of blood
  13. >At first, The Pit's plywood walls covered in blood made you hesitant to even step in there
  14. >But after a few fights in the ring it gave you a sense of accomplishment to know that none of that blood was yours
  15. >The cheering audience of students standing above The Pit also gave you a good boost in confidence
  16. >Two voices stuck out from the crowd, you recognize them to be none other than Applejack and Rainbow Dash
  17. >Along with being fighters themselves, both of them decided to coach you
  18. >"C'MON ANON GIT 'IM!"
  20. >Battle Royale- OGB Instrumental
  21. >Well that's all the motivation you need
  22. >Deciding that you've spent enough time standing back and taking few hits, you close the distance between each other
  23. >Norman notices and mirrors you, meeting you half way
  24. >You see an opening on Normans left side just under his elbow
  25. >As you swing your arm though, He quickly leans in to take the blow and throw one himself, aiming straight for your head
  27. >You strafe to the left, narrowly avoiding his extended arm and giving a counter of your own by slamming your elbow to the side of his head
  28. >It staggered the shit out of him and he nearly loses his balance, but somehow he manages to recover
  29. >It was his turn to attack by throwing some leg kicks in which you easily block by lifting your leg in defense
  30. >Suddenly a wayward left hook caught you by surprise to the head, the knock shook you just enough not to notice Norman getting closer
  31. >quickly coming to your senses, you see Norman's hands reaching for your head to put you in a Thai Clinch
  32. >You successfully throw your head down to avoid his grip, thanking [INSERT DEITY HERE] he didn't think to knee you straight in the head
  33. >A quick shove manages to push Norman back a bit giving you some space to bring yourself back up
  34. >But wasting no time he comes back full force
  35. >With a recoiled right fist, Norman charges you
  36. >It was a stupid move on his part, but you can tell he just wanted this fight to end with you on the floor
  37. >You shouldn't let your opponent read your move so easily, faggot
  38. >A swift straight kick to the gut stops him in his tracks
  39. >You can see the pain in his eyes, along with the fact that he was absolutely fucked
  40. >The kick exposed his face as his arms held his stomach
  42. >You bend down slightly, and spring yourself up delivering an absolutely brutal uppercut to his chin
  43. >The knock recoils him back completely disoriented, and you seize the opportunity
  44. >It's about time you end this, so you grab Norman's shoulders and pull him close to you
  45. >You bring your knee up and connect with his stomach and sides repeatedly, knocking whatever wind left out of him
  46. >To end it all, you back up a bit from him and grab his arm, pulling it harshly towards you
  47. >Norman vaults over your back and lands with a satisfactory thud confirming his landing
  48. >He wasn't getting up anytime soon from that
  49. >You turn to look back behind you and see him on the ground clutching his sides and moaning, signalling the end of the fight
  50. >As you stand and watch as Norman is helped lifted up and walked away by some of his friends, Your two best friends/coaches hold your hands up high
  51. >The crowd of students scream and chant your name
  53. >You are Anon, and welcome to the world of Canterlot High Underground Fight Club
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