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  1. overworld border 12K/20K (spacious enough to build but also small enough to favor players interactions)
  2. nether border 1500/2500 (8 to 1 blocks of previous borders)
  3. multiple end's dimensions (for have enough elytra for all)
  4. timed structures&dungeons regeneration (for permit all player loot dungeon's only items)
  5. 3951106291677499945 SEED 1.12 (a seed with all biomes and lots of structures)
  8. silk touch spawner drop
  9. beacon work only for owner player and his friends
  10. golems Treat not owner/owner-friends as hostile mobs
  11. elytra's more durable rocket boost and Sneaking while flying would lock your current direction of travel, while still allowing you to look around freely.
  14. expensive/time-restricted playet-to-player and homes teleporting
  15. no coordinates informations         (for incentive exploration and orientation items and skills)
  16. max two sethome                     (one for main base, other one for exploration shelter)
  17. population density                  (for random new player spawning not too far/near other new players)
  18. inventory loss percentage           (let player decide own Items-Loss-on-death percentage)
  19.                                     (example [2 slot;10%] [3 slot;15%] [4 slot; 30%] [9 slot; 50%] [12 slot; 80%] [rest of items; 100%])
  20.                                     (that incentive fight without too much fear of loose top tier items)
  21. Corpses on death with inventory
  23. TNT and end-crystal limits
  24. production and Placement cap (for avoid TNT spam but leaving the possibility of using TNTs occasionally to break into the bases)
  25. -[optional] using it increment player bounty
  29. InteractiveBooks (book could be used instead of commands, more vanilla approach)
  31. -plugin citizen 2,sentinel
  32. -guards
  33. (for protect players buildings and items from occasional griefer/thieves
  34. giving the possibility to the most prepared and equipped to assault
  35. the houses of others by killing or circumventing the guards)
  36.     -sign-based patrol route assignment
  37.     -book-based guards configuration
  38.     -guards-chest (for give to guards player-made better gear)
  39.         -offline (free server-given guards that patrol offline-player's buildings [very strong])
  40.             -server guards give mining fatigue effect, level depends on
  41.                 -nearness
  42.                 -if your are under them [more strong],upper them[less strong]
  43.                 -the guard y position ( sea level [max strong] more up/down, progressively lower )
  44.             -server guards affect block placement success attemps by
  45.                 -nearness
  46.         -paid (for online guard that don't respawn on death,by hearts Quantity cost + 1/4 already-owned guards' price)
  48. [optional] [hard-to-do]
  49. -mercenary
  50.     -wandering npcs that offer their sword in exchange for resources [time-based consuming]
  51.     -book-based orders
  52. -catched&enslaved mobs
  53.     -enchanted eggs can capture a white-list's mobs
  54.     -command-book/other-mechanics could bind and enslave to a player a mobs
  55.     -enslaved mobs don't attack and give bad effects on owner and his friends
  56.     -mob example: elders for provide, in their line of sight, mining fatigue and act as a laser turret
  57. -trader
  58.     -wandering npcs that sell players items
  59.     -need a chest with items-to-sell and sell-info-books
  60.     where trader can store your earnings and take items-to-sell
  61.     -they have server-grade guard escort
  62.     -[optional] killing it increment player bounty and drop a percentage of carried items
  64. keys and picklocking mechanics
  65. -players can lock their chest and doors
  66. -sneaky thiefs who infiltrate into a house/base could picklock thats with some-time-long attempts,
  67. -every attempt raise the percentage of trigger alarm that make some guard chase you for a while
  68. -guards report to owner who thief to him if alarm is triggered
  70. -Bounty Hunting&footsteps
  71. -player can set bounties
  72. -chased player leave footprints where he move
  73. -the chance to leave footprints is proportional to own bounty
  74. -they appear after a while (example 5 minuts), and disappear after some-long-time (example 2 hours)
  75. -if a player with bounty is killed by another player, drop always his head
  76. -bounty's head could be sold to a trader
  77. -chased player can pay for his bounty
  78. -chased player with invisibility don't leave footprints
  79. -chased player with disguise don't leave footprints
  81. -disguise
  82. -players have a small chance to drop their head
  83. -players who dress another player's head disguise himself in him and don't leave footprints
  84. -he can pass unnoticed by head's player owned mobs and online guards (but not the offline ones)
  85. -head have a small durability that consumes over time when weared
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