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  1. Service menu (hidden options)
  2. M43 has hidden options that can be activated.
  3. power supply with a button on the lamp:
  4. 13 quick clicks + clamp switches the battery charge indication mode
  5. backlit buttons. There are two options to choose from: tricolor (red, green and blue) and
  6. multi-color (RGB 16 million colors). The default is less informative.
  7. tricolor. The multi-color version is not intended for this lamp design,
  8. but still gives a more complete picture of the state of the battery than the tricolor.
  9. The inclusion of a multi-color display option is accompanied by a double flash.
  10. flashlight and green flash button illumination. Enable tricolor version -
  11. single flashlight flashlight and red flash button illumination. In details
  12. You can read about the indication in the corresponding section below.
  13. 14 quick clicks include one of the 3 terminal flashlight modes or
  14. turn them off. Terminal mode allows you to display system information on
  15. PC through the backlight button, a special software and photo detector. Terminal options
  16. modes are turned on in turn, and then the same combination is disabled:
  17. Terminal mode 1 displays information once a second, the flashlight works in
  18. normal mode. Used for general diagnostics of the flashlight.
  19. Terminal Mode 2 displays information once a minute, after a second pause in
  20. work lantern. Used to read the discharge characteristics of the battery.
  21. Terminal Mode 3 - a mixture of the first two.
  22. 14 quick clicks + clamping calibrates the temperature sensor. During calibration
  23. temperature sensor the temperature of the lamp body should be equal to room temperature (25 ° C).
  24. The program allows the temperature sensor to deviate from a typical value on
  25. ± 16 ° C. Successful calibration is accompanied by a double flash of the flashlight and green
  26. flash backlight button. If the temperature sensor reads out
  27. Valid Values ​​- Refusal of calibration will be accompanied by a single
  28. flashlight and red flash button illumination.
  29. 15 quick clicks + clamping formats memory. In case of a behavioral failure
  30. models in the driver program because of an incorrect value in memory.
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