Oiled up for trouble

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  1. "I said I was sorry! How was I supposed to know an entire basketball team tormented your tail for two hours?!" A flustered Luke called out to Hoshi - who had just promptly given him a nice red mark across his face and stormed off after being freed from the 'butt in the floor' situation. As it turns out, the male wasn't given the chance to get off so easy this time around as the Tiny Terror simply huffed and went away. While the male was rather stubborn when it came to persuading Hoshi to forgive him, this time around he didn't follow her and instead sighed and rubbed his cheek. Perhaps it was a bit too much today.. Opting to just give her some space, the male shook his head and wandered off.
  3. "Wonder if this place has a bar... Hey, Loki, we're gonna go get plastered" 'WOOOOOO!'
  4.  As Hoshi wandered further down the mall she huffed out in frustration. Out of all the previous stunts he did that..that..! That was..something! Her brows furrowed in on themselves while she crossed her arms. She was in her regular clothes once more as her gym clothes had so been 'graciously' torn apart by both her idiotic husband and another group of males who just so happened to come into the basketball court. Turns out they decided to use her to play with a different type of balls. So with her previous clothing ruined and left with a moderate amount of frustration, all the Tiny Terror wanted to do was just go and relax.
  6. As if by plot, no sooner did she start to look for some kind of relaxing store to hang out until she was slightly less mad at the human, the girl's eyes darted to a large sign hanging above a fancy oriental store. 'Happy Days.' A curious gaze came from her as she stopped in her tracks to read the sign and examine the store. Not much was shown on the outside with the exception of variously sized and gendered mannequins on the store windows, and a welcoming open door that leaked out warm, moist air from the insides. Tilting her head and thinking of it to be some kind of spa-esq building, the girl shrugged and walked over to the area. It didn't hurt to check... and with a small, smug grin on her face she looked at the wallet Luke 'left' behind.
  8. Looks like he'll be paying for her relaxation!~
  10. Walking inside the store, Hoshi was then greeted by a small lobby decorated in an eastern dragonish village style layout ((think Asian styled spas for reference)); exotic (non-lewd or intelligent) plants were fitted in the corners next to two large benches for guests to wait. In the front of the room was a large, dark oak desk with the symbol of an outlined traditional dragon resting against a hill in the middle of it. Past behind the desk was a long wall that stopped short to allow for two pathways to be seen, however, she was unable to see where they lead as they both took an abrupt turn to give privacy to whoever went behind it. Currently, there was no one in there...
  12. Just as Hoshi turned to leave the store, a deep yet surprisingly sophisticated voice called out to the blue dragoness.
  14. "Oh! I'm sorry about that, madam. I hadn't expected you to arrive so early."
  16. Upon turning her head to the deep voice, Hoshi was greeted by an Eastern Dragon. Eastern Dragons were famous for their slender, singular body appearance with their stoutly, long muzzles and lanky appearances. The male dragon in question wore a traditional kimono for their race that was finely crafted with pure black silk and golden trimmings, giving him a luxurious aura that matched perfectly with his royal purple skin and white claws. The Eastern Dragon quickly hurried over to the Tiny Terror and gripped her hands with a surprising amount of strength. "I'm so glad you did come early! It turns out the event filled out much quicker than expected and I was about ready to just start without you. Please, come quick! The girls will help you get ready while I go set up the finishing touches."
  18. Without letting the Tiny Terror get in another word she was dragged down the hallways and past a large set of wooden doors to be greeted by a finely decorated, large multi-doored room. Besides additional decoration of Eastern Dragonish culture, there were two large doors to the opposite ends of the room on her left and right. Taking her to the right door the male dragon roughly opened the door and pushed Hoshi inside, but not before stripping her of her clothing and neatly folding it up. "I'll take this to your locker, now go and let the girls do their work!" Just like before he was gone before Hoshi could even open her mouth to explain the situation.
  19. As the doors closed behind the Eastern Dragon, Hoshi was then gripped by a further set of hands, this time in the more feminine form. Being twisted about and greeted by her new 'attackers', Hoshi was pleasantly greeted by two female Tiny Terrors... incredibly naked and oiled up giving their features an even more alluringly shiny look.
  21. The first female was gifted in her assets as she greatly showed off her large breasts that rivaled even that of a certain Tiny Terror heiress. She was colored in a pure white look with black stripes running down from her neck to the tip of her tail. The second girl was almost like the polar opposite to the first as she was lacking in the chest region but made up for it with an ass that shook with every action she took. Keeping up with the 'opposite' sensation she was colored in a dark black outline with white stripes that ran down in a similar fashion to the other dragoness.
  23. Without saying anything to the blue Tiny Terror, the other two girls quickly grabbed a beige, untitled bottle and squirted white goop into their hands. Quickly they began to assault Hoshi with said hands and rubbed up and down her tiny frame with vicious, effective movements. The first girl gripped Hoshi's wrists and forced her to stretch up high to allow for her twin to rub underneath Hoshi's armpits and work down her hourglass frame, leaving the girl to suffer through expert fingers that teased and toyed with her body at every step. Rubbing her hands in further oil, the second girl then surprised Hoshi with a powerful smack to her ass, leaving two red marks to appear on her cheeks. While she did crack an amused grin, the girl said nothing as she moved on to massage Hoshi's ass with firm presses of her hands and palms.
  25. The first Tiny Terror then surprised Hoshi as she suddenly gripped her already sensitive tail, eliciting a shocked yelp and moan from her and a few drops of arousal to slip down her thighs. Ignoring this lewd outburst from her, the girls continued to keep Hoshi in place as they oiled her up. Countless times they both gave her body a few lewd touches - such as a grope here, a pinch to her tail there, or even a finger entering inside of her slit - before they finally tossed time to the wind and simply took the strange oil bottle and squirted it across Hoshi's entire body.
  27. With new oil left on the top layer of Hoshi's skin, both girls then launched themselves onto her with devious grins. Neither one allowed Hoshi a moment of rest as they pinned her down to the ground and rubbed their hands across her without care or logic. Countless times Hoshi found her mouth being plugged shut by one of the Tiny Terror's puffy sex and forced to give muffled yells into it and only pleasing them in the process and even after that her sex was still ripe for the assault as she was given the /full/ oil treatment rub-down. After ten minutes of their molestation, Hoshi was fully covered head to toe in the oil and shining alongside the other two girls in front of her.
  30. Pleased with how they 'converted' Hoshi into an oiled up Tiny Terror slut, the girls forced her to stand up and roughly dragged her out of the room they were in. Opening up a set of silver doors, Hoshi was then shoved into the connecting room and out...onto a large catwalk that featured countless other naked, oiled up Tiny Terrors dancing lewdly dancing on metal poles. Upon examining the room she was tossed into, Hoshi would soon realize that the building 'Happy Days' was connected to a bar where countless bar-goers were watching the girls dance. A few Tiny Terrors walked off of their stages and onto the floor where they were quickly motioned over by horny men and women who slipped them various amounts of money to only drag them off to the back rooms to either get a lap dance or 'something special'...
  32. To make matters worse? Luke was currently at the bar with a whiskey in his hands and his wallet right next to him. As he turns around to look at the lewd show going on he spits out his drink to see his wife just entering the stage.
  34. His shocked yelling was only silenced by the voice of the Eastern Dragon coming over the intercom. "Ladies and Gentlemen... I give you our newest dancer...
  36. The Blueberry Slut!~"
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