Taking it in the Bad End

Mar 29th, 2016
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  1. The following story takes place in an alternate universe where Kat never got together with Robin and ended up being recruited by Violet.
  3. ----------------
  4. Why did she have to smell so good?
  6. Violet, your mentor, presses her generous chest against you. “Kat, my dear child. you know I care for you, correct?”
  8. You gulp and nod. Stop thinking dirty thoughts, idiot. She’s taken you in, trained you, given you a purpose and life, and all you can think about is how badly you want her to take you. What’s wrong with you?
  10. She casually changes into a new shirt inside your shared tent. “Good. Good.” You try not to stare too obviously. “And you know I have your best interests at heart?”
  12. You nod. She could tell you that she planned to beat you with a sack of doorknobs and she’d sound convincing. She’s your anchor.
  14. Well, her, or that cute redhead daughter of hers. You travelled together for a bit. She even gave you the name you go under, now. But things didn’t really work out. You parted ways.
  16. She presses against you. “Thinking about her?”
  18. You gulp. How does she always know? “W-who?”
  20. Her fingers trace up your thighs. “You know who. Shy little redhead...cute pixie cut...stuttering problem? My daughter?”
  22. Your legs tremble. She’s only cuddled with you in the dead of night, where you can both hide what’s going on under the cover of darkness. Despite travelling mostly alone, you’ve always kept up the facade that there’s nothing more than a simple mentor/mentee relationship. Although you find when you hit the showers that she very methodically helps wash your back.
  24. And now here she is, running her elegant fingers up your inner thigh, pressing against you. Teasing you.
  26. “You’re not thinking of trading me in for a younger model, now are you?” Her fake pouting accentuates her full lips. Her soft, pillow breasts warm your arm.
  28. “What? No!” You finally grab a hold of your senses and stop being a pushover. “Why? Are you jealous?” You tease her right back. “Relax, granny. I’m not going anywhere. You can always depend on me to help you get your old age cheques for you or shoo those rotten teens off your lawn.”
  30. “Ah. Kat. That’s what I like about you. You’ve always got a sense of humor.” She playfully smiles, then tickles you to the ground.
  32. “Stop!” You protest through tearing eyes and laughter. “Stop, you old hag!”
  34. That just makes her do it more. Not that you truly mind. She’s smiling, on top of you, and smells great. You tickle back, paying special attention to her inner thoughts and under her arms.
  36. After getting as much feeling up as you can reasonably get away with from the tickle fight, you back off, panting.
  38. “You trust me, right?”
  40. You furrow your brow. “Unconditionally.”
  42. She leans back, looking relieved. “I’m glad.”
  44. You don’t press her.
  46. The rest of the night goes as usual. You go over profiles for Pokemon abusers you know about over dinner, you make plans on how to get their Pokemon away, feed your Pokemon partners their custom meals, and crawl into the tent.
  48. But you’re still not tired. You and Violet have been doing a lot of good lately. With yours and her partners, you’ve liberated a lot of abused Pokemon from terrible masters. You’ve come to learn so much about Pokemon too.
  50. You decide it’s your turn to teach. You take out a pack of cards and sit down with Blaziken. He’s been warming up to you lately. You do the setup where you have him select a card, then put it back in the deck.
  52. “Alright, now, watch carefully.” You mix up the cards, quickly and slyly putting his card aside. You mix it up some more, do some flourishing, misdirection, and then place it at the bottom of the deck. “Is this your card?”
  54. For the first time since you’ve met him, he looks impressed. He snorts, then checks your hands.
  56. “That’s the wrong hand, but right idea,” Violet grabs your other hand. Oh gosh she’s holding your hand! “See, she slide it back here,” she traces a path along your palm, “and in her sleeve here. Isn’t that right?”
  58. “Uh, heh,” she’s really observant. “Well, a magician doesn’t reveal her secrets.”
  60. “Take off your shirt,” she leans over and starts pulling it up. It’s off before you can really think about it. “See, look at the stitching. She puts in this little tiny pockets all over to hide this and that.”
  62. Blaziken nods, but you also catch him glancing at your chest. You’re wearing a pretty racy bra. Is he into humans?
  64. “You’re so reserved,” Violet takes off her own top, then casually tosses off her bra. Not that she even needs it. How can they be so big and so perky? “Of course, if you’re too shy, I understand. It’s just that it’s going to be a cold night, and I thought it would be wise for us to-”
  66. You take off your bra, then your pants. “Pshh, whaaat? Me, shy? I don’t even care.” You try to sound convincing. You used to not care, but you’re always looking to impress her. She’s got it all figured out.
  68. You’re just wearing a tiny red thong you swiped last time you were in town. Violet doesn’t judge you for stealing. She says it’s just human nature. And she’s right. Everyone does it, or something else just as bad. That’s why it’s so important that you free as many unhappy Pokemon as you can. Sometimes they seem happy on the outside, but that’s just their conditioning.
  70. “Well? I’m freezing, come on over here.” She beckons you over with her finger.
  72. You don’t have to be told twice. You slide right in there. You luck out and end up with your face in her cleavage. Oh man. She has to be doing this on purpose, right? Is this a hint?
  74. She puts an arm over you, grabs what you assume is a Pokeball, and there’s a flash of light.
  76. You know what? You’re going for it. You’re going to commit. You don’t even want to think, thinking leads to doubting. Why else would she be doing this if she wasn’t trying to seduce you? She’s probably wearing some cute panties. You touch the side of her hips. Nothing. She’s wearing nothing.
  78. Okay. You’re doing it, and you’re doing it big. You grab her ass put your knee between her leg, and her nipple in your mouth. A full, sudden assault.
  80. “Oh,” she gasps. She gasped! She isn’t rejecting you! One of her hands traces little patterns on your naked back. The other runs through your hair while you gently suck and play with her breasts. This is happening!
  82. “Kat,” she gasps again. You keep at it. You tweak one with your fingers, and run your other hand down her stomach. “You’re so forward.”
  84. “I’ve,” you take your head up, “been wanting to do this for a long time.”
  86. She laughs. “I can see that. But I’m just surprised.”
  88. You’re drunk on confidence and lust. You push yourself on top of her. Your ass sticks in the air as you kiss down the front of her body. “Surprised? You old tease. You’ve been putting out some strong signals.”
  90. She inhales sharply as you get lower and lower. “I meant I’m surprised you’d include Blaziken so quickly.”
  92. Wait, what?
  94. Strong talons grasp your hips. Something hot, meaty, but firm slaps onto your ass. One talon releases it’s grip, then you feel it poke into you.
  96. “Woah!” You leap forward. Blaziken is standing there, big bumpy red dick in hand.
  98. “Kat, what’s the matter?” Violet nonchalantly pushes herself up.
  100. “I didn’t know he was out. I thought you put him back in his ball”
  102. She covers her mouth. “Oh my. How embarrassing. I was just letting Gengar out to have fun in the woods.”
  104. Blaziken huffs. He looks really worked up. His eyes linger on you.
  106. “Now this is awkward. Poor Blaziken has been horribly teased. I know you didn’t mean it, ut you’ve caused quite the problem.”
  108. “What do you mean, problem?” You feel like an idiot. Here you thought you were finally getting with Violet, but you just made a fool of yourself.
  110. “Well, you can’t just leave Blaziken all worked up, can you?”
  112. You look at the large Pokemon. He’s panting. His huge thing is throbbing. You hold your other arm, shyly looking away.
  114. “You’re not prejudiced because he’s a Pokemon, are you? I thought you and I were on the same page. He’s dedicated his life to freeing others. He could be out, free right now, making a family and living his own life. But he’s here. And just like every other human, I guess you can’t appreciate that.”
  116. “No! That’s not true!” You have to salvage this. “I’ll... I can...help.”
  118. Violet yawns. “And yet you’re sitting all the way over there.”
  120. You crawl towards Blaziken. “I just... it’s so big.”
  122. She rolls her eyes. She thinks you’re making excuses.
  124. You don’t know what to do. You have to prove that you’re not like other people. You crawl up and grasp the stiff rod. Blaziken relaxes back on his knees. “I get it. He doesn’t have an outlet.” You stroke it up and down. “And as humans, we can find redemption by helping selfless Pokemon like him. However he needs.”
  126. Violet folds her arms. “Well, I suppose you have been listening after all. But Kat, you’re not at your middle school junior dance.”
  128. “What?” You keep stroking it. You’re careful not to pull the skin, just gently caress it.
  130. “I mean, is a handjob all he’s going to get?”
  132. “Of course not!” You lean in. You’ll prove you’re committed. You lean closer. There’s not as much of a smell as you figured. Maybe this won’t be so bad. You give it a cautious lick, and he jumps a bit. “You like that?”
  134. He snorts.
  136. You try to work up some saliva and lower your mouth onto it. You can hear him sigh.
  138. “There’s a good girl,” Violet kneels beside you. “Show him your appreciation.”
  140. You bob up and down, trying to really work it. It’s large, but if you relax your jaw you can - GKNKK
  142. He grabs your hand and thrusts. Hot, gooey spunk pulses down in the back of your throat. Your eyes water and you to not to let the lack of breath panic you. Instead, you go as loose as you can, letting him get it all out. It takes forever, but he relaxes his grip and you can finally pull back. You cough and wheeze, but you’re smiling. Violet knows you’re committed now, beyond a doubt. She’s holding your back and offering you a soft drink.
  144. She laughs. “It’s been awhile, hasn't it?”
  146. Blaziken nods. He’s still on his knees and leaning back. You feel a bit proud of how content he looks.
  148. Violet pulls you in for a cuddle after you've recovered. It’s warm, and she’s soft.
  150. “I'm proud of you Kat. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the taste.”
  152. Oh. This is going to be a thing now. Huh.
  154. You stop worrying about it as Violet turns you around and kisses you. “Come on, I know what you really want.” She runs her everything over you. Her hands, her legs. They swirl around you as her mouth kisses up and down your neck. “Just relax, and trust me.”
  156. “I do. I do trust you.”
  158. She laughs. “Good.”
  160. A finger enters you and you gasp.
  162. “Mmmm. Kat. It must have been a long time since you’ve felt release too.”
  164. You bite your lower lip and whimper. “Uh huh.” Her fingers are magic. Your pelvic lifts in tune with what she’s doing.
  166. “I’m glad you trust me, Kat. Now, spread your legs.”
  168. You’ll do whatever she wants. Your whole body is tingling. You’re only half aware of her removing the blanket. But you’re fully aware when she stops what she’s doing. Blazekin leans over you
  170. “W-wha?”
  172. “Shhh,” she puts a finger over your mouth. “He always goes twice. Don’t worry, he’ll be gentle.”
  174. You look down past the front of your body as the large Pokemon positions himself over you. This is all happening so fast.
  176. “Kat, are you alright? If this is too much too fast, we can stop.”
  178. You look at Violet and her Pokemon. You’re afraid, but also excited. You know you don’t really have much to offer, but Violet’s always shown you what you can do, and helped you help the cause. If she thinks you’re ready for something else, you can be ready.
  180. “I can do it. Just...just be slow, okay?”
  182. She laughs. “Oh Kat. I know his ability is Speed Boost, but he’s a gentle and caring Pokemon.”
  184. Blaziken looks down on you like fresh meat. You’re scared, vulnerable, and under pressure, but you’d also be lying if you said that a part of you wasn't incredibly turn on at being used like this.
  186. It pokes into you. You’re soaking, thanks to Violet. Slowly, carefully, and yearningly, it pushes inside.
  188. “Ow ow ow ow ow.”
  190. He slows down. He is trying to be gentle, despite his clear lust and need. He’s only gotten a little inside so far.
  192. “It’s okay, Kat.” Violet holds your hand. “I promise you’ll find yourself loving this. Just squeeze my hand and relax.”
  194. You squeeze her hand, but you also reach out to Blaziken. “I’ll do my best,” you assure him.
  196. He pushes in again. You inhale sharply and whimper again. He pulls almost all the way out, and then back in. Each time, he goes slightly farther. Violet pushes your sweaty hair out of yoru face.
  198. “There. That’s starting to feel nice, isn't it?”
  200. “Uh huh.” It’s almost all you can manage. You’re gritting your teeth, but every second gets a bit easier. A bit nicer. “Yeah.”
  202. Your body starts to react to the tempo. Your legs stay spread. You find that spreading too wide makes it harder, somehow, but at just the right angle it works. You also notice he’s losing himself in it too. He’s really liking it!
  204. Oh man, so are you. You know you wouldn't be liking this at all if Violet wasn't helping you through it. But with her here, giving it a normalizing atmosphere, it’s really working for you.
  206. “Yeah. Yeah. Yeah!”
  208. Encouraged, the large Pokemon picks it up a bit. You’re feeling so many things right now, but what sticks out most, despite it all, is how warm your face feels. There’s just too much that’s complicated. The warm sensation is simple.
  210. “There we go,” Violet encourages both you and him. “That’s good, isn’t it?”
  212. “Uh. Huh.” You say between thrusts. He’s really giving it to you.
  214. “GRAH” He grunts as he finishes. Despite having cum once already, he still pumps what feels like an impossible amount into you. His talons put small holes in the bottom of the tent as he shakes.
  216. Violet gives him a questioning look, and he nods. She puts him back in his Pokeball, then turns back to you. “I think you’ll find that helping can be rewarding. I’ll be with you every step of the way.”
  218. You’re too tired to think about it. You snuggle in close and rest in her grasp. It’s warm and safe.
  220. From then on, it just became a part of the routine. Between liberations and towns, you’d swipe Pokeballs from evil trainers, flirt with guards while Violet slipped in somewhere, gather firewood for the camp, set up the tent, and be used by the Pokemon for any pent up frustration. Gengar would hold you by your legs, lift you up, and lick you until you begged him to stop. Blaziken would usually stick with blowjobs and then there was a fifty-fifty chance he’d fuck you after. You even start it up with your own Pokemon.
  222. Devon took a little encouraging. Under Violets watchful eye, you’d smile, tell him he’s good, and reach under to give him a good boy reward. Before long, you’d have to tell him to calm down any time he heard the term “good boy.”
  224. “Middle school dance,” Violet would say.
  226. “Jealous old hag,” you’d playfully tease her back, growing more bold.
  228. Well, the first time you said that. She punished you. It was the first time you had to take the knot from Lucario. She made sure he was in his mega form at the time. You got it so hard you think it made you a little dumber. You don’t mind though. Now it’s not a punishment. It’s a reward. Every time you feel that warm load of release from a Pokemon, you feel warm inside, if just for a short time.
  230. Devon these days, unsurprisingly, enjoys doggy style. You just present yourself and let him go at it. It doesn't really matter if he’s been good or bad. Violet lets you take it either way.
  232. It can be tiring sometimes. You tell yourself it’s for the effort. You’re just committed. A part of the team, working towards a greater good, any way you can. But the truth is, when you’re being used, when you’re being forced into the role of a pathetic, taken cumdump, you love it. It’s not some noble sacrifice. It’s a sick addiction, and Violet is your enabler.
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