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  1. Ivan
  2. Why is a lot of functionality in libgdx private instead of protected, so we can't adapt things to us?? Frameworks should be about making life easier not worse.
  4. Ivan
  5. Good work, though...
  7. Me
  8. Hi Ivan,
  10. Because protected fields and methods are public Api. They shouldn't be though, as they are implementation specific. If people relied on protected fields/methods we couldn't change/improve the implementation that is hidden behind the real public Api.
  12. The source is available, you can always fork classes.
  14. Don't send me direct emails please, as stated on all the libgdx sites. Use the forums.
  16. Way to introduce yourseld btw. No hello, no "my name is", no ciao. No concrete example of what you think should be protected. Makes it so much more enjoyable replying to accusations like "your framework makes life worse"
  18. Ciao, Mario
  20. Ivan
  21. Sorry, sometimes I get very frustrated. Thanks.
  23. Me
  24. You still fail to give a concrete example. I get frustrated with a lot of things as well, however, i try not to push that on other folks, especially not folks that do thins for free for me. Common courtesey goes a long way to keep folks working on OSS motivated.
  26. Which doesn't mean we don't like to improve things for users. But in order to help you we need to understand how we can help you. Instead i get a rude e-mail, without any kind of explanation
  28. Think before you write. There are real people behind e-mail adresses. I'm a bit frustrated with gettin mails like yours all the time as well :)
  30. Ivan
  31. I am very sorry again. I will ask in the forums if I need help about my things. And again, thank you for improving Libgdx, which is making my game possible. I just didn't have a good day.
  33. Bests, Ivan.
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