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  1. The democrats aren't the abusive boyfriend, they're the nice grandma that gives you money (In this case it may not be directly money it'll just be aid in general) when you visit (I say when you visit because things like food stamps can be opted out of), if someone doesn't go to college and needs food stamps to avoid hunger then not having the option to obtain food stamps and living their poor life would be even worse (And would be the conservative way because the government wouldn't be responsible for you starving or would have to help) if anything the true liberal way isn't just providing food stamps it would be investing in their citizens so they can give back to the economy. What I mean by this is think of it like this: Your poor and didn't go to college because you don't have the money to go, financial aid provided by the government will help, now instead of working at a McDonalds and contributing to more people getting fat the poor person now has that high paying corporate job and we all know that a company doesn't pay you as much as the money you make for it so you get a big salary so you're in that condo, you pay higher price taxes to the government (Return on investment) and part of the money you made from working at that company is also going toward taxes (Return on investment) so you, the government, and the company you work for wins. For Amazon I'm not too familiar with that situation specificly but wherever Amazon takes over a lot of jobs are made but many more people suffer because real estate prices shoot up (More money for the rich, higher rent for the poor, tech people are a huge reason for that issue in San Francisco where I live, I know over population from immigrantion is also a cause here but tech people here are another cause). Lastly, global warming isn't made up, when green house gasses are released into our atmosphere, our atmosphere gets hotter and with a lot of power being made by burning fossil fuels (Which are green house gasses) it warms up our atmosphere at alarming rates which is the cause of climate change, there are solutions but they aren't free, one big solution is using Nuclear fission, with nuclear fission a pellet size cylinder of uranium-235 is equivalent to 180 liters of oil and it doesn't release any gasses into the environment and yes nuclear waste is produced by this which is the only issue right now but Bill Gates invested into this company that's working on creating power using nuclear waste so a solution is already being made for that so yes climate change is a huge issue but solutions are being put in place.
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