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  1. Subject: [PATCH] archiver: Use 'sources' subdirectory in WORKDIR when
  2.  creating archives
  4. * archiver can sometimes overwrite or remove some files which are
  5.   needed by other tasks.
  7.   This happens in cases where file referenced in SRC_URI aren't
  8.   unpacked and are used by other tasks directly from WORKDIR
  10.   def archive_sources(d, stage_name): downloads sources from
  11.   SRC_URI again to WORKDIR in order to create source tarball from them
  12.   (normally it's ok, because source tarball is directly unpacked from
  13.   DL_DIR so never stays in WORKDIR).
  15.   def archive_sources_patches(d, stage_name): then creates the tarball
  16.   itself and moves source and patch tarballs to deploy with:
  17.   move_tarball_deploy(d, [source_tar_name, patch_tar_name])
  19.   But in cases where source_tar_name == "required" file we're using:
  20.     1) do_unpack downloads "required" from DL_DIR to WORKDIR,
  21.     2) archive_sources overwrites it with another copy,
  22.     3) archive_sources_patches removes it,
  23.     4) do_deploy fails because it wants to install now non-existent
  24.        ${WORKDIR}/required
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