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  1. age 6: decides to become an inventor
  2. age 7: makes a 10-year plan to start a real estate company
  3. age 8: realizes it won't happen in 10 years
  4. age 9: designs an unrealistic solution for self-sustainable energy
  5. age 10: gets a financial freedom certification and starts investing in the stocks
  6. age 11: writes a report on how video games are made
  7. age 12: builds over 40 video games
  8. age 13: gets an internship as a game developer
  9. age 14: learns how to make websites
  10. age 15: starts freelancing as a web developer and designer
  11. age 16: starts community college and making web applications
  12. age 17: gets a job as a software engineer at a startup
  13. age 18: gets a full-time job with benefits as a developer and analyst
  14. age 19: gets accepted into sponsorship for a government clearance
  15. age 20: gets a job as a government contractor
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