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  1. Greetings from Delhi, India.
  2. I am Akash Sharma, a cyber security researcher & bug hunter.
  3. LinkedIn: @iamakashsharma
  5. I have found some vulnerability on your website
  7. ==================
  9. Vulnerability Name: Improperly Configured HSTS
  10. Vulnerable Site:
  11. Classifications: CAPEC-217, OWASP 2013-A6
  13. Replication Steps:
  14. 1. Visited
  15. 2. Checked & confirmed HSTS is enforced & enabled.
  16. 3. Here, Strict Transport Security is not implemented & hence making it prone to attacks like SSLStripping MiTM or Cookie Hijacking.
  17. 4. Also, login panel is accesible & have this HSTS absent.
  18. 5. Visited
  19. 6. Tried Logging in with Username: & Password: testpassword123
  20. 7. Captured the POST packets with Wireshark.
  21. 8. Able to access the login details in cleartext as no encryption implemented & missing HSTS.
  23. Impact: An attacker able to modify a legitimate user's network traffic could bypass the application's use of SSL/TLS encryption, and use the application as a platform for attacks against it's users.
  25. Possible Remediation: The website configuration should instruct web browsers to only access the application using HTTPS. Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security by adding a response header with the name 'Strict-Transport-Security' and the value 'max-age=expireTime'. Consider adding the 'includeSubDomains' flag if needed.
  27. POC: Video enclosed in attachments.
  29. ==================
  31. Since it's a point of concern for the security & integrity of your organisation, so I would like to extend further support as well, if needed.
  32. I hope to get a positive response on this & expect a token of appreciation for my efforts.
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