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  1. [F4A] Where do you think you're going dressed like that? Mom punishes Daughter's slutty friend. [Age] [Fem-Dom] [Dirty talk] [Finger fucking] [Oral]
  3. [daughter and friend are about to leave for a show]
  5. Ok -- Enjoy the and your friend have fun, but don't be home too late ok?
  6. I'll see you later.
  7. [pause]
  8. [daughter's friend walks around corner, into view, following daughter to leave]
  9. Whoa whoa whoa, excuse me little girl.
  10. Where do you think you're going with my daughter dressed like that?
  12. [pause]
  14. Because it's inappropriate.
  15. Well I'm sorry but, you're not going anywhere like that.
  16. [To daughter] No, its ok honey. You can go, but I'm afraid your little friend is going to have to stay here.
  17. Honey, I know, I'm sorry... but I have no choice, ok?
  18. [pause]
  19. No, you're not in trouble. Its ok, go ahead!
  20. I'll see you when you get home.
  22. [daughter leaves]
  23. [pause]
  25. You however...
  26. I can't believe you.
  27. How many times do we have to do this?
  28. Come here, in front of the mirror.
  29. I said come here!
  30. Why?
  31. Because I asked you to.
  32. Don't make me tell you again.
  33. Do you need me to make you?
  34. [pulls her by arm]
  35. Come here.
  36. Look.
  37. Look in the mirror.
  38. Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
  39. This little sexed up teenage girl?
  40. There's more skin showing than clothing.
  41. What do you think you're doing exactly?
  42. You don't know?
  43. Well I'll tell you then.
  44. You're trying to get attention from men, aren't you?
  45. Huh baby?
  46. Trying to make guys think about fucking you?
  48. Is that what you like?
  49. Just look in the mirror...look...
  50. You were gonna leave the house... with my daughter... like this?
  51. This is poor behavior, little girl.
  52. Showing off your little teenage tits and ass to anyone that wants to see?
  53. Where did you even find a halter top that small?
  54. Do you sneak off when mommy brings you to the mall?
  55. And those shorts...
  56. Your mother would kill me if I let you out like this...
  57. You look like a stripper, you know that?
  58. Yea, you do.
  59. Just a walking sex toy.
  61. What's that honey?
  63. Oh please...dont even try that innocent act with me.
  64. Don't think I don't know what you're doing.
  66. [pause]
  68. Listen to me.
  70. My daughter looks up to you, you know.
  71. She does. She talks about you all the time.
  72. And the last thing I need is her imitating a girl like you.
  73. The other day she called you the "hot girl" in her class.
  74. Is that true?
  75. Are you the hot girl?
  76. The pretty girl that gets all the attention?
  77. [laughs]
  78. Now tell me...
  79. Is this how you really think a girl your age should dress?
  80. Showing off like you do?
  81. Making sure everyone can see your cute little flat tummy and...let me guess..
  82. [snaps top down, exposing her]
  83. [laughs]
  84. Yep... no bra.
  85. Excuse me...Don't you dare pick your top back up.
  86. Because baby, this is for your own good...and... just look too cute with those little tits poking out..
  87. Why don't you just cut to the chase and walk around like this?
  88. Show everone those perky, young tits.
  90. You know what I think? I think it would turn you on.
  91. All those eyes staring at you.
  92. All those jealous older women looking you up and down.
  93. All those men trying not to stare at your perfect little body.
  94. That's what you like isn't it?
  95. The attention from every single person you walk by?
  96. What do you think they're all thinking?
  97. Do you ever thing about that? What people think about?
  98. Married men dreaming of gripping your soft little ass...
  99. About running their tongues over your perfect little thighs...
  100. Dreaming about how you would look bent over with your panties around your ankles.
  102. Oh look at that look in your eye...
  104. You do like that huh honey..
  106. I mean, sometimes... I have to admit...even I think about it.
  108. pinning you down, and calling my boyfriend over... just so I could watch your cute little pussy stretch over my boyfriends big cock.
  109. Thinking about all the happy little whimpers you'd make.
  110. Watching you cum over....and over...and over.
  112. You like that, don't you baby.
  113. Dressing up for everyone?
  116. Oh, so now you're getting shy?
  117. How can a girl with her ass hanging out of her little sweat-shorts be shy?
  118. I mean look at those things.
  119. They might as well have "FUCK ME" written across the ass.
  121. You know I had to throw out a pair of these the other day that my daughter bought?
  123. That's right
  125. And speaking of her let me ask you something else... do you think I don't know what you two do?
  127. That you are making out with my daughter behind my back?
  129. Oh yes - I know all about it sweetheart. I just have to be careful to not upset my little girl.
  131. But you....
  133. I can hear you I walk over to her room and what do I see?
  135. You...on top of her... pushing your tongue into her mouth.
  137. Is my little girl a good kisser?
  139. Yea?
  141. Huh?
  143. Look at me. [leans in close]
  145. You're not going to make my daughter into a little slut like you, ok?
  147. Do you understand?
  149. These hungry little lips...are never touching hers...ever again.
  151. Excuse me? What was that.. Did you just.... try to kiss me?
  153. Is that what you wanna do baby?
  155. Kiss your friends Mommy?
  157. mmm open your mouth babygirl.
  159. [spits in mouth]
  161. mmm you like Mommy's spit?
  163. I can tell.
  165. open baby
  167. [spits in mouth]
  169. Are you a bad girl?
  171. [spits in mouth]
  173. That's right baby.
  175. Now what makes you think I would want to kiss you
  177. Just because you like to kiss my innocent little girl?
  179. Tell me baby..
  181. Please? Please what?
  183. Kiss you?
  185. Beg me.
  187. Ok you can kiss me.. just on the lips ok?
  189. [kiss]
  191. Go ahead sweetheart kiss me again.
  193. Put those soft little lips against mine,,,
  197. [kissing]
  200. [kissing]
  202. Give me that tongue baby.
  204. [kissing]
  206. Say thank you Mommy
  208. [kissing]
  210. Good girl
  212. [kissing]
  214. [moaning]
  216. [horny, wet kissing]
  219. Bend over for me.
  220. I said bend over you pretty little thing.
  221. Show me.
  222. Good girl.
  223. Now look at that.
  224. Look in the fucking mirror.
  225. Is that why you wear these tiny little shorts?
  226. See how they don't even cover you up?
  227. Yea. Good little girls wouldn't wear shorts like that.
  228. Only sluts.
  229. Girls that when you... [you grip her cunt] ...start rubbing their cunts... through their shorts... only react.... by pushing back...and
  230. whimpering.
  231. [rubs her pussy through her shorts]
  232. Bad girl.
  234. Is this pussy wet for me?
  235. Yea?
  236. Are you my pet now?
  237. Yea?
  238. [kiss]
  239. That's my good little kitten.
  241. Forgive you?
  242. Of course I forgive you..
  243. As long as this cute little pussy is all mine.
  245. Bend over a little more, here, see? Look in the mirror.
  246. Come on, stick your ass out like you're begging for it.
  247. See how you look?
  248. See how your cute little pussy is peeking out of the sides?
  249. You know exactly how sexy that is, don't you.
  250. That's very, very bad.
  252. Does it make you feel sexy dressing for attention?
  253. Do you like being public eye candy?
  255. If I pull these shorts to the side, am I going to see panties?
  256. [pulls her shorts to the side]
  257. [laughs]
  258. Of course not.
  259. Look at that...pretty little pink pussy.
  260. Very nice.
  261. That's naughty honey, going out with my daughter without panties.
  262. You like how my fingers feel don't you...
  263. You like how I tease this little pussy?
  264. And what if they were... buried... deep inside... this perfect little hole.
  265. [you put your fingers inside her]
  266. Oh fuck...
  267. Baby that turns Mommy on..
  268. Grind into my fingers baby-girl.
  269. Fuck my fingers like you fucked your teacher's cock.
  270. [laughs]
  271. Yes honey, of course I know about that... everyone knows.
  272. Shut up and suck my fingers with your pussy.
  273. Come on honey, all the way down to my knuckles.
  274. God i love that perfect little teen pussy hugging my fingers like that...
  275. Is this what you like little girl?
  276. Yes baby tell me.
  277. mmmmm.
  279. You want to see Mommy taste you off her fingers?
  280. Come here baby.. see how wet my fingers are?
  281. Doesn't it look yummy?
  282. [sucking on fingers, moaning]
  283. Yes baby, I like it.
  284. Come here baby taste it... suck your cum off my fingers little girl....
  285. Such a good girl.
  286. Kiss me baby.
  287. [kissing]
  289. Now let me put these spit soaked fingers..back in your little wet pussy...
  290. And then... back in your cute little mouth...
  291. You like when I feed you your cum baby?
  292. [kissing]
  294. Ok that's enough -- turn around.
  295. I wanna see you
  296. Stand against the wall.
  297. Show me that cute little body.
  298. Come on. Show off for me, while mommy touches her pussy.
  299. Show me how you like to get fucked.
  300. show me those legs... come on, up on your toes...
  301. Pull your shorts down around your ankles.
  302. [moans]
  303. Show me...
  304. [rub pussy to her modeling for you]
  305. Arch your back and stick that little ass out.
  306. You're the hot girl remember?.
  307. Show me how you're the hot girl..
  308. Show me how fucking hot you are...
  309. Oh my god...
  310. [moaning]
  311. Yes Mommy likes that.
  312. That makes Mommy's pussy really wet...
  314. Spread that little ass for me...
  315. Come on baby I want to see that cute little hole.
  316. Oh fuck...thats so dirty..
  317. Good girl.
  318. Aw,Did I make this pussy all wet?
  319. Aw, what was that little moan for?
  320. Go ahead, rub your little pussy for me.
  321. Look at me with those horny little eyes while you put your fingers inside yourself.
  322. [moans]
  323. Oh you're all mine now aren't you.
  324. Uh huh.
  325. Come here baby.
  326. [pause]
  327. Good girl.
  328. [kissing]
  329. Give me that little tongue.
  330. [kissing]
  331. You're mommy's little girl now, ok?
  332. [kissing]
  333. Do you like when mommy plays with you?
  334. [kissing]
  335. Yea?
  337. I'm gonna make a deal with you.
  338. You stop acting slutty in front of my daughter and i'll give you what you need ok?
  339. [pause]
  341. Get on your knees.
  342. Good girl.
  343. Look at me with those gorgeous eyes.
  344. Pull my dress up... Good girl.
  345. Now pull my panties down around my knees.
  346. Very good.
  347. Yea?
  348. You like this huh....being on your knees, don't you?
  349. Ask me for my pussy.
  350. Go ahead.
  351. Beg your new Mommy.
  355. Lick my fucking pussy you pretty little girl.
  356. [Moan]
  357. Fuck...
  358. [Moan]
  359. Hungry little thing.
  360. [Moan]
  361. [She's looking up at you while licking your cunt]
  363. Put those cock-sucking lips on my pussy.
  364. [Moan]
  365. Those soft little lips that kiss all those lucky boys.
  367. That make all those big dicks spray thick cum down your throat.
  368. [Moan extended]
  369. I want to see you rubbing your cunt while you eat my pussy.
  370. Come on.
  371. And I want my pussy all shiny with that slutty lip gloss.
  372. [Moan]
  373. You like the way it tastes, don't you baby.
  374. Yea?
  375. Does it taste like my boyfriend's fat cock?
  376. I know it does.
  377. You know, he always fucks me hard before he leaves in the morning.
  378. [moans]
  379. You sexy little slut.
  380. [moans]
  381. Maybe I'll let him fuck you.
  382. Would you like that baby?
  384. Lick this wet fucking pussy.
  385. Spread pussy lips with your tongue little girl.
  386. Push that tongue inside me.
  387. [moans]
  388. Oh you're a talented little girl arent you.
  389. Look up at me honey..
  390. Let me see those eyes while you bury that tongue in my cunt..
  391. [moan]
  392. Oh fuck.
  393. Come here honey... kiss me.
  394. [kissing] [moaning]
  395. You are so fucking sexy.
  396. [kissing]
  397. These swollen, soaking wet lips.
  398. [kissing]
  399. [kissing] [moaning]
  401. Back on your knees.
  402. You're going to make me cum.
  403. Yes...
  404. FUCK.
  405. [moans]
  406. Do it honey...
  407. Push that tongue deep inside me...
  408. Oh my god I can feel you...
  409. Touch yourself honey...
  410. Make my wet pussy cum baby..
  411. Make my pussy cum..
  412. Make me cum in your mouth, little girl.
  413. Oh my god I love watching you touch that perfect little pussy while you lick me....
  414. Eat that pussy baby...
  420. ...
  422. ...
  424. Wow -- That was fun, honey.
  425. Now give me your clothes, its ok ill get you something normal.
  426. You only wear these for me now.
  427. Good girl.
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