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  2. Need to contact me for something? Missed your fiction? Mistitled? Miscategorized?
  3. Please contact me using these, then:
  4. Steam:
  5. Email:
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  7. 03/13/14
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  9. News:
  11. Finally finished that update after more than a few days chipping away at it after tiring days at work. I also had the script I use modified a bit, that way the output of searching through a couple hundred general threads will produce less duplicates.
  13. Happy reading.
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  16. 03/06/14
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  18. News:
  20. Going to be getting back on a roll with updates. This update is slightly less than half of the full update (Minus some dupes my software keeps missing for some reason), and I'll be finishing the rest tomorrow.
  22. Also, I may be considering making a more navigable version of the writebin on a site on my server for easier use for you guys. Links would still direct to pastebin, but having a page I have full control over would allow me to do things like give a more comprehensive table of contents which you could click to jump to the section.
  24. I'm playing with the idea of having a small sub-page specifically listing only the update's content, as well. Either way, enjoy the reading!
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  27. 12/17/13
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  29. News:
  31. Copied Eli's update, will be doing one this Thursday as a supplement.
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  34. 09/17/13
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  36. News:
  38. Eli helped with this update, which I had half done but (surprise) got waylaid around the time I always try to update.
  40. Living situation should be settling out soon, which is nice. Thanks for the patience, everyone.
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  43. 08/12/13
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  45. News:
  47. So instead of sleeping for work, I decided to plow through the remainder of the updates up to the most recent KSG. Now, I've put down and come back to this update a few times, so it's very possible I might've accidentally deleted something or so on. If you see anything missing, shoot me an email or message on steam.
  49. Sorry about the immense delay and happy reading, folks.
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  52. 08/11/13
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  54. News:
  56. 'Will be moving soon' has escalated quickly to 'probably won't have a place to live soon', so I've really not had time to work on the writebin while looking for a new apartment, job and dealing with how little money/hours I have at my current job. Sorry about the delay.
  58. As always, a download link to how for software and directions to run/maintain your own writebin is in the writebin itself, so anyone is free to run their own if people want faster updates. It also contains my partially completed update. To prevent possible confusion, I *do* plan to continue updating.
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  61. 07/29/13
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  63. News:
  65. On about 38 of the 86 updates and then I'll do another scrape to see if there's been anything new since I grabbed the list of updates. Will be moving soon so I'll try to get a quicker update out in a week after the next update so you guys aren't left hanging.
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  68. 07/24/13
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  70. News:
  72. Apologies for being a useless piece of shit, car/financial issues paired with extra workload has kept me from updating.
  73. Tonight's the night, though.
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  76. 07/03/13
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  78. News:
  80. There'll be an update soon! Should be within this week, if not the next couple days.
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  83. 05/28/13
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  85. News:
  87. After fighting with my unoptimized /vg/ archive and writebin script that wouldn't play well with said archive, I got the update done!
  88. Nearly a month late all set-backs considered, but it's completed. Happy reading everyone!
  90. I'll be back to an update every couple weeks, provided nothing dramatically explodes.
  92. If I'm missing anything or parts of the writebin are ill-formatted, shoot me a steam message or an email, I'll definitely read it when my dayjob isn't murdering the spare time out of me.
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  95. 05/19/13
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  97. News:
  99. Reorganized the whole writebin so it's a lot easier to see what belongs to what and where the pastebin links are for each title.
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  102. 05/12/13
  103. ===========================
  104. News:
  106. Hello! To those who're wondering what the holdup's been, I've been setting up a /vg/ archiver. After setting it up, I made went the full monty and imported all of foolz's past archives for /vg/ into my archive, so that I can continue updating the writebin, as well as keep the overall /vg/ community's useful resources preserved. It was a pain to set up, but definitely worth it. It still lacks thumbnails, but all the old posts (minus May 8-9th) are preserved. Feel free to take a look:
  108. Writebin will be updated soon, now that there's an archive for me to actually update it with!
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  111. 04/30/13
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  113. News:
  115. I've got a /vg/ archive up and running, so I can resume writebin updates.
  117. The range of time that I cannot fetch pastebins from is April 15th to April 27th, so if you shared anything during that time, share it again in KSG or email a link to me at
  119. I'll be waiting an additional week before I resume updates.
  121. Thanks for your patience!
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  124. 04/27/13
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  126. News:
  128. Well, I hit the foolz archive to start prepping for Sunday's update. Lo and behold, they've dropped /v/ and /vg/ and from what I read, it doesn't look like it'll be hosting it again. Where /v/ doesn't matter, it sort of completely hinders my ability to quickly/efficiently/sanely update the writebin.
  130. Back when our generals were smaller and lesser in number, I just ran a program to save all the threads and then just sift through them for fictions manually. Then I asked C_User to help out when the threads continued picking up steam, which is how the archive scraper came to be. I'd list the KSG threads for the script, it'd sift through the threads and churn out all the pastebin links, which I'd then sort through for duds and organize them properly.
  132. As of right now, I'm really unsure of how I'm going to go back to updating the writebin. I'm looking into talking to one of the admins in their IRC channel and see if I can't host an archive on my dedicated server so that we can continue having regular writebin updates, if no one else starts their own /vg/ archive.
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  135. 04/14/13's update total:
  136. 51 lines of updates
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  138. News:
  140. So, yeah! Sorry about that enormous period of time between updates.
  141. As life and work would have it, I've been really tied up.
  143. It got me thinking a little about how I'm going to handle the writebin updates. I'd originally set out to not stop updating so long as there were writing and KSGs occuring, and I'm sticking to that. However -- I don't want to make people wait forever for updates if I get tied up.
  145. As such, I zipped the tool (including the directions) I use to scrape KSGs in the foolz archive for pastebin links. You can find it under the 'tools' section of the writebin.
  147. This way, should the demand for updates become great enough, anyone could take over for updates. It's not a hard job, just a really tedious one that anyone can do; so I figured I'd make doing it as accessible to the community.
  149. I'll be returning to an update every two weeks, but if I slip up again, the tools will be there.
  151. If anything else comes up, I'll let you guys know in this pastebin.
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  154. Need to contact me for something?
  155. Steam:
  156. Email:
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