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#forced-tf Rules

NullDragon Dec 16th, 2013 1,009 Never
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  1. The operators are here to make sure everyone is comfortable and has a fun time. These rules are to make sure everyone has fun, and so that nobody feels left out or unwelcome. Try to follow the spirit of the rules and not just the letter. Operators are the final judge on interpreting these rules.
  3. If you have an issue with a specific operator or administrator, please contact another op or admin in PM and we’ll discuss it among ourselves and with you. Current active moderators are listed at the bottom. Please do this instead of being snarky or otherwise arguing with the moderator in public.
  5. Language rules(OOC and IC)
  6. * Be respectful of others. This primarily only applies to outside roleplaying, although may apply to someone who’s being disrespectful of others for no reason while roleplaying.
  7. * Be respectful of other people's preferences and religion. Relaxed in roleplaying if the players are comfortable with it.
  8. * No bigotry
  9. * No racism
  10. * No sexism
  11. * No spamming(this includes purposefully disrupting RP)
  12. * No advertising. Exceptions include if it comes up during conversation.
  13. * No bots, except for channel administration help and logging.
  15. RP Rules
  16. * Forced TF means non-consensual for your character, OOC permission is still required. This is also just a theme, and people are free to agree ICly to TFs.
  17. * Please move exclusive RPs to another room. If it’s far away from the lodge or not something others could at least watch or comment about, it should be someplace private.
  18. * Keep the lodge a friendly and inviting public place for others. Don’t scare off others with shows of violence!
  19. * Limit actions to a general area, and not the whole room. Other people may be doing other things or are looking for a different kind of RP.
  20. * Don’t start another story RP if one is already happening in the channel. Regular TFs are fine.
  21. * Like most RPs, stay away from godmodding and powergaming.
  23. Always prohibited(from OOC or IC). This is just a restriction on what you can do in-channel though. Go ahead and do things in a private channel or PM with the person’s permission. Just move into PM before you start things in detail!
  24. * Rape
  25. * Extreme gore
  26. * Vore(that doesn't result in TF)
  27. * Scat
  28. * Watersports
  29. * Not a definitive list, and anything else that would make most active members of the chat overly uncomfortable/uneasy falls under here as well. Please take things to PM if others seem particularly uneasy or if a member of the administration asks you to.
  31. Certain things are also illegal, and is prohibited under all circumstances, including PM per server rules. This includes, but is not limited to:
  32. * Software piracy
  33. * Underage sexual activities
  35. Active moderators(talk to these people first if you have a problem)
  36. * NullAshton
  37. * Ekkoros
  38. * mutamancer
  40. If there are issues that cannot be resolved through the moderators or there is issue with a moderator, please contact Fox, the owner of the room. Try to keep minor issues to the active moderators.
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