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  1. ABC                             Page#1
  2. Amy's Baking Company
  3. 7366 East Shea Blvd # 112
  4. Scottsdale, AZ 85260
  6. (480) 607.0677 (480) 607.0687 fax
  8. amysbakingco@gmail.com
  10. www.amysbakingco.com
  12. Re: Employment Contract & Rules
  14. This letter is a mutual agreement between ______
  15. Amy's BakingCo LLC, for the purpose of a work contract.
  17. This is a legal binding contract that both parties are fully aware of and in mutual agreement with the following terms. By signing below you agree to these terms and rules, including possible monetary penalties.
  19. The following rules are necessary at ABC and by signing this letter you are hereby agreeing to the set forth Terms and Conditions.
  21. 1). No Cell Phones allowed while working.
  23. 2). No outside Food or Beverages may be brought inside ABC.
  25. 3). If you fail to show up for your scheduled shift we may penalize you monetarily.
  27. 4). When you show up for work you must be dressed appropriately, and properly covered. And you must be ready to work with your hair pulled back, and hands washed by no later than 5minutes before your scheduled shift begins.
  29. 5). Any type of attitude will result in immediate termination.
  31. 6). You must leave the premise immediately after your scheduled shift, and no family or friends may come to see you while working.
  33. 7). You must remain in your designated working area.
  35.                                 Page#2
  37. 8). No purses or bags are allowed inside ABC, (exceptions may be made) however upon leaving a designated employee of ABC has the legal right and consent to inspect any and all packages that you may have brought with you.
  39. 9). At no point is any food or any type of open beverage allowed in the kitchen. This is a direct Health Code Violation.
  41. 10).ABC has multiple security cameras and any type of theft will be punished by the fullest extent of the Law.
  43. 11). No visiting or unnecessary talking is allowed during your work shift. This causes distractions and results in loss of product. And may result in possible harm to you, or to others.
  45. 12). Workers must keep their hair pulled back in a bun and no facial hair is allowed (unless for religious beliefs.)
  47. 13).Any product such as food or plates that are broken or burned due to direct negligence will be taken from your pay check at ABC's cost.
  49. 14). Respect and distance must be given to all fellow employees. No harassment or bulling of any type will be tolerated and will be cause for immediate termination. If such an event happens you must report the incident immediately to Samy or Amy Bouzaglo.
  51. 15) You must treat the equipment and all property of ABC with respect .Equipment should be cleaned and maintained nightly as part of your scheduled shifts responsibilities.
  53. 16) Holidays and Weekends are Mandatory, by signing this contract you are accepting that you will be required to work all Holidays, and Weekends Due to the nature of our Industry this is a necessity and any No-Show will be monetarily penalized with a fee of $250.00.
  55. 17) The recipes and techniques that have been developed by Amy at ABC are exclusive and shall remain confidential. Any removal of recipes will be considered theft.
  57. 18) You must possess a current Maricopa County Food Handlers Card.
  59. 19) The wait staff understands that any and all "tips" are property of the "house". By signing this contract you agree that you willingly accept a payment of $8.00 to $12.00 per hour to ensure that you will receive some type of payment. Due to the volatile nature of any retail business we are unable to predict when we will have buissness.By signing this contract you agree that you are willfully accepting a payment of $___ [8.00 written in] per hour instead of tips.
  61. 20) It takes a grea tdeal of time, energy and patience on the part of Samy & Amy (the owners) to train and teach our employees. We are investing in you as a new employee, and we are paying you to teach you. By signing this contract you are hereby accepting that you will be employed exclusively by ABC Amy's Baking Co. LLC. And shall not work for any competitor within a 50 mile radius of ABC within one your of termination or voluntary
  63.                                 Page#3
  65. Resignation, without prior authorization from ABC. Amy's Baking Co LLC.
  67. Nor shall you be allowed to open your own business of the same type, within the above mentioned radius.
  69. I hereby agree to all of the above mentioned terms and conditions. Pages #1-3.
  71. [Blanked out signatures and dates]
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