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  1. I need everyone's help to save Megauploads users data.
  2. I have no affiliation with anyone or company, I only represent my own opinion.
  3. I only want to help users retrieve the data that belongs to them.
  4. I do not condone copyright infringement.
  5. How much is your data worth to you? How much are you willing to pay to retrieve it?
  6. How long will the trial last? How much will it cost total?
  7. Theses are the questions we need answers for..
  8. Regardless of the judgement, will everyone be able to retrieve their data, if its still there?
  9. Megauploads lawyer should be able to use the funds raised to pay to keep the data safe.
  10. Please help in getting all Megaupolads legit users together in an discussion on above.
  12. These are the facts:
  14. Megauploads funds have been seized.
  15. Carpathia deletes data after payment is 15 days late.
  16. Megauploads users have 2 weeks to raise enough funds to keep there data safe for another month.
  18. I took it upon myself to verify this with Arpathia, via there tech support chat, as I copied below:
  20. 20:43 *** channel mode changed by to -o john
  21. 20:43 *** channel mode of #john is +
  22. 20:43 *** channel #john was created at 1/30/12 8:43 PM (1 s ago)
  23. 20:43 *** roBOT (robot@F4F20319.10DADE41.7F52B508.IP) has joined this channel
  24. 20:43 *** channel mode changed by roBOT to +snt
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  26. 20:43 <roBOT> Hello john !
  27. 20:43 <roBOT> Welcome.  Carpathia Hosting / Prohosters live support is available to provide status to customers with open support tickets.  If you do not have a ticket open, please access your control panel ( and open a ticket.  The standard response time for new tickets is four (4) hours or less.  To update us or add additional information about your case, please log in and update your ticket.
  28. 20:43 <roBOT> If you have recently opened a ticket - please understand we work issues in the order which they were received.  We do this to provide every customer with a fair level of service.  If you believe your issue requires immediate attention or escalation in the queue, please call our Support hotline 24x7x365 at +1-703-840-3900.
  29. 20:43 <roBOT> If you do not have a ticket open, please login to your control panel, open a ticket and expect a response in four (4) hours or less.  You may check the status of your ticket at any time through your control panel.  Please wait and a technician will join this session shortly.
  30. 20:43 *** SysOps_Florin ( has joined this channel
  31. 20:43 *** channel mode changed by roBOT to +o SysOps_Florin
  32. 20:43 *** channel mode changed by roBOT to -o SysOps_Florin
  33. 20:43 <SysOps_Florin> hello
  34. 20:43 <SysOps_Florin> how may I help you?
  35. 20:43 <john> i was wondering how much hosting space is avalibe
  36. 20:44 <SysOps_Florin> do you want to purchase a VPS hosting plan?
  37. 20:46 <john> Im thinking about it, is all data protected? or will my customers risk data loss if they dont have a back up.
  38. 20:47 <SysOps_Florin> we have a backup system
  39. 20:47 <SysOps_Florin>
  40. 20:47 <SysOps_Florin> this url link shows all the vps hosting plans
  41. 20:48 <john> yay, just wondering about all the data that might be hosted by megaupload, are all there useres data backed up too? until they are offered the means of retrieving it as in the current case?
  42. 20:49 <SysOps_Florin> we are not allowed to discuss megaupload at this moment.
  43. 20:49 <SysOps_Florin>  you can read the official press release here:
  44. 20:52 <john> It doesn't say the data won't be deleted. I want to be sure before I buy hosting, that the data will be safe, no matter what. In my case, will mine and my future customers data be safe on your servers?
  45. 20:53 <SysOps_Florin> we have an emergency backup system
  46. 20:53 <SysOps_Florin> in case the server has technical problems
  47. 20:53 <SysOps_Florin> also there is an optional backup system
  48. 20:54 <SysOps_Florin>
  49. 20:54 <SysOps_Florin> which explains the optional backup system
  50. 20:55 <john> Awesome, so if I get behind on payments, how long do I have before I can no longer access data?
  51. 20:55 <SysOps_Florin> about 15 days before the server stops
  52. 20:55 <john> Is there a discount if I buy multiple gold plans?
  53. 20:56 <SysOps_Florin> not that I know of however you can send an e-mail to the sales department regarding this matter
  54. 20:56 <SysOps_Florin>
  55. 20:56 <SysOps_Florin> is the e-mail address for the sales department
  56. 20:57 <john> Who would my customers contact if something like that happens, and the bill doesnt get paid? Will it be ok If I set up a page where they can all raise enough money to buy there data if such were to happen?
  57. 20:58 <SysOps_Florin> in this case you need to post a ticket and we will discuss this matter at that time
  58. 20:59 <john> Ok, thank you for all the information. Have a great Day!
  59. 20:59 <SysOps_Florin> you are welcome
  60. 20:59 <SysOps_Florin> have a nice day :)
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