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EU The Secret Laboratory

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  1. [EU] The Secret Laboratory
  4. Rules.
  5. 1. Do not Glitch or Exploit.
  6. 2. Respect staff members.
  7. 3. Pranks are allowed if they don't extend the round for too long.
  8. 4. Don't ask for admin.
  9. 5. Staff have the final say.
  10. 6. Be nice to others.
  11. 7. Do not kill yourself if you spawn af somthing you don't want to be.
  12. 8. SCP-049-2 must obey SCP-049.
  13. 9. Don't spam annoying music over the intercom.
  14. 10. Don't ruin the game for others.
  15. 11. No stream sniping.
  16. 12. Having a rank doesn't make you invulnereble form being kicked/banned.13. Follow the rules.
  17. 13. Follow the rules.
  18. 14. Do not abuse.
  19. 15. Do not adertise other servers.
  20. And have fun.
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